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Sep 22 2023

Pernicious Mission of Transgender Cheerleader

Among the reasons to stop wasting precious time watching wokefied sports is a self-important exhibitionist named Justine Lindsay:

The NFL’s first transgender cheerleader has entered his second season in the league and described being heartbroken over children not being able to play sports against kids of the opposite gender.

Not so heartbreaking for the girls who avoid senseless injury and getting cheated out of the trophies they earn.

He also said that he is sad to see states ban hormonal and medical procedures for youth.

Not so sad for the children who manage to pass through this sick fad with their capacity to live normal lives intact.

Lindsay, who dances for the Carolina Panthers TopCats cheerleading squad, said that he hopes to influence the next generation with his outspoken ways.

Let’s hope he does influence it — to reject liberalism root and branch on the grounds that the fruit this tree bears is nasty.

“Everything that I’m going through now, it’s bigger than me,” he told Elle. “I’m setting things up for the younger generation.”

That he is. We will either have a generation of dysfunctional perverts who don’t know which bathroom to use, or a generation with a renewed respect for taboos and norms that have been in place for millennia.

Behold the future of humanity if we don’t turn back:

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Sep 20 2023

No Limiting Principles

Men and women alike now identify as dogs. Here’s why that makes perfect sense:

If Dylan Mulvaney is a woman, as our rulers demand we believe, then surely he can be a dog if he chooses to regard that as his “authentic” self.

The only limit to progressivism is the pushback presented by the decent and the sane. So far, there has been virtually none, so expect tomorrow’s liberal lunacy to make today’s look tame by comparison.

Maybe the moonbat religion has a god after all. The objective seems to be to degrade and destroy humanity. That would be Satan’s goal.

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Sep 18 2023

Watch Moonbat Barista at Play

Other corporations have been catching up in terms of woke policy, but thanks to its baristas, Starbucks still offers a distinctive moonbat ambience:

Jesse Scott Johnson (AKA “Jessica Lillian Johnson”) is part of the ABDL (Adult Baby and Diaper Lover) community, whose members obtain sexual pleasure from wearing diapers and being humiliated.

Being a moonbat is the ultimate humiliation. For those who succumb to moonbattery, this is not a bug but a feature. But Johnson wants still more. So he uses the a whipped cream dispenser to load his diaper. Then he pours in a grande’s worth of ice.

Libs of TikTok wonders why Johnson is wearing diapers instead of pants at work. Not even John Fetterman has done that. At first I assumed he works in California or New York, but no; the location is Missouri, deep in the Heartland. America is as saturated with moonbattery as Johnson’s diapers are with whipped cream and whatever else might be found in there.

Warning — watching moonbats at play is disturbing:

Anyone who goes into a Starbucks after watching that has one hell of a stomach.

Now you know where progressives will progress to next after LGBTism and pedophilia.

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Sep 14 2023

Sister of Perpetual Indulgence Public Masturbation

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a San Francisco-based cult of homosexuals who ram blasphemy down the public throat by dressing up as surreal parodies of nuns. They recently came to public attention when the Los Angeles Dodgers poked a finger in the eye of their Christian fans by conducting a ceremony honoring these creeps, and when a Biden official associated with them kept getting arrested for stealing women’s luggage so he could wear their clothes. They are in the news again, one of them having been arrested for publicly masturbating:

Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore, the alleged public masturbator, had been active in the local Eureka, California, chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for years, even attending a drag reading at the public school with the group back in 2018. …

Ellis-Gilmore was arrested after multiple witnesses said he was sitting with no pants on and truck door open at Table Bluff County Park, with one leg out the vehicle and the other up on the dashboard while masturbating. One witness told The Daily Wire it was clear Ellis-Gilmore wanted “everyone to see what he’s doing.”

As Matt Walsh notes, Ellis-Gilmore reportedly kept this up for an hour, “at a public beachside park that Google lists as ‘good for kids’ and ‘kid-friendly hikes’” on a Saturday in broad daylight:

“This isn’t about one person,” Walsh concluded. “[Ellis-Gilmore] represents a perverse, anti-Catholic worldview that every power center on the left promotes. We need to stop honoring these degenerates and start exposing them for what they are.”

It took a month for the perv’s arrest to make it through the mainstream media’s selective disinterest, but the exposure is underway — not that Ellis-Gilmore hasn’t already exposed himself more than enough:

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Sep 13 2023

Look Who Is Teaching Preschool

National decay has reached the point where no one will be surprised that this visibly dysfunctional, mentally ill wreck of a self-pitying narcissistic moonbat has been entrusted with the care of preschoolers. LANGUAGE ALERT — stand by to be subjected to what kids are probably hearing in the classroom:

The Parental Rights in Education (or as liberals call it, “Don’t Say Gay”) law was an encouraging start, but clearly more decisive action must be taken to protect children from proselytizing perverts in Florida and nationwide.

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Sep 12 2023

Burbank Mayor Publicly Spanked by Drag Queen

Liberal rule means having your money spent and your life micromanaged by the caliber of people who become Democrat politicians — people like Konstantine Anthony, Mayor of Burbank, who was last seen undergoing a public spanking by a drag queen at an event hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats to which children had been invited.

Foxxy Roxy Wood was there to engage in perverted foreplay with the mayor and to “protect democracy,” per SCVD Chair Andrew Taban.

As noted at Daily Caller:

Wood’s advertisement of the event noted that children as young as 15 were permitted to attend the “annual Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser,” according to an Instagram post. …

The mayor did not respond to questions about whether or not it would have been appropriate for 15-year-olds to attend.

Although Anthony denies children were actually present, he has not hesitated to grind LGBTism into kids’ faces:

Anthony previously claimed that the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” which features images of adolescents performing oral sex on each other with and masturbating, was not “sexualized” during an appearance on the WiseNuts podcast in July, according to the California Globe.

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton has also advocated subjecting children to the pedophilic homosexual pornography Gender Queer.

Americans held off the British Empire, the imperial Japanese, the Nazis, and the Soviets — then fell to Democrats.

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Sep 09 2023

Trans Bully Tiffany Moore Gets Some Pushback

By now most people have seen the viral video of the guy made up as a parody of a woman threateningly snarling “It is ma’am!” at a GameStop employee in Albuquerque for failing to pretend he is female in accordance with our rulers’ ideology. Language alert:

The transvestite goes by the name Tiffany Moore. As we have come to expect, the media obsequiously supports him in his psychosis:

No word on whether they managed to get the store clerk fired.

Considering that the moonbats running the media think you will believe this guy is a woman, why would you insult your own intelligence by listening to anything else they say?

Let’s help “Tiffany” go viral again. For once, a trans bully gets a little pushback after invading the ladies’ room:

Anybody buy that Mr. Tiffany is “intersex?” Funny that currently fashionable angle (referring to a birth defect that affects 0.018% of the population) didn’t come up in the 4-year-old liberal media puff piece above.

Eventually one of these weirdos will make the media’s day by getting himself killed watching someone’s little girl pee. Then the liberal establishment will have a martyr to worship even more holy than the career criminal fentanyl victim George Floyd.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Sep 09 2023

August to Be Transgender History Month

One month out of 12 is not enough for our degenerate rulers to devote to grinding depravity and psychosexual insanity into our faces. So California is adding another:

The California State Assembly has voted to officially recognize August as “Transgender History Month,” beginning in 2024. The resolution, which passed on Wednesday, makes California the first state in the United States to have a month that officially recognizes the history and contributions of transgender people.

Those still queasy from being force-fed LGBTism for the entire month of June may recall that the T stands for trans. But it takes more than one month to recognize all the positive contributions to society made by transvestites — or rather, it would take more than a month to come up with any.

The bill’s author is Assemblymember Matt Haney, Democrat of San Francisco.

[I]n 2021, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to declare August as Transgender History Month, which was repeated by Santa Clara County shortly after.

This demonstrates how sickness spawned in the cesspool San Francisco metastasizes. That’s how Nancy Pelosi came to be one of the most powerful members of the federal government for the past 20 years. Expect Transsexual Reverence Month to join Pride Month nationwide shortly.

We are still a few years away from MAP Month, but it’s coming.

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Sep 08 2023

California Judge Prevents Parents From Protecting Kids

A few years prior to the culturally catastrophic Supreme Court decision imposing homosexual marriage at the federal level, voters in California had a chance to weigh in. They passed Proposition 8 in 2008, banning it. Gay federal judge Vaughn Walker overruled them, until such time as the media could stampede the herd in the desired direction. Similar tactics are used against parents who object to their children being transsexualized behind their backs:

A judge in California on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order on the Chino Valley Unified School District’s recently adopted policy that requires schools to inform parents about student gender transitions.

San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Tom Garza granted the temporary order amid an ongoing civil rights lawsuit filed last month by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who claimed the district’s “forced outing policy” discriminates against the privacy rights of LGBTQ+ students and the California Constitution.

According to the official narrative, children are already sexually psychotic before liberals get their hands on them. The teachers who brainwash them and the doctors who chemically castrate them in preparation for eventual sex change mutilation are only trying to protect them from their parents, who are the villains of the story.

Chino Valley Unified School District, which represents over 26,000 students in San Bernardino County, passed a policy in July that requires teachers to inform parents within three days if their child uses names and pronouns different from their birth certificate or requests to use school facilities or join sports team opposite of their gender.

Sonja Shaw, President of the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education, is an advocate for parents’ rights.

“I don’t understand why they are so gung ho on this issue, but everything else we have to inform the parents about,” Shaw said.

In case she really doesn’t understand, let’s spell it out. Homosexuals and transsexuals don’t reproduce; they recruit. They do it largely through schools. This is facilitated by the Democratic Party, which controls most schools and knows it can count on the overwhelming majority of the LGBT vote, being the party of degeneracy and moral depravity.

The left-wing creeps running California are very explicitly coming for kids. Republican State Senator Scott Wilk has recommended fleeing the state if that’s what it takes to protect your children from having their lives destroyed. Good advice — except that Democrats will impose their agenda nationally.

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Sep 07 2023

Kaiser Permanente Pushes Transsexual 3-Year-Olds

No child is too young to be transsexual, according to the liberal establishment — not even 3-year-olds. Libs of TikTok reports:

An employee at Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers on the West Coast, reached out to us after she was mandated to take a new staff training on “gender affirming care.” The employee, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job, was horrified that a healthcare facility would be promoting the mutilation and castration of children.

Like the children groomed by our schools, Kaiser Permanente employees are subjected to LGBT indoctrination, including a series of videos promoting the transsexual agenda. In one, a young boy reveals that he knew he was a girl since he was 4 years old; a woman posing as a man proclaims that she knew she was transsexual since she was 3.

Liberal orthodoxy about sex being arbitrarily “assigned” rather than determined by chromosomes is regurgitated. Employees are instructed to believe there are not two genders but an infinite number.

Kaiser also boasts on their site that they provide pediatric gender care, offering surgical procedures and irreversible hormone therapy which they offer to children.

The grotesque horror of these crimes against humanity call to mind those of Josef Mengele.

Imagine trusting your health to fiends who sexually mutilate children. Yet by net patient revenue, Kaiser Permanente is the fourth largest health system in the USA.

One former patient, Chloe Cole, who received a double mastectomy as a teen, is suing Kaiser for what they did to her when she was young and confused.

Hopefully there will be many more such suits, until such time as decency and sanity are restored, so that inflicting sex change procedures on children leads to appropriate legal consequences.

To the surprise of no sane person, sex change surgery only exacerbates the psychiatric dysfunction that would make anyone consent to it.

Children do not consent. They are set on track for it from an early age by some of the most profoundly evil people history has produced.

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Sep 04 2023

Transgender Activist Destroys, Defecates in Teen Girl’s Car

Transphobes are all around us. They must be punished. Transgender activists are up to the job:

A Portland transgender social media activist with a violent criminal history has been charged for allegedly smashing up a teen girl’s car and defecating inside. The suspect allegedly told police the teen was “transphobic.”

On Aug. 27, 17-year-old Jade was confronted by a stranger after parking in the Hollywood neighborhood for a shopping trip. She walked away and upon returning to her vehicle later, found every window and light was smashed out, the interior smeared all over with feces and urine.

The car was declared a “biohazard” and effectively totaled.

Even in Portland, there are sometimes legal consequences:

Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky, 44, was located by the Portland Police nearby and was arrested.

Even though he had two arrest warrants for prior incidents when they picked him up, they let him loose the same day on “monitored pretrial release.”

On social media, Shemansky has long documented her [sic] gender transition with photos of her [sic] estrogen medication and posts about her [sic] gender affirming surgery. She [sic] also regularly denounced transphobia, fascism and racism.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office refuses to say whether Shemansky is locked up with men or women during his brief incarcerations.

If you really want to know what a guy who would call himself Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky looks like, click here — or start your own collection of Vivian Shemansky mugshot trading cards by clicking here.

Transsexuals are psychotic by definition and characterized by a tendency toward violence (e.g., Maya McKinney, Snochia Moseley, Anderson Lee Aldrich, Audrey Hale, Moses Lopez, William Whitworth, Shanu Varma, “Lara,” Zion William Teasley, Jason Michael Hann, Cali Anderson, Dana Rivers). The liberal establishment eggs them on by pretending they are somehow “oppressed.” Our moonbattery-induced mental health and public safety crises will not improve if leftism continues to prevail.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.

Sep 04 2023

Mom Wins Settlement Over Transsexualized Daughter

The first people to defend children from the grotesque horrors of transsexualization should be their parents. Some are bullied and/or brainwashed into sacrificing their kids to the LGBT agenda. Others are fighting back. One mom even won a legal victory against the groomers who dominate public schools behind enemy lines in California:

In what’s been called a landmark victory for parental rights, a California school district has settled for $100,000 with a mother who said her daughter was “socially transitioned” to a boy without parental knowledge or consent.

Jessica Konen said her 11-year-old daughter, Alicia, was told by her school in the Spreckels Union School District in Monterey County that she may be upset because she didn’t know who she “truly was inside.”

The school referred to Alicia with male pronouns and had her using the boys’ bathroom as part of her social transition. If all went according to the usual plan, this would eventually culminate in surgical mutilation and a ruined life.

But Konen found out what these fiends were doing to her little girl and blocked it with a lawsuit.

Her daughter has since decided to re-identify as a girl, and the California single mother vowed to keep fighting for parental rights after the settlement in which she was represented by the Center for American Liberty.

She offers good advice:

“You don’t know what they’re teaching in schools anymore,” Konen said. “Just be active in your kid’s lives and don’t be scared to speak up.”

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Sep 03 2023

Police Harass Senior Lady for Taking Wrong Picture

Never mind expressing forbidden thoughts; even taking a picture of someone else’s expression is thoughtcrime, punishable by an intimidating visit from police:

A senior woman in the United Kingdom was visited by police after being caught taking a photograph of a sticker critical of gender ideology. Eve, whose identity is being protected at her request, was questioned at her home for over 30 minutes by officers of the West Yorkshire Police. …

Eve explained that the ordeal began in March after she spotted a sticker she thought was interesting while on a walk. The small sticker, which read “Keep Males Out Of Women-Only Spaces” had been placed on top of a large trans pride poster outside of Happy Valley Pride, a Hebden Bridge pride organization.

A month later, cops came knocking on the door. At least it wasn’t the FBI, so they didn’t kick the door down and use flashbangs.

Eve is in her 70s. The visit alarmed her because she assumed they must be there to give her tragic news. In the olden days, British police were public servants.

Turns out someone at Happy Valley Pride had seen her snap the picture and ratted her out to authorities. They subjected Eve to what she described as a “sermon,” no doubt explaining that the government regards her opinions as unacceptable. Eve admits that she has expressed pro-woman thoughts on Facebook.

Nothing as freakishly unnatural not to mention disgusting as LGBT doctrine will be accepted as normal without force. If intimidation doesn’t work, stronger measures will be employed, as when the same West Yorkshire Police ruthlessly hauled off an autistic child in Leeds, traumatizing her because she had accidently committed what one officer regarded as homophobia.

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Sep 02 2023

Drag Queen Arrested for Child Porn Becomes Principal

The teaching profession has attracted some of the best among us. But as education is repurposed by liberal social engineers, it is beginning to attract the worse. As noted earlier,

Once an institution has been infiltrated by moonbats it is soon subverted. This has entailed the perverted sexualization of primary education. As Christopher Rufo has documented, this now features drag performances and hardcore pornography. This has done wonders to advance the LGBT aspect of the liberal agenda, with transsexual identification among children up by as much as 582% in 2 years. The resulting climate has led to an explosion in sex crimes against children by school personnel.

What do you expect when even in Oklahoma, far from the corrupted coasts, drag queens who have been arrested for possessing kiddy porn are chosen to be principals?

Shane Brent Murnan is the newest elementary school principal within Oklahoma’s Western Heights public school district. Murnan, a 52-year-old man whose drag persona is very publicly known as Ms. Shantel Mandalay, now has total authority over more than 400 students from pre-K through fourth grade at John Glenn Elementary School in southwest Oklahoma City.

Regarding Murnan/Mandalay’s qualifications to oversee elementary school education in a society dominated by liberals,

In August of 2001, Murnan, then a 30-year-old, fifth-grade teacher at Will Rogers Elementary School in Stillwater, Oklahoma, was arrested for possessing both child pornography and drugs. Two weeks prior to his arrest, Murnan’s electronic devices were confiscated by police. Despite the teacher’s efforts to delete images, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) was able to recover at least four images of children engaged in sex acts.

A judge dismissed the child porn charge on the grounds that prosecutors couldn’t prove the age of the kids involved.

Murnan/Mandalay has direct experience grooming children on behalf of the LGBT agenda:

In 2018, Murnan and two others formed and founded Oklahoma City Drag Queen Story Hour, Inc. to promote events throughout the state. By the time the lockdowns started, the organization was teamed with the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library System, and Murnan, in drag, was reading age-targeted indoctrination to small children online through the library’s Facebook events (link to video).

A society succumbing to moonbattery is no place to be a child.

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