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May 08 2024

Breath of Fresh Air: Brian Mast on Hamas

The bad news: Code Pink is back, as hostile to America and its allies as ever. The good news: a politician has been discovered with the moral clarity to confront moonbattery without apology — Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL):

Agreeing to a ceasefire is easy enough for Hamas. Being terrorists, they wouldn’t have to abide by it.

Imagine coming up to someone in a rough bar, gouging out one of their eyes without provocation, then demanding a ceasefire — while making it clear you intend to gouge out the other eye.

In other Code Pink news, Neville Roy Singham, the Maoist who apparently has funded pro-Hamas campus protests to the tune of $12 million, is married to Code Pink head moonbat Jodie Evans.

Democrats’ angry base could not be more conspicuously evil if it tried — or more unappealing:

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