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Sep 22 2020

America 2020 and the Spanish Civil War

As Mark Twain might have said, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. An article at sponsor suggests that unfolding American history could rhyme with the Spanish Civil War.

Spain had been a monarchy for almost its entire existence as a nation until 1931, when the Second Spanish Republic was established, based on a radical left constitution that was hostile to Christianity and property rights. Fascists, monarchists, and various conservatives joined forces to push back. The situation became increasingly unstable.

The igniting event was the election of 1936. This saw a very, very slim (less than 1 percent of the vote) victory of the Spanish left (socialists, Communists and anarchists) over the Spanish right.

The right revolted. In response, the leftists running the government got ugly…

…mobilizing the far left in Spain as shock troops to terrorize the population into submission. Communists in particular were unleashed to execute and torture anyone even suspected of being a nationalist sympathizer. It didn’t help that the clergy bore the brunt of this, with nuns gang raped before being summarily executed. The republicans went so far as to exhume the bodies of dead religious figures and desecrate their corpses.

Hostility toward tradition and specifically toward Christianity has been echoed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa shock troops. However, in Spain, the Church was more closely associated with the society leftists wanted to destroy. In the USA, people have been trained to think more along racial lines.

The comparison between the Church in Spain 1936 and white Americans in 2020 isn’t much of a stretch. Much of the violence directed against the Church was predicated on the basis that they “deserved” this as payback for historical crimes. All told, 3,400 priests, monks and nuns were murdered during the first two months of the Spanish Civil War.

Genocide directed against clergy was also a feature of the French Revolution — which BLM/Antifa moonbats refer to reverently, even setting up symbolic guillotines.

Factors 2020 America has in common with Spain before it broke down into civil war include extreme political polarization, street fighting, anarcho-communist ideology, and potentially, an election that sets off the tinderbox:

As we prepare for the 2020 Presidential election, it is clear that whoever loses will not only be unhappy with the results, but will probably consider them to be illegitimate. …

An article from the Washington Post states that any outcome but a Biden landslide will result in massive violence and civil unrest.

Was that a threat from the lefties at WaPo, a call to arms, or an accurate prediction? Possibly all three.

Read the rest at, and as always, stock up on discount ammo while you are there.


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