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Dec 29 2020

Antiracist Grading

Moonbattery has the same effect, wherever it is applied. This excerpt from an article on “antiracist grading” in Educational Leadership demonstrates how that effect manifests itself when moonbattery is applied to math education:

One thing we understand from Universal Design for Learning is that there are multiple ways a kid can express their knowing. And so if you know 2+2=4, one way you can express your knowing is by writing it. Another way you can express your knowing is by discussing it. A third way is by creating a model that shows it. A fourth way is by illustrating it and a fifth way is by performing a play. But in too many schools, only one way is considered legitimate. So if you write it, you get an A and that’s it. There might be 100 kids in the school who know 2+2=4, but if only two of those kids can write it, then only two of those kids will receive As. That is profoundly discriminatory.

Author Cornelius Minor, described as “a grading equity advocate,” is affiliated with Columbia University, the Death Star of the academic ultraleft. He also avers that it is racist to expect kids to turn in homework.

Barks Minor:

The idea of what is successful at school is still very much constructed through an able-bodied, monied, aggressively competitive white male lens.

In other words, 2 + 2 = woke duckspeak.

With education in the hands of moonbats like Cornelius Minor, standards will continue to deteriorate until kids come out of school knowing nothing but leftist slogans.

On a tip from R F. Hat tip: Frontpage Mag.


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