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May 25 2024

Open Thread

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. - Vladimir Lenin

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May 21 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 20 2024

Open Thread

If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin. But when I made my way in the world I wanted to indulge myself in my fantasies to the extent that I could afford. - George Soros

May 18 2024

Open Thread

We have the best government that money can buy. - Mark Twain

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May 16 2024

Antony Blinken Brings the Cringe

Of all the repugnant moonbats comprising the Biden Regime, no one brings the cringe like our squishy-soft, damp-eyed, pro-Hamas Secretary of State. Even on a good day, Antony Blinken will make your skin crawl. Now watch him rock out:

If only we could get him to quit his day job.

This embarrassment occurred in Kiev, where massive amounts of our money is being flagrantly wasted on a corrupt regime that is allied not with the USA but with the Biden Administration:

Blinken is praying to whatever “god” will listen to him at this point, hoping the American people don’t discover that Ukrainian officials in Kharkiv have been using US tax dollars to get rich quick by investing in fake companies.

Meanwhile, Russia has reinvaded northern Ukraine.

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May 14 2024

Open Thread

It is our sacred duty to transmit unimpaired to our posterity the blessings of liberty which were bequeathed to us by the founders of the Republic. - Andrew Johnson

May 13 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 11 2024

Open Thread

The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit. - Milton Friedman

May 08 2024

Bladeless Swiss Army Knives

What next, after progressives have progressed to making us safe by confiscating all firearms? Ask the people who make Swiss army knives:

For more than a century, the Swiss army knife has been an essential piece of kit for everyone from picnickers and equestrians, to golfers and astronauts.

But now the maker of the pocket-knife, with its red or blue shell and multiple tools, has bowed to what an English judge last week called the “plague of knife crime” by designing a new range without blades.

The plague of knife crime was mainly caused by mass Third World immigration combined with a population that has been disarmed by its leftist rulers, rendering it vulnerable to attack. A little old lady can defend herself with a gun, but where there are only knives, lowlifes have the advantage. After knives too have been confiscated, authorities will take steps to protect the public from the plague of blunt instrument crimes.

In response to an increasing number of countries imposing bans or restrictions on carrying knives, Victorinox, the Swiss firm that produces the pocket tools, is in the early stages of developing the first range of bladeless products designed specifically for activities where a blade would not be required.

Spoons are still allowed for now, until it is discovered that they can be used to gouge out people’s eyes.

Maybe they should make Swiss army forks — because when a society does not trust itself with pocketknives, you can stick a fork in it.

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May 08 2024

Open Thread

Although much of the media have their antennae out to pick up anything that might be construed as racism against blacks, they resolutely ignore even the most blatant racism by blacks against others. - Thomas Sowell

May 07 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 06 2024

Big Money Backs Even the Kookiest Moonbats

They are clowns; they are losers; they are juvenile, not very bright, and often mentally ill. From Antifa kooks brandishing Tupperware shields to pampered Ivy League brats holding their breath until they turn blue on behalf of Hamas to Extinction Rebellion types trying to destroy famous paintings or gluing themselves to the freeway to improve the weather, it is rarely easy to take leftist foot soldiers seriously. But the purpose they are being applied to is no laughing matter — as confirmed by the money involved.

Consider the conspicuously malevolent Hillary Clinton:

A progressive group founded by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cut a large check recently to a climate change activist hub financing organizations behind disruptive anti-oil protests, bringing the total cash transfers to at least $500,000, records show.

Onward Together, which Clinton launched after losing the 2016 election, says it’s “committed to lifting up emerging organizations and leaders who are fighting for our shared progressive values and defending our democracy.” That pledge apparently includes funding Climate Emergency Fund, a charity backing groups leading demonstrations to bring awareness to climate change by vandalizing fine art, blocking major roads, gluing themselves to sports cars, and engaging in other extremist forms of protest.

Even the money Shrillary Rotten can bestow is peanuts compared to the riches of Goldman Sachs:

A New York City nonprofit that received more than $12 million from Goldman Sachs’ charitable arm encouraged anti-Israel activists to re-create the violent protests of “the summer of 2020,” just hours before rioters stormed and occupied a building on Columbia University’s campus.

More than 100 masked and keffiyeh-clad activists convened in the People’s Forum’s Manhattan office [last] Monday evening to plan their next moves as anti-Israel protests reach a fever pitch across the country. …

The People’s Forum, a registered charity that describes itself as “a movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities,” has been a mainstay at anti-Israel protests since Hamas’s Oct. 7, 2023, attack on the Jewish state.

You have to be all the way out there to think vandalizing priceless Van Gogh paintings will force civilization to plunge itself into economic collapse in the name of the nonexistent climate crisis. The same goes for taking up the cause of Hamas in response to the terror atrocities of October 7. Crazier still is the money backing these malevolent freaks:

The People’s Forum’s operations are made possible in large part by a $12 million donation from Goldman Sachs’s charitable arm. The source of that money is likely Neville Roy Singham, a communist who has “long admired Maoism.”

Mao killed an estimated 65 million Chinese for the sake of his twisted ideology. There are people who want to do the same to us. Not all of them are smelly Antifa goons living off Hot Pockets in their mom’s basement. Some have money, and money is power.

The revolution Tentifada moonbats bark about is for real. Even some of the most demented among them are well financed because this is a revolution from above.

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May 06 2024

Open Thread

Compliments of Chuck A.

May 05 2024

Open Thread

Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. - H. L. Mencken


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