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Oct 04 2021

Poetic Justice: George Floyd Statue Vandalized

Crime is never encouraged, but given that riots in his name destroyed a vast number of statues of American heroes, what more appropriate way to honor career criminal George Floyd than this?

Daily Caller reports:

The statue was unveiled Thursday in New York City’s Union Square alongside statues of Breonna Taylor and former Congressman John Lewis, according to NBC New York. The exhibition will be on display for one month in order to “raise awareness of racism and actions for correction.”

The civil rights movement, which once had moral credibility, has been reduced to the level of a sociopathic lowlife who died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest for passing counterfeit currency.

This isn’t the first time George Floyd statues have been vandalized. Not everyone is on board with our depraved state religion under liberal rule.

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Sep 30 2021

Leftism Results in Explosion of Murder

Allowing leftists to dictate policy has consequences. An easily predictable result of their Black Lives Matter-inspired campaign to demonize, demoralize, defund, and hamstring local police has been an explosion of murder:

The murder rate rose by nearly 30% in 2020, more than any other time in the last half-century. This is according to recently released statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its annual report on crime.

The report shows that there were 4,901 more murders committed in 2020 than in 2019.

No worries, Democrats. The FBI only needs to get slightly more politicized before crime statistics that reflect poorly on the liberal agenda are doctored like the phony temperature stats the feds provide to prop up the global warming hoax.

Progressives have hamstrung local police and torn our national fabric. Until they are driven from power and the damage is repaired, the murder rate will remain stratospheric:

It looks like 2021 will have similar numbers to 2020, with only a slight dip in the national rate of increase in murder.

It’s only the rate of increase that has slowed since apocalyptic 2020. The murder rate continues to rise.

Democrats plan to exploit the problem they caused to inflict an even worse problem. They want to blame murders on guns as a pretext to disarm law-abiding citizens, rendering them defenseless in the face of rising violence. Despite their rhetoric, prior to the rise of Black Lives Matter,

Violent crime has been falling for decades even as gun ownership in the United States remained high.

Letting leftists dictate law enforcement leads to skyrocketing murder. Where do you suppose letting them dictate economic policy will lead? Let them pass their blowout spending bills and we will soon find out.

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Sep 08 2021

Even the Taliban Gets One Thing Right

The Taliban is remorselessly evil, but unlike Democrats it has at least one thing right:

How did utterly irrelevant Black Lives Matter propaganda get on a wall in Afghanistan? Probably the same way the gay “pride” flag came to fly over our embassy there.

Leftist cultural imperialism financed by US taxpayers was resoundingly rejected by Afghans. This is why Biden was able to turn the country over to the Taliban so effortlessly.

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Aug 05 2021

Cori Bush Threatens Mark McCloskey

It was scary enough having local governments and a national media establishment that sided with mobs of thugs as they rioted hundreds of times throughout the country, looting at will, destroying whatever they pleased, setting fire to police stations and courthouses. Imagine how frightening it would be to live in a country where these very thugs directly run the government.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey don’t have to imagine. After Black Lives Matter rioters broke through a gate to enter their private community, the McCloskeys prevented their home from being torched by standing on their own property with the firearms that it is their constitutional right to bear. For this, they were prosecuted by St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, a leftist installed in power by George Soros.

Marxists have not finished consolidating power; Missouri still has an American governor. Mike Parson pardoned the McCloskeys, as any sane governor would have done.

Among the mob that menaced the McCloskeys was BLM activist Cori Bush. Appallingly, she is now a sitting member of the House of Representatives (D-MO). Enraged that her victims appear to have escaped further persecution, she issues public threats:

Our Democrat rulers include some of the same lowlifes who caused over $2 billion in damage rioting in the name of a career criminal last year. This explains Democrat spending policy, which bears a striking resemblance to a Black Lives Matter mob stripping the shelves bare at Target.

The USA will become a Third World dictatorship in the foreseeable future if we do not reverse course dramatically. Mark McCloskey’s election to the Senate would be a step in the right direction.

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Aug 01 2021

Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T.: Trans BLM Band

The Wi Spa in Los Angeles, where a woman showed the rare courage to object to a guy exposing himself in a private women’s area, became a theater after Christians protested its depraved LGBT-compliant policies and Antifa types assaulted them. The show goes on, demonstrating what the last sane and decent people are up against, as Andy Ngo reported yesterday:

The band name Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T. stands for “You Guys Suck Like Real Hard. Shut the F*** Up. Thanks.” Watch them perform:

With leftists consolidating control over every major institution, these freaks are essentially in charge. They are emerging as the victors of the Culture War.

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Jul 25 2021

How BLM Riots Prevent Spread of Covid

The leftists who control the media and academia will go to any extreme to whitewash Black Lives Matter. Check out this gem of a headline:

The Experts have discovered that closely packed mobs of sociopaths looting local businesses, setting fire to police stations, and tearing down statues of our Founding Fathers actually promote public health. Here’s how they figure it:

The researchers found that protests correlated with a net increase in overall stay-at-home behavior in cities where they occurred — and the increase was larger in cities that saw more sustained protests or reports of violence.

Who is going to go out and about when mobs of vicious savages have been allowed to run riot?

University of Colorado Denver professor Andrew Friedson and the other researchers did not investigate whether the hooligans spread Covid among each other, focusing instead on overall transmission rates. Their study came out without peer review, but that doesn’t matter, so long as it reached the politically correct conclusion that Black Lives Matter riots combat Covid.

Friedson says the findings should help inform “decision-making processes.” They have confirmed that local Democrat authorities acted wisely by allowing and even encouraging the riots to occur. But that doesn’t mean every activity should be permitted:

Friedson said there is one last important thing to keep in mind about this study: It’s not a green light for governments to fully reopen bars, concert venues and other places where people gather in large numbers. …

“An outdoor wedding doesn’t generate avoidance behavior; we’re measuring avoidance behavior,” Friedson said. “People don’t say, ‘Oh man, there’s an outdoor wedding next door, we should stay home.’”

However, the Experts might approve of an outdoor wedding if instead of a bouquet the bride tosses out live hand grenades. That way it would generate avoidance behavior, like a Black Lives Matter mob.

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Jul 10 2021

Buffalo’s Next Mayor Calls for Social Worker Cannon Fodder

Letting Black Lives Matter maniacs run wild and dictate policy inevitably resulted not only in $billions in property damage but in an ongoing explosion of violent crime. Yet cities that have succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral, rather than pull back in horror from the abyss, plunge ever deeper into moonbattery. Avowed socialist and Black Lives Matter supporter India B. Walton won the Democrat primary, so she will be the next Mayor of Buffalo. Here’s what that means for public safety:

Walton has said that she wants to cut the funding to the police force and send social workers to respond to some emergency calls instead.

On Wednesday, Walton reiterated that policy when responding to an incident where a 3-year-old was shot.

If the savages who make Buffalo unsafe will shoot a 3-year-old, odds are slim that they will spare social workers. Nonetheless, moonbattery dictates that they be deployed to address crime, because police officers only make matters worse.

“It is my concern that that community has experienced a very deeply hurtful trauma, and our response was to re-victimize them with another traumatic event, rather than sending in social workers and mental health counselors,” Walton said.

She said she plans to reallocate $7.5 million of police funds to social programs.

If there are any sane people left in Buffalo, get out before it’s too late — and don’t relocate to a city run by Democrats, or you will only have to escape again.

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Jul 09 2021

Black Lives Matter: US Flag Is a Hate Symbol

Having spent a year watching Black Lives Matter thugs deface and destroy statues that represent American heritage in the name of an ideology that is ferociously hostile to the USA and most of the people who live in it, few will be surprised to hear that BLM regards the American Flag as a “symbol a hatred” — i.e., something they want canceled:

The average Democrat voter would rather subvert what the flag means than burn it. But relative moderates are not in charge; maniacs are.

The entire liberal establishment enthusiastically supported Black Lives Matter mobs throughout the jihad against patriotic statuary. It isn’t likely to be Democrats who intervene when their Antifa allies theatrically set fire to American flags. Powerful federal bureaucrats make a spectacle of preferring the “Progress Pride” flag to Old Glory. The country’s most powerful publication calls the flag “alienating.” When New York Times writers see the flag flying, they react with horror. A transsexual exploits the soapbox eagerly provided by the media to proclaim that he wants to win an Olympic medal (as a woman) so he can “burn a US flag on the podium.”

Average Democrats may just be along for the ride, but they are going where the radicals want them to go. As the world’s premiere symbol of liberty, the American flag has no place there.

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Jul 08 2021

Mob of Savages Prevails in Philly Suburb

It takes no more than a tweeted rumor to set off the mob. Pray no one tweets about you, or you could end up like Edward Cagney Mathews of the Philadelphia suburb Mount Laurel. After context-free video of him spewing racial invective at a Neighbor of Color who pushed him and called him a “white monkey” hit social media, Black Lives Matter showed up at his house.

In the video, he behaved like a belligerent jerk asking for trouble. But if belligerent jerks don’t have the right of free speech, then no one does — and if they don’t get to live in a civilized country, no one does.

Renegade Tribute reports:

Mathews was placed under arrest for bias intimidation and harassment and was later hit with additional bias intimidation and assault charges. As best as I can tell, the assault charges may have been for him getting up in his neighbor’s face and pushing his belly into him.

Not even one member of the mob who attacked him, responding police, or his house was placed under arrest.

Watch how the mob behaves as Mathews is taken into custody:

It is now commonplace to see savages throwing missiles at the police, knowing that there will be no consequences because the liberal establishment will always take their side.

Rather than telling BLM not to form vigilante mobs and surround and attack people’s homes and instead let our justice system work out such disputes, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina told the mob they “had every right to be upset” because of his “despicable conduct.”

The town’s mayor Stephen Steglik issued a statement that Mathews makes him sick to his stomach. Mathews “is not who we are.” The mob is.

Officers were hit with pepper spray and bottles. Not only Mathews’ townhouse but those adjoining it were damaged by the mob. But he’s the one in jail, not for being a jerk, but for angering Black Lives Matter.

Civilization is collapsing before our eyes. Liberals may not like what replaces it as much as they think.

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Jul 06 2021

Rashad Gober, Accused Cat-Torturing Moonbat

After watching them tear down our country for the past year — looting stores, burning police stations, defiling and destroying statues of our heroes, advancing Marxism, attacking the concept of family, promoting perversion, making sports unwatchable, spewing poisonous lies at America even on the Fourth of July — you may think there could be no lower lifeform than a Black Lives Matter supporter. Yet there is: a Black Lives Matter supporter who tortures cats.

Sick ideologies attract sick individuals. Introducing Rashad Gober:

Cambridge Police announced the arrest of Gober, 31, at his home on Thursday, and charged him with four counts of animal cruelty, dating from March to May of this year. The investigation was initially opened after the discovery of a cat called Gosha on May 6th, who was huddled underneath a car, with her legs bound by masking tape. Further analysis on the deceased cat found a large percentage of her fur missing, also concluding that she had been shot repeatedly with a BB gun, with officers concluding that she had been subject to cruel torture.

The investigation then discovered two further cases of animal cruelty that they linked together, including a BB gun being used to wound a cat called Tammy on March 3rd/4th, who survived, and the case of Buddy on May 5th, who had suffered chemical burns.

As with many criminals, Gober may have been done in by his own low IQ. He posted fantastic social media claims presenting himself as a savior of cats. More incriminating was the trail of cat food that he apparently used to lure victims into his apartment. Google queries taken from his phone include:

• Ways to torture a cat without killing it

• Will Clorox burn a cat

• How to lure neighborhood cats

• I hate cats and caught one

• Cat cruelty video clips

Gober is an enthusiastic BLM supporter. He wrote a mock obituary memorializing himself for having been killed by a racist white police officer. Predictably, he seems to blame his legal predicament on the police, racism, etc.:

In a series of tweets a few days before his arrest and charge, potentially at the time of his questioning, Gober attempted to blame the actions of the police on racism, not the fact that he had clearly behaved suspiciously enough to be called in. “I seriously hate [Boston],” Gober tweeted. “This is the most racist place I’ve ever lived and I grew up in South Carolina.” He proceeded to describe Cambridge Police as “the most incompetent group of insecure pieces of sh*t that I’ve ever encountered,” and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

Gober probably wishes the police really were incompetent. He could get away with torturing helpless cats to his heart’s content if they were as clueless as the white liberal community, which…

…seemingly contacted Massachusetts State Representative Mike Connolly, a radical anti-police BLM supporter, on [Gober’s] behalf – according to online posts, Connolly then “went out of his way” to get in touch with Gober and assure him he would be able to fight for him against the seemingly racist police.

Brace yourself for a terrifying glimpse into the abyss of depravity that is moonbattery:

One of those who reached out to Connolly was Buddy’s owner himself, Craig Garvin, who in a statement said that he had “made us feel sympathy for you when you reached out to us with a moving story about how a raid by the police had left you distraught and emotionally damaged,” adding that it was “obvious from these deceptions that you wanted a larger impact than just the harm of an animal.”

According to the woke ideology that prevails in Cambridge, home of Harvard, a left-wing gay black person in trouble with the police is the ultimate paragon of virtue, regardless of context.

If we can’t even agree on the topic of torturing cats, there is truly no hope of reconciliation.

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Jul 06 2021

Rise of the Morons

Q: What do you get when you cross Black Lives Matter types with the terrorist trappings of the only religion liberals can abide?

A: Rise of the Moors.

From the Boston Herald:

Eleven self-identified militiamen on their way to “training” in Maine are behind bars after what police described as a heavily armed group that “does not recognize our laws” entered into — and at times live-steamed and narrated — an eight-hour highway standoff with cops in Wakefield [Massachusetts] on Saturday.

It all started when a state trooper saw vehicles stopped in the breakdown lane of I95 at 3 a.m. Saturday. People conspicuously armed and wearing tactical gear were using gas cannisters to refuel.

According to State Police Colonel Christopher Mason,

The trooper asked the men for their driver’s licenses and licenses to carry firearms, which the men either didn’t have or didn’t provide…

Negotiation tactics avoided bloodshed as the multiple maniacs were eventually arrested.

The Anti-Defamation League lists the “growing” Moorish movement as a Black offshoot of the sovereign-citizen cause.

CBS Boston reports on some of the stuff Rise of the Moors has been spewing in YouTube videos:

WBZ-TV security analyst and former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says the group “identified police and anybody who wanted to place them under arrest as terrorists, and they talked about tactically attacking police officers who were attempting to do their duty.”

Jahmal Latimer, a.k.a. Talib Abdulla Bey, proclaims himself to be leader of Rise of the Moors and grand chief of the territory that some mistakenly refer to as Rhode Island. They don’t have their own flag, so they fly Morocco’s.

Although most everything about Rise of the Moors calls for guffaws, Davis notes that they have been training as terrorists.

Black Lives Matter established that certain groups do not have to obey even the most fundamental laws — for example, looting and arson may be excused by local authorities, not to mention avidly encouraged by the liberal media and nationally powerful Democrats like Kamala Harris. As the country spins out of control under Democrat rule, there are sure to be both laughs and bloodshed aplenty.

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Jun 29 2021

Judge Them by What They Leave Behind

Anyone who attended a typical Tea Party rally can testify that the grounds were cleaner afterward than before it started. No one says that about moonbat events like the “pride” march in Manhattan on Sunday:

Sherman’s March to the Sea left less of a mess.

It isn’t just LGBT militants. As Rob Natelson observed back in 2017:

The mess created by “progressive” rallies and demonstrations has become legendary. The Occupy movement left tons of litter for hapless sanitation workers to clean up after their 2011 protests. More recently, the “Women’s March” did the same. The Black Lives Matter movement has been even worse, adding riots and looting to their mounds of trash.

That was before mostly peaceful BLM protesters spent 2020 causing over $2 billion in damage with their riots.

Organizer Mark Meckler explains why there was no mess at Tea Party rallies:

I’m sure that good, neighborly behavior was encouraged, but the reality is that this is just how folks on the right generally behave. We believe in the rule of law. We believe in the right to “peaceably” assemble. We believe in private property rights. And we believe in the Golden Rule. Were we “angry?” Sure, we were—and frankly, we still are. But we were civil, non-destructive, and certainly never criminal. These are hallmarks of conservative protests and are the exact opposite of what one sees on the left.

Last January 6 was the exception that proved the rule, and occurred only after many hundreds of media-approved Black Lives Matter riots that apparently convinced some that the rules had changed.

Actually, the rules of citizenship are the same as they have always been; the only difference is that leftists are more arrogant than ever in their refusal to obey them.

The bad guys have the advantage of not having to follow rules. But the good guys have the advantage of being the good guys. As Natelson asks, “[W]ould you rather have a person in a position of power who appeals to decent, conscientious people—or one who panders to rioters and metaphorical pigs?”

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Jun 25 2021

Why Democrats Suddenly Want Statues Honored

To express their resolution to erase our history and heritage, leftists have spent the past year defacing, tearing down, or officially removing hundreds of statues of great historical figures throughout the country, including Albert Pike, Alexander Andreyevich Baranov, Andrew Jackson, Caesar Rodney, Charles Linn, Christopher Columbus, Clayton Jackson McGhie, Colonel Charles Didier Dreux, David Dodd, Diego de Vargas, Edward Carmack, Fitzhigh Lee, Francis Scott Key, Frank Rizzo, Frederick Douglass, George Preston Marshall, George Washington, George Whitefield, Hans Christian Heg, Henry Lawson Wyatt, Hiawatha, J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Jerry Richardson, Jesus Christ, John C. Calhoun, John Mason, John McDonough, John Sutter, Joseph Bryan, Josephus Daniels, Juan de Onate, Kit Carson, Mahatma Gandhi, Marcus Daly, Matthew Fountain Maury, Matthias Baldwin, Orville Hubbard, Phillip Schuyler, Private Benjamin Welch Owens, Robert E. Lee, Robert Gould Shaw, Sam Davis, Sophie B. Wright, St. Junipero Serra, Stonewall Jackson, Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, the Virgin Mary, Zebulon Baird Vance, and more, along with many war memorials and even the Ten Commandments.

Statues reminding us of the forbidden past are to be replaced by memorials to people leftists demand we revere, like the violent career criminal who perished in the world’s most famous fentanyl overdose, George Floyd.

Whereas the old statues were profane, the new ones are holy according to the religion of our liberal overlords. Therefore, they must never be treated disrespectfully; that would cause offense. It may also launch a federal investigation:

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams called for federal authorities to investigate the vandalism of George Floyd statues in both Brooklyn and New Jersey on Friday, just hours after they were defaced with slogans from a notorious white supremacy group — and before the afternoon sentencing of the ex-cop who was convicted of his murder.

The conviction of Derek Chauvin for personifying whiteness capped off a show trial worthy of the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York, having emerged as the least terrifying of the moonbats running as Democrats. No Republican stands a chance, NYC having succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral like Detroit before it.

After they have purged the country of all monuments that do not reflect reverence for our new national religion, Critical Race Theory, vandalizing statues will no longer be encouraged or even tolerated by the liberal establishment.

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Jun 21 2021

Juneteenth Traditions Already Take Root

Our new holiday enshrining critical race theory as the national religion to reward black supremacists and their allies for hundreds of riots that injured thousands of police officers and caused $billions in damages is so important that the CDC postponed an emergency meeting on postvaccination heart inflammation in its honor. Each of the old deprecated holidays waiting to be canceled was celebrated in its own traditional way. Likewise, Juneteenth will be celebrated with traditions that are already taking shape.

Unsurprisingly, Juneteenth will not be the favorite holiday of law enforcement officers. In Michigan:

A man in a car allegedly drove up to a police officer in Michigan who was working a Juneteenth parade and opened fire on the officer.

“Upon investigation, the Flint Police Officer was working a traffic point at the Juneteenth Champions Parade when an individual in a vehicle drove up and shot at the officer,” NBC 25 reported.

The Black Lives Matter agenda isn’t only about waging war on the police. It is also about wallowing in the anarchy that results when the police have been defunded, hamstrung, marginalized, and demoralized. In California:

A fatal shooting at Lake Merritt, Oakland, left a 22-year-old man dead and five others injured on Saturday during an event to mark Juneteenth.

In North Carolina:

An emergency responder was shot while on duty during a Juneteenth event at Roberts Park in Raleigh. …

The EMS worker was assisting with a medical call for a child who was at Roberts Park.

While the responder was walking back to his vehicle, multiple shots were fired across the park. Those bullets hit the ambulance and the emergency responder, according to officials.

In New Jersey:

A celebration gave way to rioting in Long Branch, New Jersey. Hundreds of people took to the streets in a Juneteenth celebration that quickly turned violent, the Lakewood Scoop reported.

Police in full riot gear had to be dispatched to the area in order to quell the unrest. The reasoning for the riot is unknown at this time.

Unknown? It was Juneteenth!

In Pennsylvania:

Police are investigating a triple shooting in West Philadelphia that left two men dead and a 3-year-old child injured.

At last word, no arrests had been made in Philadelphia. However, there is a silver lining. The aptly named Danielle Outlaw is Philadelphia Police Commissioner. Her qualifications consist mainly of being a black woman, but in addition, she used to be Chief of Police in infamously anarchic Portland. Ms. Outlaw was able to promote progress by shoehorning the violence into a politically correct context:

“As many of us began the day celebrating Juneteenth for the first time as a Federally recognized holiday, we again found ourselves lamenting as an otherwise beautiful afternoon had been sullied with gun violence. …

Every act of gun violence is tragic. …

While holiday celebrations will continue throughout the city, our investigators will work tirelessly to bring justice to all of those affected by the scourge of gun violence.”

The guns did it, not the criminal lowlifes police are no longer allowed to keep under control. After the same Democrats who unleashed this chaos by siding with rioters against the police confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens, all will be well.

I hope you enjoy violence, chaos, and moonbattery more than the barbecues, fireworks, and patriotism that have traditionally marked the Fourth of July, because that is the holiday Juneteenth was fabricated to displace from the calendar. Evanston is a half-step ahead of the rest of the country in this regard. From Illinois:

Celebrate every Fourth of July as if it were the last one to be officially acknowledged, because unless there is a dramatic reversal, it will soon be canceled. Just as losing the Culture War to liberals means trading Adriana Lima for Megan Rapinoe, it means trading the Fourth of July for Juneteenth.

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