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May 14 2023

Baizuo Seeks Advice on How to Grovel

No shame is more pathetic to behold than the theatrical self-loathing of white guys who have internalized liberal ideology. One baizuo with more self-abasement than he knows how to express wrote in to a Female Moonbat of Color advice column at the leftist Guardian:

I’m a 60-year-old white American male and have done some work and had training around acknowledging my racist background and lingering internalised superiority. In multicultural environments, is there a way to indicate my allyship with other people, letting them know I’m safe, or at least not hostile, without coming across as trying too hard? My approach has been “act naturally” but I kind of want to let people around me know they can relax a little. Perhaps it’s just a moment of eye contact and a head nod. And maybe this question reveals I’m not even ready to be that person. I’m wrestling …

Wrestling? More like floundering. It isn’t easy to be a woke white guy dealing with the need to grovel before every nonwhite he encounters without getting set upon by the men in white coats with their butterfly nets.

In response, he got a nice pat on the head for his servile intentions and surprisingly enough, some good advice:

I would strongly advise against making eye contact or nodding your head at random strangers who happen to be a people of colour. If you do they will probably conclude that you are racialising them and feel patronised and insulted.

If only Dan Cathy had written in to Ms Understanding (a.k.a. Sisonke Msimang) before cleaning the sneakers of a smirking rap performer in a public display of racial obeisance, Chick-fil-A sandwiches would taste a lot better.

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