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Oct 11 2021

California Cracks Down on Lawnmowers, Chainsaws

The American dream used to have a home in California. It featured a single income financing a comfortable middle class home with a tidy lawn and two cars in the garage. Democrat policies have been eradicating the middle class in single-party California. On Saturday, Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will eradicate tidy lawns. Woke tyranny has reached the extreme of banning lawnmowers in the name of the planet:

The new law will ban the sale of all off-road, gas-powered engines, including generators, lawn equipment, pressure washers, chainsaws, weed trimmers, and even golf carts. Under the new law, these machines must be zero-emissions, meaning they will have to be either battery-powered or plug-in, according to the Los Angeles Times. …

The new law is expected to affect nearly 50,000 small businesses.

Those small businesses that survived the Covid lockdowns are at the center of the progressive crosshairs.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals also noted how zero-emission commercial equipment is both more expensive and less efficient than gas-powered equipment. A gas-powered riding lawn mower costs between $7,000-$11,000 while the zero-emissions version costs more than twice that amount, according to the outlet.

Wealthy elitists like Gavin Newsom will still have nice-looking lawns. Maybe the rest of us can rent goats to get our lawns under control.

Note that the outrageous law also targets chainsaws. This gives an idea of how seriously California’s rulers take forest management. Wildfires are a good thing, because they can be blamed on global warming, providing a pretext for further expansion of Big Government.

As for the two cars in the garage,

The governor signed an executive order in September 2020 mandating that all of California’s new car sales be zero-emissions models by 2035.

Electric cars are not only inefficient but expensive. But thanks to extravagant subsidies, you may still be able to afford one. Whether there will be enough electricity to keep it running is another matter. Green energy mandates have already caused rolling blackouts in California, and Democrats have only just begun to phase out the fossil fuels on which modern civilization depends.

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