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Aug 04 2023

Al Sharpton and the Founding Fathers

Liberal luminary Al Sharpton has discovered respect for the Founding Fathers. Yet like the media establishment he represents, he continues to be full of baloney. Here he responds to the latest meretricious Trump indictment, this one over 1/6/21, the most important day in history according to Democrat dogma:

The Federalist provides a badly needed lesson on both current events and history to the MSNBC audience:

Contrary to common belief, Biden’s Department of Justice is not charging Trump with inciting an insurrection — something he has already been acquitted of by the U.S. Senate. Instead, the DOJ is prosecuting him for stating that the 2020 election was rigged — an opinion shared by many and one that’s protected under the First Amendment.

However, Sharpton apparently believes that Trump tried to overthrow the government and will now be punished for it by righteous defenders of Our Democracy like the senile corruptocrat Joe Biden and the hyperpartisan apparatchik Merrick Garland.

Unlike Trump, the Founding Fathers really did want to overthrow the government. We can all be thankful for their success.

Sharpton has incited riots, as liberals accuse Trump of doing. The pretext for the 1991 Crown Heights race riots was a Jewish driver accidentally hitting two black children:

Sharpton inspired violence and hatred in the aftermath of the accident, publicly and falsely suggesting that the Hasidic ambulance crew purposely did not aid the injured black children so they could instead treat the Jewish men who were in the vehicle. Under sworn testimony, a former Hasidic resident of Crown Heights even said he heard Sharpton repeatedly say “Kill the Jews” while marching down the streets in protest.

Sharpton’s race-baiting got people killed again in 1995 in a pogrom at Freddy’s Fashion Mart.

Regarding Sharpton’s reverence for the Founding Fathers,

In 2017, Sharpton called for the federal government to stop maintaining Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson owned slaves.

Imagine trying to reason with people who choose to get their information from malevolent idiots like Al Sharpton.

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