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Nov 19 2020

Asians Fail to Qualify as Nonwhite

Bad news for Asians. They have failed to fail. Consequently, they do not qualify for coveted nonwhite status in a Washington state school district:

In their latest equity report, administrators at North Thurston Public Schools—which oversees some 16,000 students—lumped Asians in with whites and measured their academic achievements against “students of color,” a category that includes “Black, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, and Multi-Racial Students” who have experienced “persistent opportunity gaps.”

This demonstrates that achievement gaps are not “opportunity gaps.” Throughout the country, the high performance of Asians makes clear that low performance is not a result of white people being racist. North Thurston educrats have tacitly admitted that their ideology is a lie.

On a tip from FrancesJohn.


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