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Apr 20 2021

Amnesty International Accused of Unwokeness

You might think nothing could be woker than Amnesty International, an organization that draws virtual signaling donations from liberal elitists by advancing leftist politics in the name of “human rights.” Yet we read this from the Guardian, flagship publication of Britain’s liberal establishment:

Amnesty International has a culture of white privilege with incidents of overt racism including senior staff using the N-word and micro-aggressive behaviour such as the touching of black colleagues’ hair, according to an internal review into its secretariat.

By now we know enough to treat assertions that the forbidden N-word has been uttered with skepticism. But who can deny microaggressions, which include all behavior that sacred BIPOCs choose to be offended by?

It came as eight current and former employees of Amnesty International UK (AIUK) described their own experiences of racial discrimination and issued a statement calling on senior figures to stand down.

One of the whistleblowers, Katherine Odukoya, said: “We joined Amnesty hoping to campaign against human rights abuses but were instead let down through realising that the organisation actually helped perpetuate them.”

Yes, touching the hair of a Person of Color qualifies as a human rights abuse. Senior figures’ heads must roll.

Rather than attempt to defend their organization, representatives of AIUK crawl on their knees, coughing up abject apologies. Given the current climate, this does not indicate that they did anything wrong. To respond in any other way to accusations of political incorrectness would be politically incorrect.

Accusers shriek that someone used the “P-word.” What P stands for is unclear, considering how many words have been deleted from the Newspeak Dictionary. Given the British context, I’m guessing they mean “Paki,” which is short for “Pakistani colonist” and apparently now forbidden.

The internal review at Amnesty’s international secretariat was “commissioned following the Black Lives Matter movement.” That means if there are any white people to be found, they will be found guilty.

Alleged violations of wokeness include:

• Systemic bias including the capability of black staff being questioned consistently and without justification, and minority ethnic staff feeling disempowered and sidelined on projects.

This is why blacks must always be put in charge of projects, regardless of who is most qualified. Otherwise, they will feel disempowered and sidelined.

• A lack of awareness or sensitivity to religious practices resulting in problematic comments and behaviour.

The religion in question must be Islam, the only religion championed by moonbats. Raising your eyebrow if someone drops to the floor to praise Allah in the middle of a meeting would qualify as human rights abuse.

Amnesty International had encouraged these accusations by proclaiming itself guilty of whiteness:

In June last year the international board of Amnesty International sent an email to staff addressing the Black Lives Matter movement and racism. Citing the killing of George Floyd, it said racism was encoded into the “very organisational model” of the human rights body, which had been shaped by the “colonial power dynamics and borders” that were “fresh” at the time of its founding in 1961.

A violent Criminal of Color with Covid and a heart condition dying of a massive fentanyl overdose presents an ideal opportunity for any organization created by white people to denounce itself for “colonial power dynamics.”

Perfect political correctness is an ideal that can never be achieved so long as white people still exist. Any organization largely comprised of white people must be canceled.

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