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Apr 15 2022

BBC Requires British Toddlers to Have Nonwhite Friends

Confinement to a playpen is no excuse for evading the social requirements of political correctness. Even British toddlers are expected to have non-European friends:

A BBC guide for parents written by a far-left Black Lives Matter activist tells parents to “examine their biases” and educate their toddler about racism if they only have black friends.

Uju Asika, who denounces the royal family as “racist,” authored the guide on behalf of British taxpayers.

“Did your family express negative thoughts about foreigners and immigrants?” asks the guide, which is posted on the BBC’s Tiny Happy People website.

Such thoughts are strictly forbidden, as parents are expected to impart to their children.

“What is your social circle like today? Does your child have Black or Brown friends over for playdates? Could you be doing more?”

Of course they could be doing more. No matter how obsequiously self-hating liberals express their submission to cultural thugs like Uju Asika, it will never be enough.

The British are expected to become a minority in their own country by 2066. That’s when things will get ugly for them.

On a tip from Franco.


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