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Sep 12 2020

Babylon Bee Manages to Parody Even Netflix

It’s as if we have entered the endgame. Leftists have been thrusting their toxic agenda down our throats with such arrogance, they must believe we are powerless to push back. Everywhere you look, moonbattery has gone over the top. This makes parody a difficult tool to use.

For example, the social engineers at Netflix produce degenerate filth so outrageous that we read this:

Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer (R) is calling for the state’s attorney general to investigate the Netflix film, “Cuties,” for potential violations of child exploitation and child pornography laws.

The award-winning French film and its Netflix distributor have been under fire for the last several weeks over the film’s decidedly graphic depiction of a troupe of 11-year-old “sensual” dancers.

Can even the Babylon Bee satirize Netflix at this point? Yes it can:

The story invents an apt quote by Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings:

“We started to realize we were paying people millions of dollars to produce expensive septic waste for the family to enjoy and consume unquestionably. As it turns out, you can get the putrid sludge straight from an underground tank for free! Who would’ve guessed! This will cut billions of dollars from our expenses and enable us to deliver more sewage to your home than ever before!”

This wouldn’t have much effect on the quality of the content.

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2 Responses to “Babylon Bee Manages to Parody Even Netflix”

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