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Sep 10 2020

Biden’s Numbers Versus Reality

People who take Joe Biden’s speeches at face value live in a scary world:

“Military COVID infected: 118,984,” Biden said during an event in Warren, Michigan, this week. “Military COVID deaths: 6,114.”


Department of Defense data shows there have been just 40,026 cases of the coronavirus within the military and seven deaths.

Seven, 6,114, not a big difference. Maybe he was just rounding up.

This isn’t the first time Biden has been criticized for citing wrong data about the virus. He said in June that 120 million people died due to COVID-19.

The actual number is more like 194,000.

Numbers are meaningless anyway when you choose truth over facts.

Biden also seemed to say that COVID-19 has been around for 100 years, although exactly what he was trying to express on that occasion is unclear.

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