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Jul 03 2023

Biden Regime Wastes Our Money Pushing LGBTism Abroad

If it enrages you that the federal government confiscates your earnings and devalues your savings through inflation, then spends the money promoting LGBT perversion via public schools and on the White House lawn, do not read the following. You might blow a gasket if you learn how much is spent pushing depravity overseas:

The Biden administration has given nearly $4.6 million to help foreign groups promote LGBT projects like drag shows and pride parades.

For example,

The United States has helped organize pride parades in at least seven different countries, paid for drag queen shows in Ecuador, funded a Polish advocacy group that encourages puberty blockers for children with gender confusion, and sent cash to a Mexican group that markets cross-sex hormones to gender-confused individuals.

Fifty-five nations have been paid by US taxpayers and currency holders to advance the twisted LGBT agenda.

The global funding spree is part of the Biden administration’s larger effort to promote a woke cultural agenda throughout the United States and abroad, even in countries with more traditional social values. In addition to funding LGBT activism across the world, the administration has allocated millions to fight climate change in various countries and teach gender studies in war-torn nations like Iraq. In 2023 alone, American taxpayers have helped foot the bill for Pride Month festivities in Australia, Estonia, Slovenia, and Bosnia.

If we don’t like this sick filth rammed down our throats, imagine how they feel about it in countries where liberalism has not yet corroded traditional values. But at least people in Botswana don’t have to pick up the tab like we do.

“There was a time when America’s most recognizable exports were baseball and apple pie. But now, under the Biden administration, we’re subjecting the rest of the world to drag queens and childhood sex changes,” said Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project.

The phrase “ugly American” has unprecedented validity.

This gives an idea of the arrogance with which Democrats waste our money encouraging unhealthy deviant behavior:

In 2022, $32,000 in taxpayer cash was awarded to a group in Peru so it could create an LGBT comic book.

Welcome to the New Imperialism. Old colonialists like the British Empire spread railroads, rule of law, and other blessings of civilization. Today’s moonbat colonialists spread the decay of which they are both cause and symptom.

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