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Jun 11 2021

Bank Robber Released, Robs Another Bank the Next Day

Democrats screech that America has excessive incarceration rates and that this is racist. Their solution: let criminals out of jail, in the name of Covid, overcrowding, bail reform, or simply sheer moonbattery. New York City demonstrates how this works in practice:

An alleged thief was collared shortly after sticking up a Manhattan bank on Thursday — just one day after he was cut loose in an earlier bank heist, The Post has learned.

Chi Ngo is accused of pulling off the robberies at two separate Chase Banks in as many days, according to sources and court documents.

After stealing $2,300 from a Chase branch on Canal Street, Ngo was charged with third-degree robbery and possession of a weapon and burglar’s tools. But that was no reason not to let him loose on “supervised release.”

Good thing the release was supervised. Otherwise, he might have really gotten up to trouble.

You can see why the lavishly establishment-backed Black Lives Matter wants to abolish police and prisons. What’s the point of arresting people and locking them up if they are just going to be set free again to resume their criminal activities? If we let criminals run riot, they will soon steal everything worth having, and we won’t have to worry about theft anymore.

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