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Jan 25 2023

Experts Move Doomsday Clock Closer to Midnight

It came as a relief when moonbats saved us from the boiling oceans by planting pocket forests in Paris, but we are not out of the woods yet. Thanks to the liberal establishment’s favorite foreign bogeyman, we remain on the cusp of annihilation:

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced Tuesday that it has moved its metaphorical Doomsday Clock closer than ever to midnight, the hypothetical hour of Armageddon, reflecting experts’ assessment that humanity is confronting unprecedented threats to its existence.

The 2023 countdown time was set at “90 seconds to midnight,” the group’s leaders announced in a press conference at the National Press Club. This new time was 10 seconds closer to “doomsday” than it was set to a year ago. The group has been measuring real and existential threats to humankind, from climate change to the prospects of nuclear war, for more than 70 years.

They have to cover both real and “existential” threats like climate change because the only real threat we face is leftist rule, which is doing to the USA what it did to Venezuela. Yet that isn’t mentioned by The Experts.

This year, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s thinly veiled threat to deploy nuclear weapons in the conflict raised the global threat to humanity, the group said.

If we want to avoid nuclear war, we should stop provoking Putin and meddling in his backyard. Some are even calling for inducting Ukraine into NATO, which is what Russia invaded Ukraine to prevent. You want a nuclear war, that’s how you get one.

The renewed global threat of nuclear war was compounded by the ongoing Covid pandemic, experts noted.

They won’t be done squeezing panic out of Covid until the ChiComs cook up the next pandemic.

The solution to all this impending ruin is to advance globalism, as a moonbat makes clear:

“The challenges outlined by today’s announcement by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists could not be more global in nature,” said Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland. “No one country can tackle them on their own, no matter how large their population, how strong their economy, or how feared their military.”

American leadership is no longer welcome. A global order like they dream about in Davos is required.

Maybe that’s why the liberal elite uses the pathetic Joe Biden as its figurehead. It would be hard to come up with a better argument against American leadership.

Speaking of pathetic, Paul Ehrlich — who became a laughing stock after the hysterical predictions that he rode to fame back in the 60s turned out to be spectacularly wrong — was recently provided with a platform by 60 Minutes. He shrieks that we are still doomed and that “humanity is not sustainable.”

There will always be reasons to panic, so long as authoritarians want power. Also, there is money to be made. Buy your own doomsday clock today.

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Jan 25 2023

Open Thread

You are the carbon the WEF elite want to get rid of!

Compliments of Chuck A.

Jan 21 2023

The Culture of Our Globalist Moonbat Overlords

Our haughty Climate Czar John Kerry describes himself and his fellow globalist liberal elitists at the World Economic Forum moonbatfest in Davos as “almost extraterrestrial” in their grandeur as they determine how the rest of us must live to comply with their ideology. True enough, they are not of this world. A sample of their alien culture:

You will eat the bugs. You will own nothing and be happy. You will listen to this woman sing and like it.

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Jan 11 2023

Ellen DeGeneres Demands We Propitiate Weather Gods

Left-wing elitists consider themselves far more sophisticated than you or me. Yet their mentality is on a par with that of barefoot savages who quiver with fear of angering weather gods. Consider Ellen DeGenerate:

According to liberal superstition, all weather phenomena are caused by anthropogenic global warming. As soon as it stops raining, moonbats will go back to barking that we caused California to be characterized by drought by not driving electric cars.

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Jan 04 2023

Jane Goodall on Need to Reduce Human Population

Mating with short people may make New York Times readers feel righteous, but the social engineers of the World Economic Forum warn that more must be done to cut the human race down to a size that suits the Liberal World Order. Watch in horror as famous primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall (formerly known as Baroness Jane van Lawick-Goodall) asserts the necessity of reducing the human population to what it was 500 years ago:

The world population for the year 1500 was an estimated 450 million. Thanks to capitalism and the technological breakthroughs it enabled in agriculture and medicine, we are now up to 8 billion.

The WEF is working on what to do with the excess 7.5 billion. Expect attacks on agriculture and medicine to escalate.

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Nov 29 2022

Climate Kooks to Shut Down 3,000 Farms in Holland

Holland is the world’s #2 agricultural exporter. That makes it alarming in the extreme that the country is controlled by globalist moonbats who believe that humans should be denied food so as to please their climate gods:

The Dutch government is planning to buy out and close as many as 3,000 farms in the country, exacerbating an already-bitter dispute with growers as leaders attempt to halve the country’s nitrogen emissions by 2030.

The farms will be purchased voluntarily if farm owners go along. Otherwise, it will be coercive.

The cost: $25 billion. No worries; taxpayers have plenty of money. When they run out, Big Government can print more.

“There is no better offer coming,” Dutch Nitrogen Minister Christianne van der Wal told members of parliament last week.

Nitrogen is such a menace according to global warming doctrine that Holland has a Nitrogen Minister. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen. But then, plants require CO2 to grow, and leftists regard that as poisonous too.

The plan comes as the Dutch government moves to halve its nitrogen emissions by 2030 in accordance with European Union conservation rules. But to meet that target, the government estimates that 11,200 farms will have to close, and 17,600 others will have to reduce their livestock numbers significantly.

This will reduce the global food supply. But it’s okay if people starve, because they are a cancer on the planet. According to leftist ideology, they could theoretically cause temperatures to rise by a degree or two over the next century, which might conceivably be noticed by dangerously flourishing polar bears.

Moonbat ideology is not easy to take seriously, but its potential effects are no joke. If the globalist climate agenda is not stopped, many will die horribly as food and energy supplies are choked off.

This will have no beneficial impact on the supposedly problematic weather. But it will allow what the Biden Regime calls the Liberal World Order to secure a tighter grip on power. Our ruling class learned from Stalin that hunger makes an effective weapon.

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Nov 26 2022

Klaus Schwab Calls ChiCom Regime a Role Model

The most maleficent government in human history, in terms of the number of its own people it killed, is the one imposed by the Communist Party of China. China’s government has not changed since the nightmare regime of Mao Zedong, which killed an estimated 65,000,000 Chinese. Those currently manning the controls are less crazy than Mao but not less tyrannical.

Mao ran up his body count while imposing a systematic transformation of China in accordance with leftist ideology. Being a globalist, Klaus Schwab, cult leader of the liberal elite Davos set, sets his sites on the entire planet.

If you want an idea of what the world will be systematically transformed into if the Liberal World Order has its way, look to communist China:

It is not reassuring that Schwab says he wants to be “very careful in imposing systems.” He knows as well as anyone that every item on the globalist agenda will have to be inflicted by force. Otherwise, he would not point to a totalitarian regime like China’s as “certainly a very attractive model.”

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Nov 24 2022

COP27 Climate Reparations

So long as Democrats remain in power, taxation and inflation will remain high, because the globalist looting spree will continue — as the blasphemous and hypocritical meeting of the Liberal World Order’s climate cult at COP27 reminds us:

While you might have spent the weekend marveling at the cost of a turkey, Joe Biden celebrated his 80th birthday by signing the U.S. up to a plan that could eventually commit Americans to transferring trillions of dollars to the rest of the world in perpetuity.

Our moonbat rulers have determined that in the name of their religion, we owe climate reparations to the dictators of less successful countries, as punishment for theoretically causing inclement weather.

Despite the havoc Western industrialization has supposedly inflicted on parts of the world that feature more politically correct skin tones, weather-related deaths are “about 80 times less frequent today than they were a century ago.” This is largely due to infrastructure and mitigation made possible by the very industrialization that Democrats want to punish us for.

Climate reparations are not really about CO2 emissions. Here’s how we know:

China and India, as “developing countries,” haven’t agreed to contribute to the fund but have made only vague commitments to assist. So countries whose emissions have grown rapidly in the past decade will be exempt while the U.S., whose emissions have been declining, are on the hook.

China emits more than twice as much CO2 as the USA, and with the Democrats tanking the economy, India is likely to pass us. The liberal elite’s hostility is against European/American civilization, not plant-nourishing carbon dioxide.

[T]he idea that the least developed countries in the world have received only the cost of industrialization and not the many benefits is ahistorical. … If we in the West are to pay damages for the Industrial Revolution, shouldn’t we also consider the extraordinary wealth that process has helped spread around the world?

The answer is no, because liberals want to punish our virtues, just as they reward our vices through woke imperialism.

So, for having the genius to produce the ideas, create the economic system and develop the capital that has in a little more than a century given the world unimaginable prosperity, eliminated deadly diseases that once killed millions, reduced infant mortality, extended life expectancy and lifted hundreds of millions of people out of hunger and poverty, we must now be made to pay.

The Biden Regime also took COP27 as an opportunity to announce an absurd Climate Gender Equity Fund into which it will pour our money. Putting Democrats in charge of the government is equivalent to letting a Black Lives Matter mob manage a Target.

Greed, malevolence, and ideological psychosis do not add up to good governance.

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Nov 15 2022

Alarming Aspirations at G20 Summit

Covid was only the beginning. The Liberal World Order learned a lot about how much tyranny we will tolerate. These lessons will be applied to the next pandemic. At the B20 (part of the G20 Summit in Bali), Indonesia’s Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin has called for digital health passports:

“Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around. So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people, one hundred percent… you can still provide some movement of the people.”

As in the Soviet Union, you will still be allowed to move around on a limited basis, so long as you go where authorities want you.

Incidentally, the WHO is largely funded by American taxpayers but largely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

It used to be said that war is the health of the state. Now, it would be more accurate to say that sickness is the health of the globalist ruling class.

Also at the B20, founder of the sinister World Economic Forum/crown prince of the Davos crowd/cartoonish Bond villain Klaus Schwab reveals the scope of the tyranny they aspire to impose:

You don’t have anything that they don’t want to take away from you.

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Nov 14 2022

Staggering Climate Hypocrisy at COP27

If you like our Climate Czar John Kerry, who wants to impose a Third World lifestyle on his own country because this will supposedly improve the weather, even as he takes a private jet to Iceland to collect a climate kook award, you will love COP27, the climate cult revival currently underway in Egypt:

Climate delegates were accused of hypocrisy after 400 private jets arrived in Egypt for COP27.

Accusing the climate priesthood of hypocrisy is like accusing water of being wet.

According to the European clean transport campaign group Transport and Environment, a private jet can emit two tonnes of carbon dioxide in an hour and is five to 14 times more polluting per passenger than a commercial plane.

Yet the liberal ruling class proclaims that they must snuff out freedom and radically reduce our standard of living lest we help plants grow by emitting allegedly harmful CO2, because as UN Secretary-General António Guterres barks, the planet “is literally on fire.”

‘Humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish,’ UN chief Antonio Guterres told the summit on November 7.

Do your worst, Guterres.

The hypocrisy did not stop at the travel arrangements. Globalists want us to eat insects so as to serve the climate, bringing us to the topic of the menu:

Those with a taste for the luxurious can snap up an angus beef medallion with sautéed potatoes for a pricey $100 (£90) or a creamy salmon for $40 (£35), after scoffing back a $50 (£43) seafood platter for starter.

COP26 was similarly opulent. Nothing is too good for the taxpayer-financed Liberal World Order that rules over us little people.

As Robert Spencer notes,

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) declares: “Edible insects contain high quality protein, vitamins and amino acids for humans. Insects have a high food conversion rate, e.g. crickets need six times less feed than cattle, four times less than sheep, and twice less than pigs and broiler chickens to produce the same amount of protein.”

This isn’t just abstract speculation. As far back as 2013, the UN was trying to sell this disgusting notion: “While the idea of eating a worm, grasshopper or cicada at every meal may seem strange, FAO says this has many health benefits. Insects are high in protein, fat and mineral contents. They can be eaten whole or ground into a powder or paste, and incorporated into other foods. ‘Insects are not harmful to eat, quite the contrary. They are nutritious, they have a lot of protein and are considered a delicacy in many countries,’ said Eva Muller, the Director of FAO’s Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division.”

Actually, they are so harmful to eat. That’s why we find the idea of eating them disgusting. It is why they have to be heavily processed to qualify as edible (lefties also tell us that processed foods are so bad, they should be regulated as drugs). It is why you won’t find John Kerry or Antonio Guterres eating bugs.

Remarks Harris Rigby,

It’s almost, almost, as if they ALL know it’s an absolute hoax.

Almost? Of course the ruling elite know their climate crisis is a hoax. But they also know that rank and file Democrats will believe anything whatsoever to help their team win. The ability of otherwise intelligent people to swallow preposterous lies on behalf of a malevolent agenda is a horror to behold.

Sep 29 2022

Britons Pay to Make African Children Eat Bugs

The global elite want to make us eat bugs, whether in the form of mealworms, crickets, larvae, cockroach milk, or maggot butter. Problem is, they have not yet destroyed the economy, so they don’t have enough leverage to force the issue. Africa is another matter:

The British government is funding projects pushing Africans to farm and consume insects, including school-age children, in randomized trials, to assess their effects.

If all goes well, Brits will go from being forced to pay for it to eating creepy-crawlies themselves.

The United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) – a subsidiary of the country’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – is responsible for backing the projects taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe.

With a roughly $320,000 grant from the aid office, researchers in Zimbabwe will be experimenting with using mopane worms in porridge served to children in schools.

For that kind of money, you could get them started raising crops. Then they could feed themselves. But that would make it be too warm outside, according to moonbat doctrine.

Intones academic entomologist Dr Sarah Beynon, founder of the Bug Farm in Pembrokeshire,

“With a population that has an appetite set to far exceed the planetary limits, and with current agriculture decimating biodiversity and changing the climate, we have no option but to change how we produce and consume food … and our views on the topic too.”

Changing our views to comply with their ideology is the first task of the ruling class.

Zimbabwe was known as the Breadbasket of Africa, back when it was also known as Rhodesia. Then came moonbattery, which replaced white farmers with hyperinflation and starvation in the name of leftist politics.

The Caucasian colonizers are back. Unfortunately, this time they are there not to extend civilization but to spread more moonbattery.

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Sep 28 2022

Left-Wing Globalist Censorship System

Joe Biden has called for a global minimum tax, so that he can raise taxes indefinitely and wealth creators will not be able to escape to less oppressive countries to stay in business. Other left-wing globalists want to complement this with an international censorship system.

Jonathan Turley, an erstwhile liberal who appears to have smelled the coffee, quotes New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:

“But what if that lie, told repeatedly, and across many platforms, prompts, inspires, or motivates others to take up arms. To threaten the security of others. To turn a blind eye to atrocities, or worse, to become complicit in them. What then?”

These hypothetical atrocities will supposedly take place if we are allowed to spread “disinformation” — i.e., facts and opinions that deviate from the doctrine of the Liberal World Order.

As always, our freedom is to be crushed for our own safety. Ardern employs Orwellian doublespeak to spin tyranny as liberty:

“The weapons of war have changed, they are upon us and require the same level of action and activity that we put into the weapons of old.

“We recognized the threats that the old weapons created. We came together as communities to minimize these threats. We created international rules, norms and expectations. We never saw that as a threat to our individual liberties – rather, it was a preservation of them.”

Global censorship is the preservation of liberty. To disagree is to spread disinformation, for which there will be consequences.

Ardern gives questioning the global warming hoax as an example of speech that must not be permitted.

“How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists?”

The answer: You persuade them through rational argument that it does exist, that it is a problem, and that government spending, hyperregulation, and wealth redistribution can solve it. But since climate ideology is a preposterous lie, our rulers opt for censorship.

A global system of leftist censorship is already in place, but it is decentralized, so free thought is often able to slip through the cracks.

For example, the inspiring viral speech by Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was censored by Google’s YouTube for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines” — i.e., for undermining Google’s leftist agenda. Although Google can severely limit access to this great speech, it cannot suppress it completely. Google censors have to play whack-a-mole as others upload it. Also, the full speech is available on Rumble:

Meloni needs to be suppressed because her very existence is “disinformation” — i.e., a threat to our moonbat ruling class. The liberal media has cashed in the last of its credibility to portray her as a fascist. But as lefty former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi acknowledges, the fascism talk is “absolutely fake news.” Piers Morgan admits that Meloni’s politics are center right.

However, she is charismatic and upholds God, family, and country, all of which must be torn down before progressives can inflict their nightmarish conception of utopia.

The globalist censorship system that Ardern dreams of would be intended to prevent leaders like Meloni from ever getting a foothold.

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Jul 31 2022

Globalists Attack Farming in Name of Climate

With leftists, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always power. When the Liberal World Order proclaims that it must seize control of the food supply in name of the green ideology, we are headed for a Holodomor level of tyranny.

Sri Lanka pushed back hard enough to overthrow its government. Resistance in Holland continues. But the globalist Left has absolute power nearly in its grasp. It is not going to let up now.

Canada and now Ireland are following closely behind Dutch globalist Mark Rutte:

Farmers in Ireland may soon be forced to make potentially damaging changes to their businesses as climate alarmist ministers within Ireland’s government look set to cut the sector’s emissions by around 28 per cent.

Unlike carbon emissions, such cuts are not harmless. Many cattle will need to be slaughtered, never to be replaced; a high percentage of farmers will be put out of business.

Only a mental defective would believe this will improve the weather. The purpose is to make us hungry, because the hungrier we are, the more powerful our rulers will be when they control the food — which for us little people is likely to consist largely of insects.

John Daniel Davidson shines a light on where the enviroleftist attack on farming is heading:

Private farms and independent farmers will be a thing of the past, supplanted by global bodies making decisions about how much and what kinds of food are produced. The private sector and the independent farmers will have no place in the future that the UN and the WEF are planning.

That’s why they are pushing back in Holland, the world’s second largest food exporter. Pray that it is enough — and that there is as much pushback when Democrats inflict similar policies on the USA. The insolently named Inflation Reduction Act spending blowout — which is the largest climate bill in this country yet — is an indication that we are nearly there:

The bill is a tax-and-spend cornucopia of some $369 billion for wind, solar, geothermal, battery, and other industries over the next decade, along with generous subsidies for electric vehicles…

Senate Democrats say the bill will allow the U.S. to cut greenhouse emissions by 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2030 — matching up nicely with the UN’s “Agenda 2030.”

Understand that the Senate bill isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. Climate activists and ideologues are working at the highest levels to transform not just the global food supply, but the nature of private property and property rights, all in the name of saving the planet. What Rutte and his government are doing to Dutch farmers, Schumer and Biden are planning to do to American farmers and American industries.

We are running out of time to fight them with full bellies. Step #1 is to acknowledge that the global warming hoax is a malevolent lie, the purpose of which is to destroy our standard of living and enslave us.

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Jul 30 2022

World Economic Forum: No More Private Cars or Phones

Independent transportation is crucial to liberty. That’s why progressives adore public transportation. It is why only Inner Party members will have private cars when the Liberal World Order has finished imposing utopia:

The World Economic Forum is calling for a global transition … away from private ownership of vehicles and other “idle equipment” in order to make a “clean energy revolution” possible.

It would be easy to laugh at the arrogant Dr Evil lookalike Klaus Schwab, except that his sinister WEF increasingly appears to be in the driver’s seat. Consider ostensible world leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Mark Rutte. Which do they seem more responsive to, the needs of their people or the demands of Klaus Schwab?

Even the WEF acknowledges that left-wing “clean energy” fantasies will require more of certain metals than the planet has to offer. This is especially problematic because the WEF disapproves of mining. The solution: you can’t have your own car anymore.

Metals like cobalt, lithium and nickel are used not only in climate cult foolishness like electric cars and wind turbines, but also in phones and computers. So we will have to go without those too.

The [WEF] argues that private ownership of vehicles and electronic devices is wasteful and inefficient.

You will own nothing and you will be happy. Oligarchical collectivists actually mean this. How they plan to force us to be happy is unclear. Maybe Pfizer is working on pharmaceutical lobotomies that can be mandated or put in the drinking water.

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