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Sep 04 2022

Louis Farrakhan on Taxpayer-Financed BLM Mural

In the tony town of Greenburgh in Westchester County, New York, $100,000 of taxpayer money is going toward a Black Lives Matter mural featuring racist demagogue Louis Farrakhan. Even some moonbats are annoyed:

Town Supervisor Paul … Feiner, a Democrat, said members of the local Jewish community called him to say they were “very offended” by the inclusion of Farrakhan…

The town approved the mural based on a sketch that did not include him.

Despite Feiner’s opposition, artist Kindo Art said he had a right to include Farrakhan and hasn’t decided if he will remove him.

Supporters of keeping Farrakhan in the mural include AJ Woodson, editor-in-chief of Black Westchester Magazine:

“My problem is bigger than Farrakhan and bigger than this mural,” Woodson said. “My problem is white people picking our heroes for us and who we are allowed to celebrate and who we are not allowed to celebrate.”

My problem is white people being forced to finance these celebrations, which are rammed down the public’s throat by Big Government. Try to imagine publicly financed murals featuring David Duke.

The mural also includes images of black leaders like Malcolm X and boxing champ Muhammad Ali, who Woodson noted were controversial in their times.

Malcolm “By Any Means Necessary” X advocated violence to achieve racial objectives. Muhammad Ali evaded the draft and sided with communists at war with his country.

Neither of them was as pernicious as Black Lives Matter, a corrupt Marxist organization responsible for $billions in damages through looting and vandalism that is ferociously hostile not only to law enforcement, but to the American nation, and to the nuclear family.

Louis Farrakhan is renowned for his hatred of whites. But no one minds that. Malcolm X said “the white man is a devil.” Farrakhan is problematic because he is also renowned for his hatred of Jews, which is politically incorrect.

There is nothing else about the mural that a woke liberal would object to forcing taxpayers to promote.

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Jun 20 2022

Fitting Celebration of Juneteenth

Jason Whitlock aptly calls this “George Floyd Day.” The supposed holiday today was contrived by quintessential RINO John Cornyn and friends to pander to this generation’s more radical answer to the Black Panther Party, and to reward its lowlife foot soldiers for spending most of 2020 looting stores and setting fire to other people’s property in the name of a career criminal who robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint and whose claim to fame is dying of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest.

Reward anything and you get more of it. This especially applies to violence, so it would be hard to imagine a more appropriate way to celebrate “Juneteenth” than this:

A 15-year-old boy was killed and three people including a cop were wounded after shots rang out at a social justice-inspired musical festival in Washington DC.

A total of four people -the dead boy, two adult partygoers and a cop – were shot Sunday evening near the intersection of 14th and U Street NW, where the Moechella music festival, a Juneteenth celebration, was underway. …

Video shared on Twitter showed revelers twerking on top of cars as shots rang out, forcing people to flee for cover.

That is the subculture we are called upon to celebrate today.

Cornyn et al. will be all the happier with their handiwork if events like this can be exploited to attack our right to defend ourselves.

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May 10 2022

How to Shut Up a Crowd of Posturing Moonbats

One countermoonbat can take down a whole mob of bleating sheep. Kudos on a job well done:

Turns out black lives don’t matter after all, unless they can be used as a means to Democrat ends.

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May 09 2022

BLM Activist Makes Demands at City Council Meeting

If Elizabeth Warren is an Indian, then this guy speaking out at a Frisco, Texas City Council meeting is black. Therefore, he is oppressed, and his demands must be met with obsequious alacrity:

The audience of humorless apparatchiks should have been taking notes. His demands were only a slight exaggeration of current liberal policy. They could be at the vanguard of progressivism by being the first to propose them in a more serious context.

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May 02 2022

Rabbi Remembers Where We Have Met George Floyd Before

If fentanyl casualty George Floyd gives history buffs déjà vu, they might be thinking of Nazi martyr Horst Wessel. Rabbi Michael Barclay points out similarities:

Like the death of George Floyd, Horst Wessel was the spark that Goebbels and Hitler used to motivate “peaceful demonstrations” that were in actuality violent riots funded and planned with the intention of gaining national power through violence and fear. In the same way that the Nazis pressured the German government to fly the Nazi flag next to the German tri-color flag, our State Department has done the same with the acceptance of the BLM flag being flown over federal buildings.

Never mind reductio ad Hitlerum. Rabbis are not known for making light of the Nazi regime. When they start remarking on the similarities between Hitler’s rise to power and radicalized Democrats, we have a problem.

The subordination of education to radical ideology is another parallel:

Teaching CRT, the 1619 Project, and values in contradiction to Biblical ethics is not the behavior of only current leftists. “After the Nazis came to power in 1933, they quickly passed new laws to make public education reflect and teach their nationalist and racial ideologies.” By 1936, 97% of German teachers were members of the National Socialist Teacher’s League and changed the school curricula to reflect Nazi values.

Similarly, American teachers tend to belong to radical unions that promote the indoctrination of children with antiwhite race hate and depraved LGBT ideology.

Democrats’ Covid decrees call to mind the emergency powers Paul von Hindenburg employed to pave the way for Hitler. Awful as the senile and incompetent Biden has been, he may serve as a bridge to someone worse still, as Hindenburg was for Hitler.

Yet another parallel is the advanced age and questionable competency of Hindenburg and Biden: Hindenburg was 84 when he seized this power and destroyed democracy in Germany.

The similarity between the Reichstag Fire and the leftist exploitation of January 6 is so obvious, Barclay didn’t bother to mention it.

The cherry on this sinister sundae is the new Ministry of Truth, a reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels’ Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

As Rabbi Barclay concludes,

What we have recently been experiencing is a direct copy of what brought and kept the Nazis in power and nearly led to the destruction of freedom in the world.

If we succumb to authoritarian maniacs like Germans did last century, who will come to our rescue? The ChiComs will defeat a military run by liberals, but they will not restore our freedom.

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Apr 29 2022

Pushback Kills Memorial to Kenosha Rioter

Even now, the liberal establishment deifies the scumbags who tore the country apart during the 2020 riots. Good thing pushback sometimes works:

A public meeting in Kenosha, Wis., descended into chaos Monday night as one resident accused the parks commission of quietly trying to approve a proposal to memorialize one of the two men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020.

The commission ultimately tabled the proposal after multiple residents showed [opposition to] the placement of a memorial tree and plaque commemorating Anthony Huber at Anderson Park.

Huber had already begun to compile a criminal record when he acquired his 15 minutes of fame during a riot in support of violent sociopath Jacob Blake by trying to use a skateboard to bash in the skull of a well-meaning kid who was there to defend people’s property. Fortunately, Kyle Rittenhouse was armed.

A vignette from the criminal history of Anthony Huber came to light during the attempted railroading of Rittenhouse, and provides insight into what the town bureauweenies want taxpayers to memorialize:

“[Anthony] Huber told his brother that if he didn’t start cleaning a room in his house he was going to gut him like a pig,” Rittenhouse’s lawyer Corey Chirafisi said adding that Huber did this while holding a 6-inch butcher’s knife to the brother’s stomach. …

Huber allegedly sat back watching the brother and his grandmother clean while threatening to kill the brother if he stopped, Chirafisi said.

“Huber grabbed his brother by the neck, dug his nails in and choked him for approximately ten seconds,” the lawyer said. “He put a knife to his brother’s left ear and his brother felt it cut.”

“I’m going to burn the house down with all you f—kers in it,” Chirafisi told the judge Huber said.

Former Kenosha alderman Kevin Mathewson now works as an investigative journalist. He notes that the commission tabled the proposed Anthony Huber memorial instead of voting it down, allowing themselves to slip it past later when no one is paying attention. That’s why we must always be on guard, lest we one day find ourselves living in a country where liberals have replaced all the heroes with criminals and creeps.

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Apr 23 2022

BLM Leader Blames Eric Adams for NYC Violence

When it comes to New York City degenerating into an anarchotyrannical hellhole where no law-abiding citizen is safe, Black Lives Matter maniacs and the Democrats who enable them share the blame. Yet the former blames the latter:

A Black Lives Matter leader who last year threatened “riots,” “fire” and “bloodshed” if Mayor Eric Adams cracked down on crime turned around Thursday and blamed him for letting New York City turn into a “war zone” — while also using racial invective against the Big Apple’s second black leader.

Ostensibly, Eric Adams and BLM leader Hawk Newsome are both black. But according to Newsome, Adams is a “white man in blackface, and a very conservative-minded white man at that.”

Eric Adams is one kooky moonbat, but compared to Black Lives Matter — the object of abject adoration by the liberal establishment — Adams is a conservative.

Despite his promise of riots, fire, and bloodshed if Adams attempts to enforce the law, even Newsome is too conservative to like the NYC policy of providing taxpayer-financed vending machines for junkies in poor neighborhoods in the name of racial equity.

Adams had better hope the liberal media doesn’t learn that he is actually a white guy. If his race card gets revoked, he will no longer be immune from significant criticism.

Even if Black Lives Matter blames the Democrats in charge for the maelstrom of violence that leftism has caused, Dems don’t blame it back. From a prepared statement from the Mayor’s office:

“Mayor Adams has made clear that he believes that Black Lives Matter, but, as he said, he is hopeful that more New Yorkers will stand up and show their outrage when innocent Black and Brown individuals, many of whom are children, are victims to gun violence.”

By framing the explosion in crime that predictably followed their war on police as “gun violence,” Democrats are setting the stage to use it as a pretext to further encroach on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, rendering them still more vulnerable to chaos as it spirals out of control.

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Apr 21 2022

Black Lives Matter Costs Black Lives

If black lives matter to you, the last thing you should do is support the leftist maniacs of Black Lives Matter. They have been costing black lives:

The number of black Americans murdered in 2020 jumped by 32 percent – with an expert blaming BLM protests for the huge spike by scaring-off cops.

Killings across racial demographic have swelled by 30 percent between 2019 and 2020, the largest increase since 1905, but blacks have borne the larger impact of that deadly trend, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime report.

Encouraging black thugs to kill by pressuring police to let black neighborhoods fend for themselves has predictably resulted in blacks killing more people. But they aren’t killing the people the liberal establishment seems to want killed.

Murder overwhelmingly takes place within racial groups. According to the cartoonish liberal narrative, it is white police who kill blacks. In the real world, it is other blacks.

Hannah Meyer, the director of policing and public safety at the conservative Manhattan Institute, who worked in the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau for five years, believes that the bloody trend was spurred on by the Black Lives Matter protests that began after the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 and Freddy Grey in Baltimore, Maryland at the hands of police.

Then the exploitation of George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose splashed gasoline onto the flames.

Criminal justice reform has also exacerbated violence by releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets.

The blood is on the hands not only of Black Lives Matter, but of the liberal establishment for promoting its sociopathic agenda.

Having largely caused this crisis, liberals want to address it by disarming law-abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless in the face of emboldened criminals who will of course remain armed. The chin-pulling ignoramuses comprising the intelligentsia are no less pernicious and malevolent than the mobs of savages they egged on to loot and destroy while shouting, “Black lives matter!”

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Apr 15 2022

Patrisse Cullors Is Triggered by Tax Forms

Race hate grifter Patrisse Cullors, cofounder of Black Lives Matter, has been getting uncomfortable questions about what happened to the tens of $millions virtue-signaling fools gave to her organization while it was burning and pillaging American cities during what the complicit media called “mostly peaceful protests.” She has responded exactly as you would expect — by wielding the “I’m a victim” cudgel:

The embattled activist, who is facing renewed criticism following reports BLM Global Network Foundation, while under her control, purchased a $6 million Los Angeles mansion, said she gets triggered whenever she hears the term IRS Form 990, the document charities are required to file to the public every year disclosing their financial activities.

As noted previously, Cullors evidently spent some of the money on her own luxurious homes. After she stepped down, leaving no one in charge, most of the fortune that liberals had shoveled at Black Lives Matter vanished.

“This doesn’t seem safe for us, this 990 structure — this nonprofit system structure,” Cullors said. “This is, like, deeply unsafe. This is being literally weaponized against us, against the people we work with.”

A self-described Marxist who was instrumental in setting off many hundreds of declared riots feels unsafe because laws against fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion may apply even to a sacred Person of Oppressedness. The heart bleeds.

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Apr 09 2022

Body Cams Backfire on Black Supremacists

Some black supremacists of the Black Lives Matter variety may actually believe their own lucrative line of B.S. How else to explain them wanting police to wear body cams?

According to our state religion, critical race theory, the body cams should catch cops being racists. Familiarity with the way things actually work suggests they are more likely to catch Criminals of Color playing the race card, and to expose hate hoaxes. Sure enough:

So now the liberal establishment media says body cams are racist. Who could have predicted it?

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Mar 28 2022

BLM Culture Applied to Spring Break

The phony justification provided by George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose has petered out, but the behavior continues, with the liberal establishment’s implicit stamp of approval. Here’s what happens when BLM culture is applied to spring break in Florida:

Do we keep going in this direction as a society, or do we turn around?

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Mar 03 2022

How Ukraine Deals With Looters

Hats off to Ukraine not only for standing up to the Russian invasion, but for showing us how to deal with an enemy within, namely looters:

Unfortunately, shaming would have no effect on mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter rioters, who have been conditioned by their teachers and the media to feel justified in their sociopathic behavior. In the absence of effective law enforcement, to control the next wave of looting would require resorting to traditional means.

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Feb 18 2022

Thoughtful Response to BLM Yard Signs

During the height of the Black Lives Matter riots, pro-BLM signs often indicated cowardice. They were shorthand for, “I grovel before you; on my knees, I beg you to burn down someone else’s business or home instead of ours.” The tsunami of violence having abated for the time being, the signs are more likely to signify idiocy. Abby Koenig of Louisville is a case in point:

Koenig and her family woke up to the note responding to the Black Lives Matter sign that sits in front of their house. …

Koenig said she’s stumped on why someone left the letter in her yard making fun of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Making fun of it? Not really:

“It seems to be coming from the Black Lives Matter movement folks who might write something like this, but as I said you read it and you’re like no, no, no that’s awful,” she said.

Part of the letter reads “Keep raising our flag, our freedom to speak through tactics of bullying and terror, will inflict misery for all those who beg to differ. We will continue to oppose monogamy, we will continue to use violence and hate to further our cause.”

Did the helpful note red pill Abby into realizing that she has been ostentatiously supporting unadulterated evil? It did not:

Koenig is a communications professor who teaches on diversity and inclusion.

Secure in the bastion of her preposterous ideology, she dismisses the note as “absurd and hurtful and hateful.”

Useful idiot liberals enabled the savage goons comprising Black Lives Matter to riot for months on end, destroying countless lives and $billions in property, without significant resistance or even bad press. They poured $90 million in donations upon this depraved movement in 2020 alone. No doubt Abby Koenig considers herself a good person for not wondering where all the money went, and for blocking her fellow Louisville resident Quintez Brown out of her mind.

On a tip from Peter B.

Feb 17 2022

Profiles in Liberal Advocacy: Quintez Brown

Aside from Planned Parenthood, there is no political entity in America as violent as Black Lives Matter, so BLM activist Quintez Brown attempting a political assassination should surprise no one, even if he is a noisy gun control advocate.

The target was Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Via Fox News:

Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment after he entered Greenberg’s campaign headquarters in Butchertown and fired multiple shots using a 9mm Glock handgun, police said.

Moonbats not being adept with firearms, no one was hurt.

Greenberg is a Jewish Democrat. As for his accused assailant,

Brown previously worked for the Louisville Courier Journal as an intern and an editorial columnist, according to the newspaper. …

Brown was a prominent activist during the Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police unrest following the May 2020 death of George Floyd. …

Brown was honored by the Obama Foundation’s MBK Rising initiative and was one of only a handful of students in the country to attend the inaugural national gathering of the Obama Foundation’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.

“I better my community for the boys that look just like me by changing the narrative around violence, masculinity, and professionalism,” Brown said in a statement still featured on the foundation’s website.

Maybe he would help change the phony liberal establishment narrative around violence, except that the media has predictably responded to the shooting the same way it did to the bloodbath in Waukesha: by ignoring it.

Barks Brown:

“Defunding the police is our first step toward dismantling everything that was rooted in slavery. Because they’re the original slave catchers. When Black people try to liberate themselves and become free, you had the police to stop them and put them back in their place. So defunding the police to me means kind of like funding our revolution by defunding our oppression.”

As if to prove him correct, police arrested him.

No worries. Brown is now out on bail, the same status Darrell Brooks enjoyed when he achieved racial justice by driving an SUV through a Christmas parade. Black Lives Matter and the Louisville Community Bail Fund reportedly posted his bail.

Why would a moonbat shoot a Democrat? Brown’s ruminations on Medium might offer an indication:

The revolutionary consciousness of the masses must understand that the struggle against the negative forces of genocide and fascism will not end at the ballot box of the ruling class. Attempting to get within one of the two major parties has caused our leaders to become co-opted with their interests shunted to the background. They have become expendable.

Communist regimes killed about 100 million of their own citizens during the ideology’s heyday in the 20th century. BLM is almost as rooted in communism as it is in racism. How would you expect BLM activists to treat people who are expendable?

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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