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Mar 10 2023

Bill Gates Pooh-Poohs Individual Sacrifice for Climate

Zillionaire climate warrior Bill Gates, who wants us to eat synthetic pseudofood and to poison the atmosphere with sulfur dioxide because global warming, addresses the massive carbon footprint that accompanies his Louis XVI lifestyle:

“In climate movements, you can get this ‘Hey, we’ve been consuming too much,’ and ‘Hey, maybe we shouldn’t travel anymore,’” Gates said last week in remarks delivered in India [where he no doubt flew by private jet]. “I don’t think we can count on people living an impoverished lifestyle as a solution to climate.”

By Bill Gates standards, “impoverished lifestyle” means spending less in a minute than the average Indian does in a lifetime.

Gates, who is estimated to be the fourth-richest person on Earth, went on to say it was not realistic to expect that the climate crisis could be addressed by personal choices such as giving up eating meat.

Evidently Gates has no intention of restricting his own diet, despite his devotion to the meat-hating climate gods. Given his paunchy physique, it would be more constructive for him to focus on carbohydrates anyway.

The notion that climate change is too big a problem to be solved by individual lifestyle decisions is commonly held by many, like Gates, who are working to address what they see as a crisis. Even John Kerry, President Biden’s climate envoy, has signaled that new technology will need to be developed for the world to achieve emissions goals.

Conveniently, this attitude frees up Kerry to continue his massively carbon-spewing lifestyle while droning uninterestingly about the evils of carbon emissions.

Not being an individual who can be called out for personal hypocrisy but rather comprising a faceless Borg, the UN is free to demand each person’s lifestyle comply with global warming ideology:

“Everyone can help limit climate change. From the way we travel, to the electricity we use, the food we eat, and the things we buy, we can make a difference,” the U.N. states on a website that highlights 10 actions individuals can take to address the climate crisis.

Other Democrats concur, driving up inflation with wasteful spending ostensibly intended to bribe us into behaving with greater climate piousness:

The Inflation Reduction Act also looks to change individual behavior on a scale that will add up to meaningful cuts to emissions by offering tax credits designed to wean the public off oil, gas and coal. The law, which was passed in September, includes $7.5 billion in electric vehicle tax credits meant to get people to stop driving gas-powered cars, and $24 billion in credits to help people switch from gas-powered heaters to electric heat pumps and from gas stoves to induction ranges.

Believing that you can change the weather by driving an electric car or forsaking a gas stove is so absurd that it requires not mere idiocy but the absolute devotion to ideological obedience that distinguishes a true moonbat from the less righteous rabble.

Looks like the problem is donuts, not meat.

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