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Nov 13 2020

Federal COVID Funds Go to Sex Workers in Oregon

If Biden’s handlers take power, they will inflict economically crippling lockdowns, as well as a list of policies designed to drive businesses under, throw people out of work, and lower America’s gross domestic product. On the bright side, with Democrats in control, plenty of free money will be available to certain people, at least up until the point where the house of cards collapses. In Democrat-dominated Oregon, federal COVID money has already been showered upon strippers and prostitutes.


PDX Stripper Strike, the Portland chapter of the Haymarket Pole Collective, was recently awarded nearly $600,000 in a COVID-relief grant from the Oregon Health Authority. The organization is now seeking applications from sex workers who are Black and/or Indigenous, are transgender, live with a minor dependent at their home or are experiencing homelessness.

Bureaucrats don’t give free money to just anybody. It helps to belong to a preferred group.

Meant to help mitigate sex workers’ financial hardships brought on by the pandemic, PDX Stripper Strike will distribute the money in the form of microgrants.

It’s Big Government in a nutshell. They break your leg with their futile and tyrannical lockdowns. Then they give a crutch to a black and/or indigenous transgender prostitute. Then they charge you for the crutch.

Federal funds will also be devoted to the “professional development” of sex workers, whatever that might entail.

Who knows what largesse COVID relief packages might include with a Harris/Biden administration pushing for ever more waste?

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