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Oct 27 2023

Nikes-Wearing Moonbat Calls for Boycott of Nike

Moonbattery makes for strange bedfellows — and awkward enemies. From the viewpoint of American leftists, Black Lives Matter and Hamas are effectively the same cause. Of all the corporations that prostrated themselves before BLM as it looted and destroyed, none was more obsequious than Nike, which was using washed-up football player turned professional black supremacist Colin Kaepernick as its public face even before the riots, and which pledged $40 million in support. Yet despite its anti-American politics, Nike is an American corporation. Under Democrat rule, America lavishly funds Hamas, but it also funds Israel. So Nike is the enemy. At least that seems to be the reasoning of this pro-Hamas protester who calls for a boycott of Nike — while wearing Nikes:

Most if not all of the companies the shrill fool lists are aggressively left-wing in their corporate posture.

Don’t be too hard on campus moonbats. It isn’t easy to be consistent while burning a civilization out from under yourself.

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