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Mar 15 2021

Army Abandons Gender-Neutral Fitness Evaluation

The military’s mission used to be national security, but not anymore, now that it is a social engineering laboratory. Whereas it used to destroy America’s enemies, now it destroys barriers to equity — like fitness standards.

The difference between men and women is merely a patriarchal social construct, according to the dogma of our ruling class. And yet:

A study from the Pentagon noted that at least 65% of female soldiers were failing the military’s Army Combat Fitness Test. At least 90% of male soldiers passed the test. …

An unnamed Army official told that it is imperative to “figure out a way to make it fair to both genders.”

The point of the military is not to be “fair.” The point is to be effective, even against adversaries who couldn’t care less about how self-satisfied the Pentagon is about its inclusivity initiatives.

No worries; the brass has found away to evade biological reality: reported, “The proposed solution involves the creation of ‘gender-specific’ percentile bands broken into levels such as Top 1%, Top 10%, Top 25%, and Top 50%, according to an Army briefing slide circulating on social media.”

It’s Affirmative Action for combat soldiers. Men who are fit will be flunked so as to make space for women who are not fit.

An added benefit is that fashionably deranged men who sign up just to get the taxpayers to finance their sex change operations can probably qualify for lower standards by identifying as female.

“All they are going to see for evaluation is which percentile the soldier falls into,” the official said. “The gender identity will not be included in that information.”

However, gender identity is likely to reassert itself under combat conditions.

The US Army’s first female infantry officer is Captain Kristen Griest. Last month she said the gender-neutral test should be scored the same way, regardless of gender.

“The entire purpose of creating a gender-neutral test was to acknowledge the reality that each job has objective physical standards to which all soldiers should be held, regardless of gender,” she said at the time. “The intent was not to ensure that women and men will have an equal likelihood of meeting those standards. Rather, it is incumbent upon women who volunteer for the combat arms profession to ensure they are fully capable and qualified for it. To not require women to meet equal standards in combat arms will not only undermine their credibility, but also place those women, their teammates, and the mission at risk.”

Sounds sensible — too sensible not to be thrown out the window under Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

Maybe he can persuade his ChiCom friends to sign an agreement not to fight too hard against female infantry.

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