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Sep 12 2020

Branch Covidians

If the true believers in COVID-19 lockdowns give you déjà vu, you might be thinking of Waco. As Dave Morrison puts it,

“Like the Branch Davidians waiting for David Koresh to finish interpreting the seven seals, liberal America is hunkered down in their little compounds and they are perfectly ready to continue sheltering in place forever — or at least until they sit through the election results in November.”

Coronavirus hysteria has become a cult. The people who even now double down on self-quarantine are the Branch Covidians.

Purell is the new holy water. Socially isolating like a cloistered monk has become a source of meaning. The more vindictive among the faithful long for a judgment day upon which COVID-19 will strike down the sinners who violate mask protocols.

Here’s where Morrison puts his finger on what makes COVID-19 fundamentalism scary:

“All of leftism is a creed without a guiding moral force. The spot where God should be standing is filled by the leftists themselves, a giant unthinking collective driven by an indistinct and ever-shifting desire to be important, to save the world from its sinful self without ever using the word ‘sin.’”

On a tip from Lyle.


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