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Oct 22 2020

Biden’s Top Surrogates Fail to Draw Crowds

It’s not an enthusiasm gap; it’s an enthusiasm chasm. Joe Biden may as well call a permanent lid and not come out of his basement until they are done litigating the election results sometime in January. They can’t blame it on Biden submerging into a swamp of dementia, because his surrogates can’t draw a crowd either.

We saw the kind of crowd Biden was able to draw in Detroit. Let’s see if de facto presidential candidate Kamala Harris can do any better in moonbat-friendly Asheville, North Carolina:

I’ll take that as a no.

What about Obama? He is a rock star, after all. The guy won a Nobel Peace Prize just for being him. Surely he can draw a crowd in a place like Philadelphia. Or maybe not:

They should have billed it as a Black Lives Matter riot. The crowd would have been packed shoulder to shoulder.

Looks like a campaign consisting of, “Yeah, our guy stinks, but we really hate the other guy and you should too” is not lighting the electorate on fire.

Meanwhile, back in North Carolina:

It won’t be easy to swallow when they tell us Trump won on election day, but actually lost after they got done discovering, counting, and recounting mail-in ballots weeks later.

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