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Aug 05 2020

Significance of George Floyd Bodycam Footage

Full bodycam video of the Martyrdom of Saint George Floyd has been available to the media for a while, but it has been kept from the public. The reason is that it does not support the narrative. Matt Christiansen elaborates:

If all the defense needs to do is show that Derek Chauvin may not have had the intent to kill or commit a felony, all Chauvin needs to do is get a fair trial. However, that is easier said than done when the state’s attorney general is an alumnus of the black supremacist cult Nation of Islam and a long-time Antifa supporter.

Then again, maybe Keith Ellison et al want Chauvin to walk. Democrat officeholders must believe riots and mayhem increase their power. Otherwise, they would not have done everything in their power to encourage them for the past 2 months.

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Aug 05 2020

Can You Really Blame Them?

Remember the juvenile Black Lives Matter graffiti Bill de Blasio personally applied to Fifth Avenue in honor of rioters, even as his city went to hell in a handbasket? It violated not only good taste and good sense but the law. He’s being sued.

They ought to contract Bevelyn Beatty to erase the disgraceful “mural.” Better still, a court should order de Blasio to do it himself, using only a can of turpentine and a toothbrush.

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Aug 04 2020

Armed Neighbors Defend Seattle Police Chief’s House From Mob

You know a society is collapsing into anarchy when mobs target the house of the chief of police:

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said her home had been targeted by “aggressive protesters,” but her neighbors stopped them from any mischief.

Under end-stage liberalism, neighbors do more to maintain law and order than Big Government.

Some of the counter-protesters identified as Best’s neighbors were armed as they persuaded the protesters to leave.

Let’s hope no Kim Gardner types have them thrown in jail.

The aborted attack occurred Saturday. Hundreds of “BLM supporters” (i.e., domestic terrorists) wore dark clothes and appeared to be on some kind of commando mission.

“They were very organized,” one resident whose identity was withheld said. “They had radios, talking to each other. They had numbers they used to decal all their cars for who knows what. So, they were identifying all their vehicles individually by number. They came with a mission…They were out here intimidating us.”

Situations like this will become truly terrifying once Democrats start confiscating our firearms, as Biden has promised.

Best being a Woman of Color does not placate the mob. She represents civilization, so the savages hate her.

The local sheriff is “monitoring the situation.” Best can’t count on her own police department, because it is controlled by moonbats who are in the process of abolishing it.

Best pleaded with the Seattle City Council to denounce mob rule. Good luck with that.

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Aug 03 2020

Black Lives Matter Extorts Louisville Business Owners

Black Lives Matter “protesters” are sociopathic thugs who openly defy the law in the name of a career criminal, so it should come as no surprise that they have branched out from looting, arson, and vandalism into extortion:

A letter sent from activists to businesses and non-profits in the East Market District of downtown Louisville, also referred to as NuLu (New Louisville), made a series of demands related to racial reparations and reportedly threatened consequences if the demands were not met.

Formally announced consequences of not complying with the thugs’ demands include “Reduction in Racial Index Score,” “Social Media Blast,” “Boycott,” “Protest,” and “Invasive Reclamation.”

Mobs whipped up by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al have used similar tactics to extort donations and impose race-based hiring for decades. The difference now is that in the context of the Black Lives Matter riots that have raged for over 2 months, there is an implicit and highly credible threat of violence. Countless businesses have been burned down in the name of “racial justice,” as the media, pro sports, the Democrat Party, and the rest of the liberal establishment cheer in approval — or genuflect in worship.

How to avoid having your business destroyed? Here are the demands:

1. Businesses will adequately represent the black population of Louisville by having a minimum of 23% black staff (including management) in front of house positions, and maintain commitment and accountability to increasing that number….

2. Retail locations will include a minimum of 23% inventory of black retailers OR make a recurring monthly donation of 1.5% of net sales to black local organizations.

3. Business owners will require diversity, equity, & inclusion training for their staffs, to be conducted by any one of the black women leaders on the attached list. Training will be conducted thereafter on a bi-annual basis.

4. Customize your own OR display one of the attached written statements in a viable location within your business to increase awareness and show support for the reparations movement.

5. Non-profits in NuLu district will submit to a voluntary[!], external audit of their board of trustees and take necessary steps towards 23% representation on those boards.

6. Business owners & non-profit leaders will participate in quarterly roundtable discussions to be held accountable for their communities to these demands, and work together towards increased equity.

7. Maintain adequate black representation in any entertainment and performances booked at your business.

8. … You must eliminate dress code policies that promote profiling towards patrons and employees, including their hair requirements or stipulations, which can disproportionately target black folks.

9. 23% black representation on the board of the NuLu Business Association.

To summarize, the thugs demand race quotas, brainwashing, coerced speech, and of course, cash.

We had better step up the importation of “refugees” from Africa. Otherwise, it will be hard to meet ever-rising quotas, considering that the population of the USA is only 13% black.

Cuban immigrants in the area, having nowhere left to run from leftist thugs, are pushing back:

Fernando Martinez, a partner of the Olé Restaurant Group, believes the group uses “mafia tactics” to intimidate Louisville business owners. …

Martinez and other Cubans do not plan on giving in to the demands.

Martinez said several protesters presented him with the list of demands and warned that he “better put the letter on the door so your business is not f***ed with.”

“There comes a time in life that you have to make a stand and you have to really prove your convictions and what you believe in,” Martinez wrote on Facebook.

America exists because our ancestors felt the same way.

Luis David Fuentes elaborates:

“We had to escape the socialist government that took away our grandparents’ private businesses in 1959 and continue to restrict our civil and political rights today.”

Fuentes said so many Cubans risked their lives for “freedom, respect, and prosperity” in America, but now these values are under attack “because of the diffusion and expansion of Marxist ideas.”

Others have shown less character. Rick Murphy, president of the NuLu Business Association, submissively characterizes the outlandish demands as legitimate: “I as an individual and we as a group totally endorse what they want.” However, even Murphy whimpers that he doesn’t like the word “demands,” because “It’s bullying, it’s mean.”

Normally extortion and racketing are against the law, but laws don’t apply to victims of imaginary systemic racism.

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Aug 01 2020

Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flag

Did you really think this was about the dead criminal in Minneapolis and the nonexistent police racism he personifies? It goes deeper. Watch as the establishment-backed vermin ruling Portland publicly burn the Bible:

In addition to Bibles, the mostly peaceful protesters also burned the American flag:

Protesters flocked to the Justice Center and the federal courthouse in Portland again on Friday night, lighting fires and burning American flags and Bibles in the streets.

This is what will pass as a religious service in the left-wing dystopia that is replacing America.

Here’s another moonbat ceremony that took place in Portland yesterday:

See how Black Lives Matter and Antifa are portrayed by the media. Listen to the deafening lack of condemnation from the Democrat Party. This represents the liberal establishment now.

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Jul 30 2020

Mostly Peaceful Seattle Rioters Caught With Weapons and Explosives

The official lie, promulgated ad nauseam by the liberal establishment media, is that only a few of the rioters are rioters, the rest of the rioters being peaceful protesters who did not realize that the nine hundred forty-eleventh riot would turn out to be a riot. At a media briefing yesterday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best adhered to the policy as best she could:

“Since July 19th, we have seen three protests where individuals have embedded themselves and they were particularly destructive and violent inside the peaceful group. Last Saturday a group of protesters went to the Youth Service Center where people within the group threw incendiary devices, [M]olotov cocktails, into a construction site which resulted in several trailers being destroyed by fire.”

Her account of the peaceful protest continues:

“The group went from the construction [site] to the East Precinct. A van that was closely following the group arrived at the precinct with the group. People were seen removing items and distributing them to people within the group. These items were described as baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, improvised shields, and face masks.”

No doubt the baseball bats and explosives were of the peaceful variety, although not long afterward, the protesters blasted an 8″ hole in the wall of the East Precinct.

Police searched the van:

“The search yielded, one, pyrotechnic explosives, smoke bombs bundled together and unlit, but able to cause large amounts of smoke that are caustic to humans, bear spray, using it on anything but bears is a federal offense, pepper spray, stun guns, improvised spike strips.”

Best noted that 59 police officers were injured in Saturday’s riot.

Even Seattle Mayor and Black Lives Matter supporter Jenny Durkan admitted that the protests are not 100% peaceful:

“Peaceful protests are good for our city and good for our country,” said Durkan, “but in our city it is also a truth that arson, destruction, and violence have occurred and they undermine the push and need and voice for systemic change.”

She also admitted that BLM/Antifa goons intimidate journalists. But the important thing is the push for systemic change, so that America can be transformed to meet the rioters’ demands.

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Jul 30 2020

BLM Thugs Detain Pregnant Woman on Her Way to Hospital

One reason we need the police is so that pregnant women can get to the hospital without being unlawfully detained by leftist hooligans, as happened July 21 in San Luis Obispo.

Via Cal Coast Times:

After congregating at Mitchell Park, approximately 300 protesters walked onto Highway 101 from both Osos Street and California Boulevard, blocking all lanes in both directions for nearly an hour. While on the highway, protesters ran after vehicles attempting to drive off the freeway, blocked vehicles, and yelled at some of the drivers, according to videos of the protest.

The “protest” prevented critical care nurses from getting to work at Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria during a shift change.

A man in a white truck attempted to get around the protesters by driving on the shoulder of the highway, but his path was blocked. A woman in the passenger seat told protesters that a pregnant woman in the back seat was “going to give birth,” and told them to let the truck through.

Tianna Isis Arata, the organizer of the protest who moved from Portland to San Luis Obispo several years ago, and another protester discussed whether the woman’s water had broken and if she was really in labor…

We now have to plead with these terrorists to be allowed to make use of the roads we pay for.

“It’s not worth it, she’s ignorant,” Arata said before marching away chanting, “Black lives matter.”

After blockading Highway 101 got old, the rioters marched back into town.

Arata then directed others to stop vehicles, and, wielding an American flag on a pole, she chased several cars. A drone video shows Arata hitting one of the cars with the flag pole.

One moonbat applied a skateboard to the back window of a car, shattering it onto a 4-year-old passenger.

Following the protest, San Luis Obispo police officers arrested Arata, 20, on charges of participation in a riot, unlawful assembly, conspiracy, unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest.


She was released shortly afterwards on her own recognizance.

An officer was kicked in the crotch by 22-year-old Elias Bautista during Arata’s arrest.

SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon, who has repeatedly asked the public to support Arata and Black Lives Matter, joined in the protest, but left to attend a city council meeting before the group entered the highway.

SLO Democratic Socialists of America, a “group of socialists, communists, and anarchists looking to upend capital and build working class power,” raised funds to pay Bautista’s $50,000 bail, according to their Facebook page. The local organization has ties with Harmon, including having her speak at meetings and promoting her reelection.

Harmon calls for taxpayer money to be spent imposing social and racial equality. It would not be surprising if some of the public cash she spreads around finds its way into the pockets of left-wing insurgents.

This typifies the close alliance between liberal local authorities and BLM rioters, explaining why the riots hardly ever occur where Democrats are not in charge.

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Jul 28 2020

Could Riots Blow Up in Democrats’ Faces?

The leftist riots that have inflicted crippling damage on Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland and are spreading across the country could not have reached this level of chaos without the strong support of the liberal establishment.

Major corporations have ostentatiously backed Black Lives Matter, the Marxist cult inspiring the riots. The liberal establishment media has expended the last of its credibility on doomed attempts to cast the vicious rioters in a positive light. Local Democrat authorities have openly sided with the rioters. Senate Democrats even attempt to prevent federal troops from maintaining order.

This is not about a drug-crazed career criminal who died in police custody in Minneapolis. This is a power grab on the part of liberal elitists, a show of intimidating force intended to guarantee Trump is not reelected. But might it blow up in their faces?

The MSM spin that the mayhem results from a few agitators hijacking righteous protests does not pass the laugh test. Video accounts of what is actually happening are readily available on the Internet. Anyone who takes part in the riots is a rioter, whether or not they personally throw rocks at the police or set buildings on fire.

Tucker Carlson’s characterization of the rioters as “Biden voters” will get more traction than Jerrold Nadler’s arrogantly absurd assertion that Antifa rioting is a myth.

Progressives act as if this were the end game. They don’t have to corrode America by increments anymore; they just have to get Biden into office and they can do what it takes (open borders, voter fraud, abolish the Electoral College) to ensure that no Republican ever wins again.

But can American voters be bullied into giving them more power? Liberals Joe Scarborough and Lanny Davis have both expressed reservations, as did Oakland’s moonbat mayor, Libby Schaaf, after rioters set fire to the Alameda County Courthouse last weekend:

“Vandalizing our downtown gives Donald Trump the images he wants and the justification he seeks to send Federal troops into American cities.”

It may be too late to close the barn door. Democrats were able to fan the flames until the riots engulfed whole cities, but can they still control them?

Schaaf soured on the rioters after they attacked her own home last Tuesday, splashing red paint on the walls, spray-painting their usual graffiti, and setting off fireworks at the house.

Similarly, Seattle’s Jenny Durkan stopped bleating about a “Summer of Love” after Antifa scum targeted her home. She was able to shut down CHAZ/CHOP, but Seattle is hardly under control.

As Thomas Lifson puts it,

The Democrats, including the Biden campaign, are riding a tiger. If they attempt to dismount, they will be eaten by the tiger, as Libby Schaaf discovered. Bernie Sanders’s most enthusiastic supporters are still smarting from the Dem establishment handing the nomination to Joe Biden as a front man, and significant numbers of them could peel off if Biden attempts to restrain the rioters, whom he has not even criticized to date. …

President Trump, to their dismay, has played the riots perfectly, with his administration expressing resolve but refraining from oversteps that would hand a Kent State-like massacre, complete with martyrs, to the rioters and their political beneficiaries in the Democrat party.

It can’t be easy to pander to the farthest extremes of the anti-American left for fear of losing the Bernie Bloc, while simultaneously assuring sane people that he will not help the Marxists burn down our country. No wonder they keep Slow Joe in the basement.

Even if his handlers can drag Biden’s half-sentient husk across the finish line, there is no guarantee this will put a stop to the riots. Social unrest may distract Democrats from their likely agenda (gun confiscation, “hate speech” laws, economic ruin via Green New Deal lunacy) until a backlash against the endless violence throws them out of power.

It’s not over yet, so don’t stop fighting.

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Jul 28 2020

A&E Sees Ratings Plunge After Wokely Canceling Live PD

As the wise man said: get woke, go broke. A&E’s viewership has crashed since it pandered to Black Lives Matter by canceling the popular Live PD.

Last month the execs proclaimed they would kill the show, which portrayed police officers in a positive light, due to the “current political moment.” Let’s hope they got a nice pat on the head from leftist radicals, because they paid a big price for it:

The Wall Street Journal notes that the show, before its cancellation, averaged 1.9 million viewers on Friday and Saturday nights.

Now, however, during the period immediately following the network’s cancellation — June 11 through July 19 — viewership on Friday and Saturday nights was 498,000 in the key demographic of adults ages 25 to 54 years.

Just before the network announced the cancellation of the hit show, A&E’s primetime viewership was up 4%, the outlet reports, citing relevant Nielsen data.

Following the cancellation, however, A&E saw its daily viewership drop 36% when compared to the same time in 2019.

Media executives learn slowly. A&E also burned itself by trying to cancel the thought criminal Phil Robertson after setting him up. At the time, Duck Dynasty was at the height of its popularity. A&E was forced to walk back the cancelation.

For the time being, they won’t dare walk back canceling Live PD; the Black Lives Matter mob is too scary.

If America survives the current attempt to destroy it, we must have long memories to prevent future existential threats from within. Anyone who kneels to the anti-American Marxist terrorists of Black Lives Matter — whether literally like Major League Baseball or figuratively like A&E — needs to be permanently registered on the scorecard.

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Jul 27 2020

Cultural Marxism and Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter did not spring out of nowhere. The founders of Black Lives Matter admit to being trained Marxists. They are implementing a communist strategy that has been known at least since G. Edward Griffin accurately described it 51 years ago. Griffin has expressed kooky views, but his description of Marxist strategy is eerily accurate in light of BLM/Antifa.

Normally, I wouldn’t post a video 48 minutes long. But this one is too good to pass up. Mr Reagan explains Cultural Marxism as a tactic for destroying the USA, providing the context for Black Lives Matter:

The Cold War is not over. The communists are winning. If the tide is not turned, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Recall that communists killed over 100 million of their own people during the 20th century. Does anyone think that the communists driving the current riots will be more benevolent after they take power through the radicalized Democrat Party?

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Jul 27 2020

Multiple Shootings at Peaceful Protests

Thanks to the liberal establishment exploiting control of the media and local government to flood the streets with its brownshirts, the Cold Civil War is heating up quickly. The odds of Black Lives Matter/Antifa winning a shooting war are minimal. Most of the casualties have been friendly fire between commies.

In Louisville on Saturday, three militant moonbats were shot by one of their own:

Shortly before 1 p.m., there was a shooting near Baxter Square Park in Louisville. Reportedly, the firearm of a protester accidentally discharged, and three individuals were injured. …

The person who accidentally fired their weapon is a member of the Not F***ing Around Coalition, which is an all-black militia. The bullets struck other militia members of the NFAC. When the shots rang out, people scattered, and others took shelter behind cars, according to WHAS-TV reporter Jessie Cohen.

Happily, all of the people wounded by the kook f***ing around with the firearm are fellow members of NFAC. Police described the shooting as “negligent.”

The bloodshed could have been worse. NFAC clowns were armed to the teeth. So were the Three Percenters who showed up to prevent rioting.

The pretext for the NFAC show of force was Breonna Taylor, whose death has already been addressed with a ban on no-knock warrants. On June 28, a man was shot dead at Breonna Taylor demonstration in Louisville.

A “protester” also shot and wounded two fellow terrorists in the Denver suburb Aurora Saturday. The moonbat was apparently attempting to kill a motorist for trying to make use of the roads that are paid for by taxpayers but that have been commandeered by the mob:

The police said a protester fired a weapon — eyewitnesses said that firing may have been aimed at the driver — hitting another protester, who was taken to a hospital in stable condition. Witnesses reported a second protestor was also shot. A third person was injured after she jumped or fell off a wall on I-225 as the chaos began.


The fun in Aurora didn’t end there:

Organizers urged the crowd to disperse, and most did. But dozens stuck around, breaking windows, ripping off protective wood panels that had been attached to government buildings, setting off fireworks and breaking down a fence outside the police headquarters.

As of late Saturday night, there were zero arrests in Aurora. We can no longer count on authorities to maintain order, thanks to the liberal War on Police.

If you are going to get shot at a peaceful protest, make sure it is by a moonbat. A terrorist named Garrett Foster found out what happens when you get shot by an American. After bringing an AK-47 and his quadruple amputee black girlfriend to a riot in Austin, he menaced a driver trying to pass through, got into a gun battle, and lost. Here’s Garrett:

Details of the gunfight are still unclear. Witnesses were mostly BLM/Antifa terrorists and the media serves as their bullhorn, so we won’t know until the police present an official account. It appears that Garrett fired five times into the car, then three shots were fired in return, killing him.

Here’s Salty Cracker’s take on the Austin shooting:

Meanwhile, the liberal establishment that has effectively deployed these sociopaths wrings its hands in glee. Every shooting is another excuse to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens, thereby leaving us defenseless against the weaponized mob. Biden’s chosen gun czar Beto O’Rourke can hardly wait to take office.

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Jul 27 2020

The Mostly Peaceful Protesters Are Terrorists

Merriam-Webster already agreed to change the definition of “racism” so as to comply with the ideology of the mob. Maybe it should do the same for “terrorism.”

Currently terrorism is defined like this:

the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

The most relevant definition it gives for “terror” is this:

violence or the threat of violence used as a weapon of intimidation or coercion …

especially : violent or destructive acts (such as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands

“Violent or destructive acts.” You know, like attempting to burn down a federal courthouse. Like setting off a bomb that blows a hole in the wall of a police precinct.

These definitions will need to be fundamentally transformed. Otherwise, the “mostly peaceful protesters” egged on by the liberal establishment for political purposes are terrorists.

Another example of terrorism was recorded on Sunday at the home of Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security:

Is terrorism legal now? If not, why are these terrorists not rounded up and punished?

How about violent insurrection? Maybe that is legal now too:

Federal officers may have been permanently blinded by lasers wielded by mostly peaceful terrorists.

The most important difference between al Qaeda/ISIS and Black Lives Matter/Antifa terrorists is not the relative body count, but the relative threat. Al Qaeda was never likely to take over the government and systematically destroy America. BLM and Antifa essentially comprise the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party, a function previously performed by the similarly masked Ku Klux Klan.

The “protesters” who refrain from the vandalism, looting, arson, and assault that have characterized the George Floyd Memorial Riots are at the very least enabling their violent comrades. Not every terrorist in al Qaeda blows himself up. Actively facilitating terrorism is terrorism.

On tips from Rapinhoe.

Jul 25 2020

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Sam Coonrod

Think of the American troops running into a blizzard of machine gun fire on the beaches of Normandy. Then think of grotesquely overpaid baseball players publicly kneeling in servile obeisance to rabidly anti-American Marxist terrorists under pressure from liberal theocrats. You may wonder how a country could become so debased in only two generations. But there are still Americans who deserve to call themselves Americans, even in pro sports — namely, Sam Coonrod, who unlike every other player on the San Francisco Giants refused to kneel to Black Lives Matter:

Coonrod, a second-year reliever, did not take part in the ceremony and instead stood behind first base at the edge of the infield dirt. He said afterward it was because he is a Christian and “I can’t kneel before anything besides God.” …

Coonrod, 27, also said he doesn’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. He cited his faith and “a couple things I’ve read.”

Being decent and sane, Coonrod doesn’t like it that BLM’s goals include imposing Marxism and destroying the nuclear family.

Inviting the wrath of Twitter moonbats and the lefty sports media does not compare to wading into the Nazi war machine. But in the context of our times, Coonrod’s courage is just as significant. Consider that America is threatened at a more profound level by the supporters of Black Lives Matter than it was by the Third Reich. Also consider that both courage and cowardice are contagious. The troops at Omaha Beach could draw on each other’s guts. Coonrod was swimming alone up a Niagara Falls of cowardice.

Trump should award Sam Coonrod the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Few have deserved it more. He is the August Landmesser of American sports.

On tips from Rapinhoe and Dragon’s Lair.

Jul 25 2020

Why Mao Zedong Inspires the Black Red Guard

Communist dictator Mao Zedong killed more of his own people than any other tyrant in human history. His peacetime body count has been estimated at 40–80 million. Many times more than that subsisted in misery under his rule. Today, Mao serves as a hero and a role model to the sort of people baseball players kneel to before the start of the game. This could help explain why currently unfolding American history has been so reminiscent of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

A commie moonbat explains why Mao inspires them:

Kneeling to the Afro-Marxists of Black Lives Matter means turning over our country to goons like this guy.

On a tip from Jester.

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