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Mar 08 2021

Confessions of a Former Antifa Moonbat

They make it hard sometimes, but we should loathe the moonbattery, not the moonbat, if only because those who have thrown in their lot with leftists can come to their senses and redeem themselves — like former Antifa nihilist Gabriel Nadales. Here he reveals what self-styled “antifascists” think the term fascism means, and explains how people who might otherwise be healthy and normal succumb to leftism:

Leftism has become the default position because leftists bully their opponents into silence. The more hegemony they achieve, the more intolerantly they marginalize opposition — that’s why we have cancel culture. But unless you want to live in a world run by Antifa types, not pushing back is not an option.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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