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Apr 08 2021

Biden Attack on Second Amendment Begins

It begins. Everyone knew that once radicalized Democrats had control of both the White House and Congress, it would be open season on the Second Amendment. The agenda of the far left has always required a populace that cannot fight back. Characteristically, Biden began the attack with a flurry of six executive orders prepared by his handlers.

The first two decrees target so-called “ghost guns” that can be assembled at home and braces that allegedly turn pistols into short-barreled rifles.

The third calls for the Injustice Department to produce “red flag” legislation to serve as a model for Congress, spurring it to pass a law that will allow people to revoke each other’s Second Amendment rights by denouncing them as dangerous.

The Blaze picks it up from there:

The fourth and fifth actions, respectively, outline investments in “community violence interventions” and direct the DOJ to publish an annual report on firearms trafficking.

Lastly, for the sixth action, Biden announced his intention to nominate David Chipman, a gun reform advocate, to serve as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, a key agency in gun law enforcement.

These incremental measures are only the first volley. Biden has already read from his teleprompter that he will ban “assault weapons” (whatever those may be defined to be), launch a gun “buyback” program, and impose more onerous background check restrictions.

If Democrats do not encounter sufficient resistance, they will push further. They will ban all modern handguns via magazine capacity restrictions. They will loot the firearms industry out of existence by declaring manufacturers and retailers liable for crimes committed with their products.

They won’t stop infringing until we are left to defend ourselves with kitchen utensils. Then they will come after the kitchen utensils.

Meanwhile, the criminals Democrats enable by hamstringing police and abolishing bail will remain armed to the teeth.

Still no word on when Hunter Biden will be prosecuted for committing a felony gun crime by lying on a Firearms Transaction Record.

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