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Feb 19 2024

Black Academic Roland Fryer Escapes Plantation

It isn’t that liberals find blacks inherently worthy of worship. It is that they believe blacks can be controlled. Sometimes they are wrong; some have the integrity to escape the plantation — even in academia:

In 2016, Harvard Economics Professor Roland Fryer published a study to explore racial differences in the use of force by police. …

The research revealed that blacks are 23.5% less likely to be shot at by police than whites. Meanwhile, Hispanics were 8.5% less likely to be shot at by police compared to whites.

That makes sense. You don’t get the Derek Chauvin treatment for being harsh to whites.

Fryer and his team looked and looked, but could find no basis in reality for the liberal talking point that local police shoot blacks out of sheer white supremacism. The consequences of pointing out that the Narrative is a lie were not pretty:

When DEI hires like Claudine Gay are put in positions of authority, it is honest scholars like Fryer who pay the price. From last month:

Gay in July 2019 suspended and revoked many academic privileges of Roland Fryer, a renowned black economics professor at Harvard, after the university investigated him for allegations of sexual harassment. Fryer famously conducted research into the killings of unarmed people in Houston and did not find racial disparities in the shootings.

No need to chase after girls to get #MeTooed. Just be a black professor who doesn’t toe the line when it comes to producing leftist propaganda rather than scholarship.

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