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Nov 27 2022

Cambridge University Pushes Transgender Jesus

Just as everything profane is sacred to moonbats, everything sacred is profane. So they revel in blasphemy:

Church worshippers cried ‘heresy’ at the Dean of Trinity College as they left a sermon claiming Jesus may have been transgender ‘in tears’.

Trinity College is among the largest of the colleges comprising the prestigious University of Cambridge, a central pillar of the establishment in England.

But the view of a transgender Jesus is ‘legitimate’, according to Dr Michael Banner, the Dean who stepped in to defend the claim made at a Sermon last Sunday that Christ had a ‘trans body’.

Dr Michael Banner, the Dean of Trinity College, was backing up junior research fellow Joshua Heath, who displayed Renaissance and Medieval paintings of the crucifixion depicting a side wound that he likened to a vagina in front of the congregation.

Sick minds work in strange ways.

The side wound ‘takes on a decidedly vaginal appearance’, said Heath, whose PhD was supervised by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Leftists like Williams have hollowed out the Church of England, replacing Christianity with wokeism. But that wasn’t enough. Now Jesus must be torn down from the Cross and given a sex change operation.

‘In Christ’s simultaneously masculine and feminine body in these works, if the body of Christ as these works suggest the body of all bodies, then his body is also the trans body,’ claimed the researcher.

Along similar lines, last week Sunny Hostin of the secular television ministry The View proclaimed:

“I said this on this show once before, Jesus would be the grand marshal at the pride parade. I really, really believe that.”

Welcome to the new religion: the worship of depravity.

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Nov 26 2022

Personnel Is Policy Part I

Twitter getting purged of much of its workforce is essential, because that is the only way free speech can be reintroduced to the platform. Leftism = depravity imposed by force, and if personnel is policy, you can expect nothing else from guys like Melissa Ingle:

Post Millennial reports that “Melissa Ingle was one of the many contract content moderators to be fired when Elon Musk took over.”

Kooks like Ingle are why Meghan Murphy was permanently suspended for referring to Jessica Yaniv as “him.” Yaniv is a Canadian chiseler known for shaking down small businesses for cash after demanding Brazilian wax jobs for his male genitalia on the grounds that according to liberal ideology, he is a woman because he says he is.

Naturally, NBC calls Ingle “her,” reminding audiences that the liberal establishment media will gladly report that 2 + 2 = 5 if it advances moonbattery:

The reinstatement of dissident accounts like @TheBabylonBee and @jordanbpeterson is encouraging, but Musk’s announcement that Twitter policy will be “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach” implies shadow banning of accounts like @Moonbattery1 will continue.

Flushing out kooks like Ingle is encouraging too. However, there won’t be much point if other moonbats replace them. San Francisco tech workers are known for wokeness, not support for free speech.

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Nov 25 2022

Gay Teen Animated Movie Strange World Is Bombing

The twisted social engineers at Disney have stepped on a rake yet again while promoting homosexuality to and among children in the animated film Strange World.

On Monday, the moonbats at Variety were gloating:

By far the most overdue of these innovations is the way [the hero] Ethan has a crush on a boy named Diazo (Jonathan Melo) … and everyone is cool with it. The only drama that subplot generates is whether Ethan will find the nerve to tell Diazo how he feels — although it’s pretty clear Diazo already knows, and shares Ethan’s feelings. Sure, some countries will lose their minds over there being a gay character in a Disney movie, which makes it all the more courageous that producer Roy Conli deemed it time to expand the studio’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” idea of romance. It’s normal that some kids should feel as Ethan does, just as it’s normal that his mom is also a pilot.

These days, it is normal for moonbats to dictate that perversity is normal, and for them to claim that compliance with degenerate ruling class ideology is “courageous.” Ramming this down not only American throats but those of foreign audiences is another example of woke imperialism.

Breitbart was less enthused:

The child groomers who now infest Disney have a big, new, animated children’s film set for release next week that features homosexuality involving two teenage boys. …

This is the second time Disney has tried to sneak innocence-shattering homosexual material into a children’s movie. It blew up in the groomer’s smug face the first time when Lightyear tanked. Yeah, someone at Disney thought it was a good idea to add homosexuality to the Toy Story franchise.

We all know what happens next if Strange World bombs. We bigots and homophobes will be blamed.

Stand by for denunciation, fellow bigots and homophobes. The box office has spoken:

Strange World,” is bombing, grossing a disappointing $4.2 million on Wednesday as it eyes a five-day haul of under $24 million. That’s a terrible result for the $180 million-budgeted animated adventure.

Maybe the sort who run Disney figure it is worth wasting nine-digit figures to advance their agenda by corrupting little kids. Or maybe, if they step on the rake enough times, the handle flying up to whack them in the forehead will knock sense into their heads.

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Nov 25 2022

Gay Bar Brick Thrower Is Gay

Liberals screech that free speech must be sacrificed because it leads to violence against sacred sexual deviants. What violence, you might ask? An obvious example is the psycho Anderson Lee Aldrich, who shot up a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. Oh wait, Aldrich self-identifies as a sexual deviant. Hold on, here’s another example — someone has been throwing bricks at a gay bar in aptly named Hell’s Kitchen, NYC:

Sean Kuilan, 34, was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief in the brick-hurling attacks on VERS bar, including a caught-on-video incident Saturday night, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said.

To a liberal, this is the equivalent of vandalizing a church. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a homophobe, no doubt hopped up on Libs of Tik Tok videos.

Oh wait again:

Having seen how he throws and how he runs, you will not be surprised to learn that Kuilan self-identifies as a Special Person.

“I’m gay myself,” Kuilan said as he was led out of a police vehicle and escorted into court in handcuffs on Tuesday evening.

Asked why he threw the bricks, he answered, “Something personal.”

Tuesday night’s Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart killer also failed to meet the identity requirements of the liberal narrative. This is fortunate. Since Andre Bing was black, the liberal media is less likely to hype the incident as part of its campaign to help Democrats deny us the right of self-defense.

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Nov 23 2022

Gay Nightclub Killer Anderson Lee Aldrich Is Nonbinary

A psychotic maniac who had apparently committed multiple felonies within the past year was allowed by authorities to run loose. Predictably, he committed mayhem, killing five and wounding over 20 at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. Before the bodies had stopped twitching, the left-wing authoritarians who run the media swept in like vultures to exploit this avoidable tragedy.

After an incident like this, liberals normally go after our right of self-defense. This time, the emphasis has been on free speech, as they play on emotions to advance the agenda item that any speech contrary to the LGBT agenda must be suppressed. Even the grooming of small children by men dressed as hypersexualized parodies of women during drag queen story hours must be passively accepted.

Shrieks Rex Huppke at USA Today:

For months in America we’ve heard hideous anti-LGBTQ rhetoric coming from one side of the political aisle. Lawmakers, parents and pundits senselessly calling out drag queens, labeling teachers who dare speak of gender identity as “groomers,” passing or supporting legislation making the word “gay” seem taboo.

The reference is to a much-needed Florida law that prohibits schoolteachers from sexually indoctrinating children in kindergarten through third grade. Leftist kooks and cretins call it the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

And now we have a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. …

What did you think was going to happen? Did you think all that hate would just drift up into the ether? Did you think, in a country filled with guns and rage, it was all just harmless talk?

Clearly talk that impedes the LGBTQ agenda must be banned, because it is “hate” and leads to killing sprees.

Huppke admits to not knowing killer Anderson Lee Aldrich’s motives, but…

…what we know already should be enough to make anyone who has tossed about the word “groomer” or made specious claims that LGBTQ people are a threat to children feel at least partially responsible for the violence.

If you disapprove of sexual perverts grooming children or even use the word “grooming” to describe it, you are a murderer and should be treated as such.

The rest of the Democratic Party–establishment media axis of evil piled on:

Brandy Zadrozny from NBC News singled out the Libs of TikTok Twitter account and Fox News host Tucker Carlson for pushing “online hate trends” against the LGBTQ community. President Joe Biden also chimed in, saying that “gun violence continues to have a devastating and particular impact on LGBTQI+ communities across our nation and threats of violence are increasing.”

Only when speech is strictly regulated to conform to Democrat ideology will society be safe for sacred sexual deviants.

In the meantime, let’s sue into oblivion anyone who objects to the LGBT agenda, yells MSNBC’s Frank Figliuzzi:

As I’m sure I was not the only one to predict, it turns out the killer is not a right-wing advocate of moral decency, but rather a member of the sexually deranged community:

The shooter who is suspected of gunning down five people at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub Saturday identifies as “non-binary” and uses “they/them” pronouns, attorneys said Tuesday according to a court filing obtained by The New York Times.

The revelation that the suspect identifies as “non-binary,” one of several categories contained under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, comes amid popular narratives that animosity toward individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ motivated Aldrich’s attack.

Maybe the killer is faking LGBT credentials to mitigate punishment, as CNN propagandist Alisyn Camerota and friends suggest. If so, this would undermine the liberal narratives that Aldrich is a right-wing martyr and that privileged sexual deviants are oppressed.

Nonetheless, moonbats are taking pains not to bruise the sensitive feelings of the homicidal maniac by “misgendering” him:

If anyone is guilty other than Aldrich himself, it is the leftists who have done all they can to undermine sanity and to let criminals run amok.

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Nov 20 2022

Alex Stein vs Antifa Brownshirts

Antifa goons adopted an extra-scary look as they used the indoctrination of children in LGBT ideology at a Texas bookstore “transgender storytime” as a pretext for a show of force:

The bookstore promoted the event on its website and Facebook, “This FREE event takes place during National Transgender Awareness Week, and will be hosted by Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences – a family-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, independent bookstore in the heart of Denton, Texas.”

The bookstore promised to read three children’s books about “gender identity, belonging, and friendship, and celebrate diversity, literacy, and community at this all-ages event!”

Similar recent promotions in Texas, such as the “Drag the Kids to Pride” event at a Dallas gay bar and an all-ages drag bingo event at a church in Katy, ignited controversy and protests. The transgender storytime also sparked contentiousness. Antifa members stood outside the Patchouli Joe’s bookstore to guard against any disruptions.

More on Drag the Kids to Pride, during which small children were submersed in depravity in a gay bar, can be found here.

Rather than let Antifa’s efforts go to waste, Alex Stein provided some disruption for the woke goons to defend against:

With moonbats, you never know whether to scream in horror or burst out laughing. Stein goes with laughter.

Antifa might not always be this hilarious. As we learned during the hundreds of leftist riots that defined 2020, these losers have already become the Democratic Party’s answer to Hitler’s Sturmabteilung.

From comical beginnings, a truly tyrannical apparatus might grow. Under our degenerate ruling class, it will be used to attack morality and decency, like the FBI under AG Merrick Garland, but with less restraint.

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Nov 20 2022

The Pseudoscience of Trans Biology

With a sufficiently pretentious vocabulary and condescending know-it-all tone, you can prove anything — even that it is possible for an organism to change its biological sex:

The guy claims that he and his fellow “trans women” smell like women. Not much danger that anyone will call him on it by volunteering to take a whiff.

Whatever he smells like, every cell in his body has male chromosomes. If scientists dig up his bones 1,000 years from now, they will be able to prove that he was never a she, despite any freakish procedures he might have undergone.

He also informs us that hormone replacement therapy affects fertility. That’s true enough. “Gender affirming” deformation won’t let anyone reproduce as a member of the opposite sex. On the contrary, it prevents fertility, possibly explaining the transgender agenda’s appeal for anti-life Democrats.

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Nov 19 2022

Double Mastectomy Victim Sues

Jackpot justice malpractice suits are often the equivalent of a Black Lives Matter mob looting the corner store, except the thieves wear suits and ties instead of $200 sneakers. But in the absence of severe legal penalties, the wave of lawsuits coming at the fiends who inflict sex change surgery is just what the doctor ordered:

Camille Kiefel, 32, represented by Jackson Bone LLP, announced a lawsuit last week against the health professionals who approved the surgery to have her breasts removed after only two brief Zoom meetings.

Unsurprisingly, she bitterly regrets the double mastectomy she underwent in 2020.

“I was 30 and at the end of my rope when I transitioned,” Kiefel testified at a hearing on the efficacy of pediatric medical transition held by the Florida Boards of Medicine. “At the time I believed I was nonbinary, I struggled with severe mental illness and suicidal ideation.”

It goes without saying that people believing themselves to be members of the opposite sex (or some nonexistent sexual category like “nonbinary”) suffer from mental illness. For professionals to encourage illness rather than attempting to cure or mitigate it is willful malpractice. To remove healthy body parts in this context takes malpractice to the extreme.

Kiefel is suing social worker Amy Ruff and mental health therapist Mara Burmeister, as well as their respective Portland-based gender clinics — Brave Space Oregon and the Quest Center for Integrative Health.

Her background explains how she became susceptible to exploitation:

“I had a trauma history: when I was in sixth grade my best friend had been raped by her brother,” Kiefel said at the Florida Board of Medicine meeting. “Being a girl meant I was more vulnerable, so I started to present as more masculine.”

Seeds of mental illness were nurtured in college.

Kiefel was introduced to gender identity ideology in 2010, while she pursued a women’s studies minor in college, and in 2016, began to identify as “nonbinary” after seeing a “gender-affirming” therapist.

Although the Experts made matters worse, she managed to turn her own ship around.

Kiefel says that since she started putting more emphasis on taking care of her physical health, the anxiety and depression that led to her rejection of womanhood resolved. Now she is left with feeling distress over her body after her double mastectomy.

Having been permanently disfigured limits her ability to live a normal life.

If Kiefel has a case, lawsuits by victims who were subjected to deformities in the name of LGBT ideology as children should be a walk in the park. The butchers I mean surgeons who have been getting rich off the transsexual fad would be wise to store their ill-gotten gains off shore.

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Nov 19 2022

Moonbat Conception of a Female Vocalist

A depraved ideology produces a depraved culture. Assuming the description is accurate, this guy is not a woman and, being deaf-mute, unsurprisingly cannot sing. Therefore, he meets the LGBT/anti-ableist qualifications to be a female vocalist:

That’s what opera will sound like before moonbats are through wokefying the arts.

The audience cheering on this obscene farce may as well be throwing rotten tomatoes. They are exploiting someone with mental problems and encouraging him to make a fool of himself for the sake of their own sick gratification, as they congratulate themselves for regarding the spectacle as “stunning and brave.”

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Nov 18 2022

Disney Demands Your Gender

Wokeness is leading to brokenness at belligerently moonbatty Disney:

Disney World in Orlando says it will now be raising the price of park admission to as high as $189 per day.

The price hike comes amid CEO Bob Chapek announcing layoffs, a targeted hiring freeze, and limiting company travel as part of sweeping cost-cutting moves.

The company lost 11% of its stock price during its earnings announcement because of low profitability, particularly in its streaming service Disney+, which lost a whopping $1.5 billion this year.

That’s okay; the important thing is that Disney continues to mainstream LGBT ideology by focusing on gender and presenting it as a phantasmagorical smorgasbord rather than the simple binary that has worked so well since mammals first evolved.

If you stream Disney+, the company already learned all it needs to know about you when you gave your credit card info. Yet it demands to know how you identify:

Bombarding the audience with ads will not enhance the appeal of Disney products, yet as noted at Reclaim the Net,

The demands for more data to use the service are coming as Disney plans to launch its own ads service next month – serving ads to users on its cheapest pricing tier of $7.99 a month.

The point of demanding gender information is to target ads. Children should be protected from viewing the ads that are served if the gender submitted is anything other than “male” or “female.”

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Nov 18 2022

Princeton Course on “Black + Queer” Sadomasochism

To get it an idea of what it means to the future of healthcare that medical education has succumbed to moonbattery, consider what this same ideology has done to Ivy League education. In the spring, Ivy League Princeton will offer a course entitled, “Black + Queer in Leather: Black Leather/BDSM Material Culture.”

Looks like it will consist of pornography coated in a veneer of pretentious duckspeak:

“Black Queer BDSM material culture resists contextualization in relationship to biographical narratives because of the underground elements of the community,” according to an alternate description on the Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts website, which added it will have “a significant research focus on finding and presenting new materials.”

It is doubtful that these materials would be suitable for children — or for a college classroom.

In the dark days of unenlightened political incorrectness, students studied the timeless classics that define Western Civilization. Here’s what they read nowadays:

The reading list includes “Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism” by Amber Jamilla Musser, “The Color of Kink: Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography” by Ariane Cruz, “The Black Body In Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography,” by Jennifer Nash, and “A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography” by Mireille Miller-Young.

Background on one of the authors:

Miller-Young is an associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara whose area of focus is black studies, pornography and sex-work. She got in a physical altercation with a pro-life teenager in campus in 2014 after she was “triggered” by pro-life demonstrators’ signs.

The psycho professor was sentenced to community service and anger management classes, in addition to having to pay restitution.

That’s the kind of person the liberal elite puts forth to define fundamentally transformed America.

Tuition at Princeton is over $56,000, a steep price to pay for pornography, no matter how pretentiously presented. No worries; students can just go into debt and then wait for Democrats to force the rest of us to pay it off.

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Nov 17 2022

San Francisco to Pay $1,200/Month to Be Transsexual

At the top of the Cultural Marxist pecking order sits the most oppressed identity group in what’s left of America. Transsexuals are so put upon that San Francisco will pay them $1,200 per month to be who they are:

The Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) Program will provide low-income transgender residents with $1,200 each month, up to 18 months to help address financial insecurity within the community. …

The city also said that the new pilot program is the first guaranteed income initiative to focus solely on transgender people and will provide 55 eligible participants with temporary income.

The first? What about Palm Springs? In any case, we can be sure that it won’t be the last.

Taxpayers owe oppressed transsexuals a lot more than $1,200/month:

Additionally, the city said it will provide the same individuals with “wrap-around” direct services, such as gender-affirming medical and mental health care, case management, specialty care services and financial coaching.

When it comes to mental health care, the transgender community really is in need.

SF Mayor London Breed presents the pretext for the handouts:

“We know that our trans communities experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination, so this program will target support to lift individuals in this community up.”

The notion that there is discrimination against rather than in favor of hyperprivileged transsexuals in the gay/liberal mecca San Francisco doesn’t pass the laugh test. If poverty were the real issue, they would just give the money to the poor, even if there is a link between mental illness and poverty.

A study from 2015 managed to find that 33% of California transsexuals were living in poverty, according to a bureauweenie in the San Francisco Office of Transgender Initiatives. Surprisingly, Biden’s handlers have not yet created a similar department at the cabinet level to help spend our money.

The city also noted that the percentage among transgender people who are also Black, Indigenous and People of Color is even higher.

Liberals love the idea of paying people not to be white, with money confiscated mainly from whites. Those who complain are “racists,” just as those who complain about programs that pay people to be transsexual are “transphobes.”

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Nov 15 2022

They Are Raising Your Son to Be a Ballerina Astronaut

Aveeno (owned by Johnson & Johnson) does its part for the LGBT agenda by encouraging little boys to dream of becoming ballerina astronauts:

Whatever the product, commercials sell one thing: moonbattery. The primary purpose of any institution that has been subverted by leftism is to advance it; the advertising industry is no exception.

These days, the moonbats in charge of what runs on TV have as much influence on children as their parents do. Along with their control of schools, this is how woke social engineers have been able to create a generation of Democrats:

Voters between the ages of 18 and 29 cast their ballots in favor of Democrats 63 percent of the time in the 2022 elections, exit polling data found.

Data from NBC exit polls found that the demographic, comprised of Generation Z and the Millennials, voted 63 percent for Democrats and just 35 percent for the Republicans.

Those over 30 voted Republican. The margin widens with increasing age, confirming that liberalism is a juvenile ideology that most people outgrow. We are all born Democrats, expecting to get what we want by bawling and crapping in our diapers so that someone else can clean it up.

However, there are alarming indications that Gen Z may be sufficiently psychiatrically dysfunctional not to move beyond moonbattery. According to

A new survey finds that an astounding 42 percent of those born between 1990 and 2010 – Gen Z – have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. …

One in five are in therapy. Nearly 60 percent are on some sort of medication to help manage mental health.

Transgender ideology is ideal for undermining the sanity of developing minds exposed to it.

Marxists believe that the human race can be transformed to conform to their preferences. To ensure permanent leftist rule, they need to create a population that wants and deserves it.

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Nov 11 2022

Founding Fathers Diversified

It isn’t enough to erase our heritage. First, they have to render it grotesque:

The new Broadway revival of the classic musical 1776 features a cast comprised entirely of women, transgender, and “non-binary” actors. The woke staging, courtesy of the prestigious Roundabout Theatre Company and American Repertory Theater, officially opened Thursday at the American Airlines Theatre in New York, with a national tour expected to kick off next year.

Stripping Joan of Arc of her womanhood by making her nonbinary was only the beginning.

1776 dramatizes the signing of the Declaration of Independence, following John Adams (played by actress Crystal Lucas-Perry) as he attempts to persuade members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia to declare independence from Britain.

Now it dramatizes liberal social engineers declaring independence from reality.

Among the transgender and “non-binary” cast members is a performer named Sav Souza… Souza recently declared on Instagram that transgender people existed back in 1776.

If you watch contemporary news footage of the Continental Congress carefully, you can see transgender people flying by on winged unicorns.

“Trans People Have Always Existed – they existed in 1776, and they absolutely exist ON BROADWAY!” the actor wrote alongside a photo displaying what appears to be her double mastectomy scars.

Good thing the Founding Fathers had no idea what we would do with the country they bequeathed to us, or they would not have risked their necks to create it.

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