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Oct 11 2023

Black Lives Matter and Hamas

Hamas terrorists are more focused and sophisticated than Black Lives Matter’s mostly peaceful protesters, who still have not evolved beyond smashing windows and stealing sneakers. But the ideologies serving as a pretext for their violence are so similar, both being grounded in hatred and weaponized victimhood, that it is no surprise BLM supports the nightmarish atrocities Hamas has inflicted on Israeli civilians:

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, which represents 26 local BLM chapters across the country, issued a lengthy statement “in solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

“[W]e must stand unwaveringly on the side of the oppressed,” bark the moonbats, by which they mean Hamas.

“When a people have been subject to decades of apartheid and unimaginable violence, their resistance must not be condemned, but understood as a desperate act of self-defense.”

Speaking of unimaginable violence, among the horrors inflicted last weekend, Palestinian terrorists paraglided into a music festival to rape and murder unsuspecting youth. Black Lives Matter celebrated the atrocity with this:

Black Lives Matter Grassroots…

…also recognized what it claims are “clear parallels between Black and Palestinian people.”

This is true regarding the thugs inflicting the violence. Both baby-beheading Islamists and allegedly oppressed Target looters are products of a welfare state that allows them to grow to adulthood without developing a sense of self-worth. Welfare breeds dysfunctional societies. Dysfunctional societies breed monsters.

For a brief moment, it seemed Europe might snatch away the welfare teat that makes possible a society that would democratically elect Hamas. But moonbattery prevailed; the flow of free money will continue, guaranteeing more dysfunction and more bloodshed.

There is no reason to believe that BLM “activists” will not do to average Americans what Hamas does to average Israelis, assuming they graduate from random looting and vandalism.

On tips from Anonymous and StephaneDumas. Hat tip: ZeroHedge.


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