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Oct 26 2020

America in California

Sometimes it still looks like America out there — even in liberalized California. Democrats have their hundreds of riots. Regular Americans have displays like this one in Redondo Beach yesterday:

Via Easy Reader News:

Over 1,000 carloads of President Donald Trump supporters participated in a rally at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center parking lot Sunday morning.

Who knew there were so many white supremacists in California? Oh wait:

Participants represented a broad coalition, including the Beach Cities Republicans, Latinos for Trump, Indians for Trump and Filipinos for Trump. Redondo Police began routing cars to alternative parking locations after the Performing Arts Center’s 500 car lot quickly filled up.

Good thing they weren’t Biden voters. The police would have been showered with rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, et cetera.

The rally was followed by a two-hour long car parade that followed Pacific Coast Highway through the Beach Cities to Wilmington.

A similar auto parade north of Phoenix was said to stretch for 30 miles. Despite constant brainwashing from the liberal establishment, people love this country and do not want to lose it to a socialist revolution smuggled into power under cover of a decrepit corruptocrat.

The enthusiasm chasm is real. It will take a lot of cheating by those who count the votes to bridge it.

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