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Aug 25 2020

Apartheid Blamed for COVID-19 Corruption

When does white guilt ever end? It doesn’t. In South Africa, Apartheid is blamed even for COVID-19 corruption:

Cyril Ramaphosa has reacted to the public fury regarding the COVID corruption, which he says has ‘infected’ South Africa. The president has penned an open letter to all members of the ANC, telling them to stand against those who have exploited the pandemic for personal gain. However, the ANC leader also linked the state-sponsored looting spree to the ills of apartheid.

Barks Ramaphosa,

“While the current allegations about corruption in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic have brought this issue to the fore, the reality is that corruption in this country has far deeper roots. Apartheid was both morally and materially corrupt.”

If slavery is to blame for problems caused mainly by black fatherlessness in 2020 America, it stands to reason that Apartheid is the reason South Africa under the African National Congress tends to be corrupt.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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