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Oct 21 2022

Biden Regime Forbids Arizona From Blocking Overrun Border

The federal government consumes many $trillions per year through taxation and inflation. In return for what it takes from us, it has a single primary duty: to defend the border from foreign invasion. Under rule by traitors, not only does it willfully neglect this duty, it prevents states from making even token efforts at defense:

The Biden administration has demanded that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey remove the shipping containers he had stacked to plug the gaps in former President Donald Trump’s incomplete border wall, but Ducey’s office is remaining resolute, citing a “lack of coordination” from federal agencies and stating “the containers will remain in place” until the feds provide “specific details” of their plan to secure the state’s border.

In a letter to the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, Allen Clark, director of Arizona’s Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, claimed border states “cannot rely on the federal government to ensure its security.”

Nearly 5 million known illegal invaders since Biden took power make that obvious. Equally obvious is that the Biden Regime has so conspicuously failed to perform its duties that it no longer qualifies as a legitimate government. The money it confiscates from us is not taxation but theft.

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