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Jun 13 2023

Democrats Desecrate White House With Topless Transsexual

Would you allow a sounder of swine into a church to squirt goo in the pews, knock over the tabernacle, and snarf the Communion hosts? Then why would you allow Democrats into the White House? They don’t treat it any more respectfully than they treat our flag.

Presenting a simulacrum of a woman who calls himself Rose Montoya (WARNING: formal activities taking place on the White House lawn are no longer necessarily family friendly):

At the event, Creepy Joe gave a speech praising perverts like Montoya as “some of the bravest and most inspiring people” he has “ever known.”

Erratum on an earlier post: “A healthy society has heroes; in their place, we have celebrities” should have read, “A healthy society has heroes; in their place, we have a freak show.”

On tips from Wiggins, DCGere, and Jack D.


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8 Responses to “Democrats Desecrate White House With Topless Transsexual”

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