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Aug 11 2020

Black Lives Matter Menaces Georgetown

The media says Black Lives Matter protesters are mostly peaceful. Nonetheless, you won’t get much sleep if they invade your neighborhood — as residents learned in an upscale DC neighborhood Sunday night:

Black Lives Matter protesters marched down the streets of residential Georgetown slightly before midnight on Saturday night and screamed, “Wake your ass up!” One person is seen using a megaphone and shrieking, “If we don’t get no justice, then you don’t get no sleep!” Others are banging metal pots to wake people up.

These tactics are not likely to engender affection for the cause. But the protesters aren’t trying to get people to like them. Most residents of liberal Georgetown probably already do. They want people to fear and obey them.

The protesters demanded people who were dining outside to raise their fists to “declare your loyalty” to black lives. A majority of diners raised their fists as the mob looked on. However, some of the diners did not raise their hands, and the group’s leader attempted to intimidate them by calling them out. The group’s leader said those who didn’t raise their fists were “racists” who would be “voting for Trump.”

Kudos to those who refused to salute. There had better be a critical mass of these August Landmessers, or this country is in for some very unpleasant times.

The leader instructed restaurants to kick out customers who don’t align with the tenets of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Business owners who don’t comply with Black Lives Matter orders can get in big trouble.

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