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Aug 24 2020

Portland Rioters Menace Residents With Guillotine, Burn American Flags

The Democrat Party openly identifies with the rioters who have been tearing apart American cities, not just by refusing to criticize their outrageous behavior, but by pushily advocating their ideology and echoing their slogans. More so than ever, it has positioned itself as the anti-America party, because the rioters could not possibly be less subtle about their hatred for this country — or about their violent intentions. From Portland Saturday:

Rioters strode through residential streets with a teddy bear set up in a guillotine, burning American flags, and demanding sleeping residents afford them shelter and protection.

Given the nature of this crowd, “shelter and protection” probably means free marijuana in addition to free food and a place to crash after they tire themselves out hurling balloons full of human waste at the police. Those who fail to comply with demands may soon meet the fate of the teddy bear and wind up in the guillotine.

Guillotines have been a recurrent feature of the “mostly peaceful” protests. The unsubtle reference is to the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution. Rarely have revolutionaries been so forthright about their evil intentions. Yet the media, Corporate America, and the Democrat Party push their cause rather than jump back in horror.

The rioters then began burning American flags in the streets.

The mob made its way to the Penumbra Kelly Building, where it assaulted police officers with “rocks, frozen bottles of water, and laser pointers.” Police are targeted not because a criminal died in police custody last spring, but because they defend our civilization from those who would destroy it from within.

Open hatred for America went mainstream on the Left with Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” the USA into a different country. From there, it has escalated into a rabid ecstasy of enmity, expressed by BLM/Antifa with the sophistication of psychotic children.

They may be absurd, but they have the liberal establishment on their side. This country has never faced a more implacable enemy.

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