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Sep 17 2020

Black Lives Matter Successfully Lays Siege to Milwaukee Homeowner

Now that police have been marginalized and control of the streets has been turned over to leftist mobs, patriots must keep a low profile. If Black Lives Matter shock troops see something they don’t like — say a Trump sign or American flag — they are likely to lay siege to your home.

Maybe they will just harass you by keeping you awake all night. Maybe they will vandalize your property. Maybe they will terrorize you and your family with threats. Maybe they will set your house on fire, as they have done to police precincts multiple times in recent months. In the absence of law and order, there is no guessing what they might do.

As we learned in St Louis, local government in the sort of places where Black Lives Matter flourishes may come down hard on those who show a weapon in defense of their homes. Milwaukee confirmed it Tuesday night.

Leftist activist Vaun L. Mayes designated a local homeowner as a racist. The case against him appears to consist of displaying the American flag, displaying a Trump flag, and allegedly using the forbidden n-word. As punishment, Mayes community-organized a siege of his house.

The BLM shock troops had a high old time:

They set up chairs, tables, barbecue equipment, and music. They waved Black Lives Matter flags, wore Black Lives Matter shirts, and placed a large Black Lives Matter fist in front of the house. There were black people and white people protesting — and several children were in the mix, dancing and joining in the demonstration.

As night fell things got intense. Protesters aimed lights at the man’s home and called out to him on a megaphone …

After the presumably terrified homeowner appeared in a window holding a firearm, Milwaukee suddenly had police again; they arrived to drag him off in handcuffs on charges including “disorderly conduct while armed” — i.e., for trying to frighten the bullies who were on his property harassing him.

In East Germany, if you didn’t like a neighbor, you could make a quiet call to the Stasi and he would disappear in the middle of the night. The USA under moonbat rule takes a more festive approach.

On tips from Steve B, Chuck A, and Varla. Hat tip: Post Millennial.


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