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Nov 06 2020

Facebook Implements Next Stage of Power Grab

We could see this coming from a long way off. If the election turned out to be close, the Democrats would cheat their way into power. Enabling this was the point of the deliberately engineered mail-in ballot chaos and the absurdly extended deadlines for voting. Control of Big Media and Big Tech would make it stick.

Thomas Lifson summarizes the next stage of the strategy:

The plot, in short, is to have the TV networks, AP, and NYT/WaPo declare the race decided. At that point the social media censors step in and suppress all efforts — even those of a sitting president — to uncover the fraud as conspiracy theories and an attack on democracy itself.

Facebook is already doing its part:

A massive pro-Trump Facebook group named “Stop the Steal” was shut down by the social media company after quickly amassing over 360,000 followers since it was created on Wednesday. The group described itself as pledging to “do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of this election for the good of the nation.”

Ensuring the integrity of this election is not something our Big Tech overlords will permit.

Amy Kremer, a former Tea Party activist and co-founder of Women for Trump, started the Stop the Steal Facebook group. The group page was run by the Women for America First, an organization led by Kremer that describes itself as: “Engaging, inspiring and empowering women to make a difference.”

Moonbats are all for empowering women. But only if they are leftist women. Women who want to conserve the American way are not women at all, from a politically correct point of view.

On Thursday morning, Kremer warned that “Facebook is flagging almost every post as false,” and added that the social network is “probably going to shut us down.”

Shortly before 2 p.m., Kremer announced that the Stop the Steal Facebook group had been removed.

Why did Facebook shut them down? Because they were attracting 100 followers per second.

There are a lot of people out there who want America to still be America. They must be cut off from each other, so that each feels alone. That way, patriots can’t unite and stand in the way of the power grab.

Facebook was encouraged to shut down the page by the liberal media. But it didn’t need to be told what to do by Media Matters, Rolling Stone, and Mother Jones; not with former Biden staffer Anna Makanju in charge of election integrity.

It seemed that if leftists took the White House and the Senate, they would pack the Supreme Court as openly planned and then take whatever steps necessary to make 2020 the last legitimate election in American history. Turns out our last legitimate presidential election may have been in 2016.

It would have been so much better if this had been imposed by Chinese tanks rolling down Main Street, rather than by technoweenies, sanctimonious bureaucrats, and the soy-soaked apparatchiks comprising the “mainstream” media. Then everyone would have understood how desperate the situation is, and the urgency of fighting back.

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