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Jan 26 2022

Antifa and Dartmouth Team Up to Shut Down Andy Ngo

The liberal media establishment has refused to inform the public about the violent thugs comprising Antifa, for the same reason that prominent Democrat politicians pretend Antifa doesn’t exist — namely, because Antifa goons are to progressive ideology what Hitler’s Brownshirts were to Nazism. Consequently, the best reporting on Antifa has been done by someone outside the establishment, Andy Ngo.

Antifa has used the tactics you would expect to silence Ngo, including physical assault and repeated threats of further violence. At one point, he had to leave the country for his safety.

Big College is glad to contribute to the campaign to silence legitimate reporters who do not play for the same team as Antifa — including the prestigious Ivy League. Anyone who wants to live in a free country rather than succumb to political terror will be appalled by what happened when Ngo attempted to speak at Dartmouth last week.

Straight from Ngo:

The Thursday “Extremism in America” event was meant to highlight America’s long history with far-left violent extremism

Soon after the event was announced, Antifa and its army of online trolls threatened violence to shut it down. In turn, Dartmouth administrators gave the extremists exactly what they wanted: The Hanover, NH, college canceled the in-person event at the last minute, citing vague “safety issues.”

The threats of violence against Ngo and cospeaker Gabriel Nadales (a former Antifa nihilist) were credible. However, they were not a valid reason to shut down the event.

Hanover police, nearby Lebanon police and the Grafton County Sheriff’s Office met the threats with a robust and commendable response. Dozens of officers secured the lecture hall where we were scheduled to speak. They secured every entrance and exit at the building, Moore Hall.

And yet,

Two hours before the event was set to begin, and with many attendees already en route, the administration canceled it.

At the last moment, they were forced to hold a farcical Zoom meeting instead.

Nadales and I spoke on a staffer’s old laptop in an empty lecture hall. The video stream was plagued with sound issues.

Naturally, the ACLU stands firm against this brazen attack on free speech. Just kidding:

The lack of condemnation from the New Hampshire chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and other so-called civil rights groups signals that those actions are permissible.

The stakes could not be higher. If those on whose behalf Antifa terrorizes prevail, we will be ruled by fear of violence rather than governed by the Constitution. The liberal establishment — including universities, the media, and the Democratic Party — sides with terror against freedom.

We know what lies ahead, because we have seen other countries go down this road. Dissidents will soon find themselves in prison camps if not basement torture chambers. Anyone who supports the liberal establishment supports this outcome.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.


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