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Nov 12 2020

Biden Advisor Calls for 4- to 6-Week Lockdown

You think Anthony Fauci is bad? Wait until you see what we are in for if Biden’s handlers take power. Presenting Biden COVID-19 Advisory Board member Michael Osterhold:

If suppressing efficient energy in the name of the Green New Deal could help the economy, so could business-crushing lockdowns.

Back on planet Earth, the economic outlook is starting to brighten, despite the best efforts of Democrat governors. But there is nothing right with the economy that futile and tyrannical lockdowns can’t break.

As noted at Twitchy,

We’re old enough to remember when we were all supposed to stay home for two weeks to slow the spread. We’re also old enough to remember how well the economy was doing under President Trump before the Chinese virus and subsequent lockdowns destroyed it — imagine the 2020 election had COVID-19 never left that lab in Wuhan.

If the Democrats stand for anything sincerely, it is government coercion as an end in itself. The ChiCom virus is a dream come true for these people. They will milk every drop of authoritarianism they can get from it.

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