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May 09 2021

Birthing People’s Day Flowers Offensive to Climate

Happy Mother’s Day — or as our moonbat rulers might call it, Birthing People’s Day. Just be sure not to give Mom flowers. That would be offensive to the climate:

[F]lowers can generate serious carbon emissions because of refrigeration and long-haul transport. … In 2018, Valentine’s Day flowers grown in Colombia and flown to US airports produced some 360,000 metric tons of CO2, according to estimates by the International Council on Clean Transportation. …

To top it off, after they are flown to the USA, they are distributed by truck, which entails using fossil fuels.

Maybe we should grow the flowers domestically to cut down on transportation. But no; that won’t save the polar bears:

When grown in cooler climates, flowers need heated greenhouses. That means domestic flower production can also generate high CO2 emissions because it’s electricity-intensive… [T]he carbon footprint of flowers grown in cooler countries like the US can be more than 5.5 times greater than that of equatorial countries…

If we don’t listen to leftist scolds and stop buying flowers, the weather will become too hot. Then, according to climate doomsayers, the British will have to stop growing potatoes and lettuce. Fortunately, they are developing suitable alternatives:

Potatoes and lettuce will have to be replaced in the UK by small, mustardy root vegetables and dandelion leaves as a warming climate means we cannot rely on traditional crops, Kew Gardens has said.

Celebrate Mother’s Day politically correctly. Give Mom a bouquet of dandelions harvested locally from your backyard.

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