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Jul 14 2021

Boston Pride Cancels Itself

Live by identity politics, die by identity politics. No one can be “inclusive” enough to escape cancelation indefinitely — not even an organization devoted to promoting sexual deviancy like Boston Pride, organizer of that liberal city’s annual LGBTQ parade:

The announcement, posted to the organization’s website Friday afternoon, came one month after Pride board president Linda DeMarco said she would resign this summer in response to complaints that the organization excluded people of color and trans people, which led some to boycott the group.

Unmentioned is the strong possibility that the group falls short in its representation of conservative Christians.

In the suicide note below, Boston Pride bleats about the “QTBIPOC community.” QTBIPOC stands for Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Color. What right has an organization that just caters to homosexuals to exist in the face of the still more politically correct QTBIPOC community?

Let’s hope that many more moonbat sects follow Boston Pride into oblivion, as Democrats’ cultural Marxist coalition inevitably fragments and turns on itself.

On tips from Franco and R F. Hat tip: Granite Grok.


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