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Feb 25 2024

Merit Is a Microaggression

Because hardly any racism exists except officially encouraged hatred of whites, the thought police have been forced to focus on “microaggressions” — a catchall term for thoughtcrime that includes approving of merit:

Guidance from the University of Glasgow and the engineering department of Imperial College London states that saying “the most qualified person should get the job” is an example of a microaggression.

Suggesting that someone should be hired just for being the most qualified even if they are white is racist:

Glasgow’s guidance, which forms part of the university’s anti-racism campaign, suggests that the statement would be wrong because it asserts “that race does not play a role in life successes”.

It certainly plays a role under liberal rule.

Approving of hard work is also a microaggression:

Other examples of microaggressions listed by the university include saying that “everyone can succeed if they work hard enough”. The university states that possible implications of the statement could include suggesting that someone only got a job because of quotas…

Now where would anyone get that idea?

Denying that someone else has committed a microaggression is itself a microaggression:

Examples cited by the [University of Edinburgh] include saying of a third person: “I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by that”, or denying that a person is a racist.

Also racist, according to Newcastle University, is observing that white people are sometimes killed by police too — leave alone noting that they are more likely to be shot at by police.

To avoid committing a microaggression, assume that saying anything whatsoever that does not support the liberal narrative will get you in trouble.

You can’t blame the moonbat establishment for being rigid. Its ideology is a house of cards constructed on a base of self-evident lies. Free speech would quickly cause it to collapse.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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