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Dec 15 2022

Biden Flies Into Profane Rage Over Topic of His Age

Even Democrats see the need to restrict Joe Biden’s access to the nuclear launch codes. His poor judgment and lack of character are exacerbated by the temper issues that often accompany senility. He’s not getting any better:

The oldest-ever commander-in-chief, who turned 80 last month, has “vented to allies” about how much the topic [of his age] is discussed in the media as he sizes up a bid for a second term in 2024, Politico reported Tuesday.

“You think I don’t know how f—ing old I am?” an exasperated Biden — who reportedly has a penchant for profanity — ranted to one of his acquaintances earlier this year, according to the outlet.

Inappropriate use of profanity is common among moonbats. It’s the irrational anger that is concerning — as well as Biden’s lack of self-awareness:

Does he really not see how much he’s declined over the last several years? Is he not able to process when he’s fumbling over his words, forgetting names, and generally presenting as a man who should be in an assisted-living home?

Normal people as they age can typically sense that they are slowing down and adjust accordingly. Biden, though, is like a bull in a china shop. He truly believes he’s as capable as he was at 50, having no concept of his own condition and how others see him. That’s probably the scariest part of the situation. His profound lack of self-awareness is the best piece of evidence that he shouldn’t be holding the office he holds.

That Biden cannot see how grotesquely unfit he is for the office is bad enough. Is it really possible that tens of millions of voters can’t see it either?

Please tell me he doesn’t have the nuclear football.

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