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Sep 19 2020

Black Lives Matter Forbids Calling Police on Shoplifters of Color

According to Black Lives Matter activist Charity Sadé, blacks must be allowed to shoplift at will. Any store manager who calls the police on them is putting their lives at risk, and must be punished by the mob, as Sadé appeared to have in mind when she videotaped and demanded the name of a Washington, DC CVS pharmacy manager who violated her no-police policy.

American society will become dysfunctional if people sympathetic to this woman’s ideology secure control of the federal government in November:

The Blaze has background on the shrieking wokescold:

On Thursday, the Twitter account @CharinDC uploaded a video of her scolding a manager of a Washington, D.C., CVS store. The Twitter account has a bio supporting the Movement for Black Lives, or M4BL, organization and calls for police to be abolished. The account, which reportedly belongs to Charity Sade, claims she is an abolitionist, activist, writer, and comedian. She also included her pronouns in the bio. Her alleged website says, “coming soon,” and has a background that states: “Black Lives Matter.”

The manager didn’t even press charges; he just didn’t want the thieves back in his store.

PJ Media reports his response when she repeatedly demanded his name:

“No one’s gonna tell you my name when you’re sitting here videotaping us so that you can try to elicit some sort of violence against me,” he replied.

Yet we are asked to believe that it is the shoplifters whose lives were threatened by the presence of police. Meanwhile,

“They got to walk away when one of them had a warrant and could have been arrested and the cops still let him go,” the manager said.

Then the Black Lives Matter mob showed up to terrorize the store as an example to others who might dare call the police on criminals of color:

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