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Feb 28 2020

Open Thread

The last thing a man becomes progressive about is the activities of his own wife. - Crystal Eastman
Feb 27 2020

Open Thread

Insure the uninsured. Effect of Obamacare to date: Uninsure the insured. - Brit Hume
Feb 26 2020

Liberty vs Licentiousness

There are different forms of freedom; not all of them are good. The Founding Fathers offered us liberty. The Left offers licentiousness.

When politicians advocate marijuana and sexual deviancy while opposing Second Amendment, free speech, and property rights, we are getting licentiousness in return for liberty.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 25 2020

No One on Food Stamps Should Be Allowed to Vote

Those who are taking money they did not earn that the government has confiscated from others should not be allowed to vote. Letting those who ride in the cart instead of pulling it write the rules will result in ever more takers and ever fewer makers until the cart breaks down.

There are other people whose right to vote does not benefit society and is arguably unreasonable. Mr Reagan makes the case:

Passing out suffrage too freely has resulted in the degeneration of government. James Madison could not get elected today. It is terrifyingly possible that Bernie Sanders could.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 25 2020

AOC’s Public School Hypocrisy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a true socialist, in that she and her relatives are too good to have to live under the socialism that she would impose on everyone else. The people of Venezuela have been denied economic freedom and the wealth it generates, but Hugo Chavez’s daughter Maria Gabriela gets to be rich — the richest Venezuelan, last I knew. In this country, socialists (i.e., Democrats) don’t think the little people should be allowed to educate their children, because the unions wouldn’t like it. That doesn’t apply to AOC’s goddaughter though.

From the New York Post:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez managed to get her goddaughter into a Bronx charter school, according to a Facebook Live video she recorded in 2017 — before she was a public figure. …

It’s unclear exactly how Ocasio-Cortez managed to finagle the favor for her goddaughter, or which school she attended. …

Embracing charters would be a big no-no for Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic socialist base, which calls for the total abolition of charters, arguing that their existence hurts traditional public schools.

AOC has described public schools as “one of the greatest gems of public good in the United States.” She says that when we start feeling tempted to spare our kids from public schools, that’s “when we should start fighting to improve them.” But understandably she does not want her own relatives subjected to these often dysfunctional schools, when her party has not yet managed to abolish alternative charter schools.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Feb 24 2020

Countermoonbat Mardi Gras Float

Here’s the best Mardi Gras float I’ve seen in a while:

Two people have been killed by Mardi Gras floats in New Orleans this year. Let’s hope this float wasn’t involved. People might start to get paranoid.

On a tip from Byron.

Feb 24 2020

Open Thread

The left sees nothing but bigotry and superstition in the popular defense of the family or in popular attitudes regarding abortion, crime, busing, and the school curriculum. - Christopher Lasch
Feb 22 2020

Open Thread

Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism. - Craig Reucassel
Feb 18 2020

Open Thread

The sooner you learn that life is not fair, the better off you'll be, because you'll spend less time railing against life's unfairness and feeling aggrieved and entitled, and more time figuring out how to maximize your assets, and your talents and how to deal with things that you're not very good at. - Condoleezza Rice
Feb 15 2020


Brace yourself for a jarring experience. Paul Joseph Watson ushers us into Woketopia so as to bring us up to date on current events in the alternate reality inhabited by moonbats:

To recap:

• Orange Man bad.

Shoplifting has become progressive.

• Traditional marriage is now regarded as comparable to sexual slavery imposed by ISIS.

• It is still “brave” to publicly announce your devotion to sexual perversion.

• A woman making breakfast for her husband is grounds for public shaming.

• Diversity means no white people even in white countries.

• Feminism and moral degeneracy have made birthrates plummet.

• The commies of Rage Against the Machine are having a comeback concert at Capital One Arena.

• Celebrities have predictably begun announcing that they are homosexual even when they probably are not.

• The environmentalist movement stands accused of being too full of white people.

• The world in general is considered to be too full of white people.

• White liberals literally kiss the boots of militant black supremacists.

• Scandinavia is proclaimed to have no native culture.

• Liking classical architecture means being Hitler.

• Simping surpasses coronavirus as a pandemic.

• Those who identify with left-wing beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

It is clearly in your best interests to avoid Woketopia. Unfortunately, this nightmare realm intrudes ever more aggressively into the real world.

On tips from Kate P and KirklesWorth.

Feb 15 2020

Open Thread

Over the years, Americans in particular have been all too willing to squander their hard-earned independence and freedom for the illusion of feeling safe under someone else's authority. The concept of self-sufficiency has been undermined in value over a scant few generations. The vast majority of the population seems to look down their noses upon self-reliance as some quaint dusty relic, entertained only by the hyperparanoid or those hopelessly incapable of fitting into mainstream society. - Cody Lundin
Feb 13 2020

Lefties More Likely to Be Diagnosed With Mental Illness

For those who don’t like surprises, here is a dog bites man story confirming that the world is the way we have come to expect it to be. Summit News reports on a survey of >8,000 people that correlates mental illness with political views:

Carried out by Slate Star Codex, the online survey collected a wealth of data from respondents about their education, demographic, lifestyle and political views.

The results show that people who occupy the farther left end of the political spectrum are more likely to have been “formally diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.”

Of those formally diagnosed with mental problems, the most common political affiliation is “Marxist” at 38%. The least common is “conservative” at 12.1%.

Once again, it has been confirmed: liberalism is a mental disorder.

On a tip from Ellen O.

Feb 13 2020

Greed in Nature

If you don’t like it when the government takes away what you have worked hard to acquire, Democrats will denounce you as “greedy.” Being greedy is bad when it involves Bernie Sanders and his supporters taking what does not belong to them. But if wealth does rightfully belong to you because you have honestly acquired rather that stealing or confiscating it, it is perfectly natural to be greedy for more. Not that it can’t be a little nutty to get carried away:

Via Citizen Free Press, on a tip from seaoh.

Feb 13 2020

Apple Ad Panders to Misandry

An Apple ad takes the politically correct hostility toward men that characterizes advertising to a new extreme. As if pandering to bitter feminists, it shows a woman using an iPad Pro to erase a man from a photo, just like they used to do it in the Soviet Union but much more efficiently:

Men who don’t like hatred of them being stoked and exploited to sell a product stand accused of “fragile masculinity.”

Imagine the belligerent fragility that would be unleashed if the ad reversed the roles.

On tips from Sad Hill and Kate P. Hat tip: Summit News.

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