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May 03 2021

Black Lives Matter Officially Deemed Government Speech

They break windows, loot stores, burn down police stations, destroy statues of our national heroes, and deface every surface they come across, but mobs that riot in the name of Black Lives Matter are not rebels. They are a cat’s paw of the liberal establishment. The dangerous lies they shout reflect the dogma of our rulers. This has been made official in Rochester, Minnesota, where “Black Lives Matter” and related slogans are deemed to be government speech:

The Rochester Public Schools board voted unanimously Tuesday evening to make several phrases and images, including “Black Lives Matter,” government speech, meaning the school can’t be held liable for allowing those views while not allowing opposing views.

Rochester students get an education in how the First Amendment works under liberal rule.

By declaring certain phrases involving the Black Lives Matter movement as government speech, the board is protecting itself from legal action because it is allowing one type of speech, but not any speech in opposition to those phrases.

The phrases “Black Lives Matter,” “Brown Lives Matter,” “Indigenous Lives Matter,” et cetera all get the government speech designation. Needless to say, “All Lives Matter” is not government speech; it is thoughtcrime.

The rainbow flag also qualifies as government speech, presumably because Big Government advocates what it represents.

“It is not about telling students what to think and what they can and cannot say, but it does give our district and our staff the authority to speak out about these lives that matter,” Jean Marvin, RPS board chair, said.

It is unclear what happens to students who speak out about lives that do not matter. The main objective is to get it through to parents that Black Lives Matter/critical race theory propaganda will be preached in the classroom whether they like it or not, so they can keep their objections to themselves.

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