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Jul 26 2022

Biden Regime Goes After Poultry Industry

To learn the future of America, study the history of the USSR, because Democrats are reenacting it. Vladimir Lenin’s call to grind the middle class out of existence between the millstones of taxation and inflation was a preview of modern Democrat economic policy. Stalin’s use of starvation to subjugate the population presaged what may come next as Democrats begin to choke off the food supply as they have already done to oil.

It doesn’t stop with Gavin Newsom using the liberal war on freelancers to cripple the trucking industry, which we rely on to deliver food. The Biden Regime has begun to target food producers:

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday against some of the largest poultry producers in the U.S. along with a proposed settlement seeking to end what it claims have been longstanding deceptive and abusive practices for workers.

The suit, filed in federal court in Maryland, names Cargill, Sanderson Farms and Wayne Farms…

It also comes as the department continues a broader investigation into labor abuses in the poultry industry.

That’s why they want to forbid freelance work nationwide. The workers are oppressed, and Democrats want to liberate them by ending their employment.

The defendants and unnamed co-conspirators in the lawsuit account for hiring about 90% of all chicken processing jobs in the nation.

What do you need chicken for? Eating bugs is better for the climate, according to liberal doctrine.

The suit against the companies was filed with a proposed consent decree — a settlement that would require the companies to pay $84.8 million in restitution for workers…

Looting in the name of the proletariat will not stop food prices from continuing to rise.

The settlement would also put in place a federal monitor selected by the Justice Department who would ensure compliance for the next decade. The consent decree also would permit Justice Department lawyers and investigators to inspect the poultry processors’ facilities and interview their employees to ensure they are complying with the terms, according to court documents.

The people who handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan are now going to micromanage the poultry industry.

This will not end well, unless it ends with Democrats being removed from power quickly and decisively.

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