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May 28 2021

Anticop Atlanta Pol Has Car Stolen in Front of Him

Leftist demagogues are willing to subject impoverished neighborhoods to sharply increased crime rates for the sake of Black Lives Matter posturing. Gratifyingly, what goes around, comes around.

In Atlanta, for example, homicide is up 57%, rape 55%, aggravated assault 36%, and car theft 31% from last year. Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms isn’t bothering to run for reelection with out of control crime hanging around her neck. Don’t expect an improvement if she is replaced by Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta:

Atlanta Police are searching for a group of very young thieves who stole Mayoral Candidate Antonio Brown’s car. The thieves were between the ages of 6 and 12, officials stated.

Brown was standing only a few feet away from his white Mercedes coupe at the time.

Brown said he tried to stop them, but got dragged a short distance and eventually let go after about a half block.

That was wise. If he held on, he might have ended up like Mohammad Anwar in Washington, DC, a city run by similar people with similar results.

Officers said they found Brown’s car a few hours later but did not say if they made any arrests. Brown said he does not want to press charges.

Of course not. The reason there is so much crime in inner cities is that there are usually no meaningful consequences.

Regarding Brown’s campaign,

Brown launched his mayoral campaign with a platform calling for the “reimagining” of policing. …

He was also one of seven council members to support withholding $73 million from the [Atlanta Police Department]’s budget until the mayor’s administration came up with a plan to “reinvent the culture of policing in the city.”

In the context of law enforcement, “reinvent” is liberalese for defund, hamstring, and all but abolish law enforcement, which Brown has good reason not to be fond of, considering that he is under indictment on multiple federal fraud charges.

If only all left-wing politicians could be locked up for fraud, inner cities might be reclaimed from the jungle.

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