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Feb 11 2021

Bruce Springsteen, Unity, and Responsible Driving

In this year’s terrible Super Bowl ad, Jeep picked the wrong guy to put behind the wheel of a vehicle. It has been revealed that Bruce Springsteen was busted last November for driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area.

Another reason Springsteen was a poor choice for the ad, in which he drives around preaching about unity, is that he is a partisan moonbat:

In 2020, during the presidential race, Springsteen repeatedly bashed then-President Donald Trump. At one point, the singer declared that he would leave the country if Trump were to be re-elected.

The rocker also teamed up with left-wing activist and novelist Don Winslow on a viral video that used the discredited “suckers” and “losers” story from The Atlantic to smear Trump.

Springsteen also performed during President Joe Biden’s inaugural celebration last month.

No doubt Jeep paid dearly for the 2-minute Super Bowl slot, which has since been pulled from its YouTube channel:

A 30-second spot of airtime during Super Bowl 55 cost about $5.5 million, according to Variety. At that price, Jeep would have spent $22 million for its 120-second spot.

Plus they had to pay the tax-dodging limousine liberal Springsteen. Get woke, go broke.

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