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Aug 01 2020

And Then There Is California

As Edward Abbey said, “There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” His observation is confirmed by the failure of the erstwhile Golden State to open schools, not because the ChiCom virus justifies keeping them closed, but because teachers prefer to be paid to stay home, and their malignant unions won’t budge until outrageous demands like defunding charter schools and the police are met:

Here is another quote that applies, from the former President of the United Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers:

When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children. - Albert Shanker

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May 23 2020

Will COVID-19 Tyranny Turn California Red?

Hard as it is to believe now, California was a red state until recently. Demographic transformation turned it deep blue forever. Or did it?

The media can’t keep it hidden indefinitely that the ChiCom virus lockdowns produced no appreciable net benefit for public health, and that 36 million Americans were thrown out of work for the sake of a power grab primarily by regional and local Democrat despots like Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti. As people realize that Big Government run amok has been destroying their country and their lives, the Party of Government will have limited appeal.

Californian Dave Morrison considers the possibility of a change for the better in Golden State politics:

If there is anything left of the California free spirit, we will know in November, now that Democrats have so closely associated themselves with arbitrary tyranny by pushing the lockdowns.

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May 19 2020

$500 Cash Payments to Illegal Aliens in California

The hysterical overreaction to Wuhan coronavirus has inflicted devastating long-term economic damage, costing $trillions and killing tens of millions of jobs. Many Americans have been prevented from providing for their families. But the mainly government-induced economic crisis is no reason for the liberals running California to stop handing out other people’s money to illegal aliens — rather, it serves as the latest excuse for extravagant largesse:

California is rolling out a taxpayer-funded program to aid unauthorized immigrants with $500 cash payments.

Some households will get as much as $1,000. There will be 150,000 lucky illegal winners. Those American citizens who are still permitted under the coronavirus lockdown to generate wealth for California to tax will get stuck with the $75 million bill.

“California is the most diverse state in the nation. Our diversity makes us stronger and more resilient,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement last month about the program.

It goes without saying that white minority California is diverse racially. By “diverse,” Newsom must mean both American and not American, legal and not legal.

“Every Californian, including our undocumented neighbors and friends, should know that California is here to support them during this crisis. We are all in this together.”

No, Governor Nuisance, we are not all in this together. Americans who want to be left alone to generate wealth and then spend it on their families are on one side; Big Government and those the government wishes to displace us with are on the other.

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May 11 2020

California Needs Elon Musk Infinitely More Than Lorena Gonzalez

Leftist California legislator Lorena Gonzalez doesn’t like John Wayne, she doesn’t like freelancers, and — since he has been behaving like a patriot — she doesn’t like Elon Musk. In light of Musk promising to move his Tesla operations out of California and into free states that are not smothered by senseless regulations, she expresses herself with the subtlety and wit we have come to expect of Democrats:

Responses to the assemblymoonbat indicate that America isn’t dead yet:

Gonzalez got so much pushback, she was forced to resort to the last refuge of the scoundrel — the race card:

That attracted pushback too:

Liberals like Lorena Gonzalez with their lockdowns are turning America into France circa 1789.

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May 08 2020

San Francisco Provides Alcohol, Cigarettes, Marijuana to Homeless Because COVID-19

After California has used liberal policies to attract substance-abusing derelicts from across the country and the world, then has used COVID-19 as a pretext to put them up in hotels (including luxury hotels on a coercive basis), how are the homeless to occupy their time while cooped up inside? Partying is how. They can drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, indulge in “medical cannabis,” and more, with party supplies provided by Big Government.

I swear this is from the San Francisco Chronicle, not the Babylon Bee:

San Francisco’s health department confirmed Wednesday that the city was administering alcohol, tobacco, medical cannabis and other substances in an effort to prevent a handful of people quarantined or isolating in city-leased hotels from going outside to get the substances themselves.

The Department of Public Health delivers the free booze and pot to the derelicts’ free hotel rooms. Supposedly this is financed by private donations.

Marijuana is illegal under federal law, but federal law does not apply to California, as we know from the way it thumbs its nose at immigration law.

It isn’t just San Fransicko:

Alameda, Santa Clara and Contra Costa counties are also using a harm reduction approach in their hotels, administering medications to keep addicts stable, according to officials there. A program similar to San Francisco’s is also in place in King County, Wash.

“Harm reduction” is the preferred euphemism for providing alcohol to drunks, drugs to drug fiends, et cetera. Progressive policies require euphemisms, usually of the Orwellian variety, because even some liberals would balk at the sheer lunacy of what they are doing if straightforward language were used to describe it.

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May 07 2020

Los Angeles May Commandeer Luxury Hotels to House Homeless Because COVID-19

Any aspect of the progressive agenda can be inflicted in the name of the ChiCom virus, up to and including actual confiscation of property of the type that was seen in the homeland of the virus after communists seized power.

Via Fox News:

The Los Angeles City Council Wednesday voted to identify hotels refusing to take in the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic and said they could possibly be “commandeered.”

Rights that our ancestors fought and died for must be sacrificed if it theoretically might save lives according to the experts. This applies even to the basic rights that serve as the pillars of civilization, like property rights.

“Each hotel brings new hope, each room could save a life,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said of Project Roomkey, according to KABC-TV.

Councilman Mike Bonin frames commandeering hotels as a “civil rights” issue. At this point, “civil rights” are to rights what “social justice” is to justice.

The motion, co-authored by Bonin, says, some hotels have been “unwilling to participate, reneged on initial interest, citing security concerns, liability issues, objections from corporate management or fear of lost revenue from being branded a ‘homeless hotel,’” according to KABC.

Therefore, their property must be taken by force.

The Third Amendment restricts government from forcibly quartering soldiers in people’s homes. Too bad this doesn’t apply to the unofficial zombie army of the Democrat Party, for which recruitment is accomplished through open borders, encouragement of drug use, a refusal to address mental illness, and job-destroying liberal policies.

The Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angeles, which has luxury condo residences, was among those resisting.

The Ritz won’t have quite the same cachet after it has been used as a government homeless shelter — always assuming that Big Government ever feels a need to give the hotel back to its rightful owners.

The hotel has received millions of dollars in tax breaks from the city over the years, according to FOX 11.

Any favor from Big Government comes with strings attached — even the “favor” of it refraining from confiscating as much money as it might have otherwise.

The condo residence’s homeowner’s association cited security, health and property value concerns in a letter to homeowners saying they would resist housing the homeless.

The average price for a one-bedroom condo in the hotel is about $1 million; some go for 40 times as much.

For that money, owners expect not to trip over drug-addled derelicts defecating in the hallway. They shouldn’t have spent so much on the mortgage that there was not enough left over to bribe councilmen to leave their property alone.

You might have thought it would take a bloody and protracted war before leftists could impose this level of tyranny on Americans. But decades of having our national character rotted away by moonbattery seem to have accomplished the job.

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May 06 2020

Liberal Rule, ChiCom Virus Hysteria, and Anarchotyranny

When progressives have the leverage to impose their conception of utopia, criminals will run free; prisons will be populated by the regular Americans formerly known as law-abiding citizens. According to liberal ideology, thieves are the good guys, because they are “oppressed” or “disadvantaged”; it is normal people who belong in cages.

It is clearly insane, but that is how they think. You can tell by how liberals govern when given unfettered opportunity. California’s degeneration into single-party Democrat rule has presented one opportunity. Wuhan coronavirus hysteria has created another.

David Cole remarks on both:

On December 14th of last year, there was a theft of almost a dozen packages from the lobby of an apartment building at 2117 Haste Street in Berkeley, California. The thief, a young black woman, was making a food delivery for DoorDash. After being buzzed in and handing the food to her customer, the DoorDasher, now alone in the lobby, gathered the packages piled under the residents’ mailboxes and calmly walked out with them. Most of those packages were Christmas gifts.

She was caught on security cameras. DoorDash knew who she was. So did the police. All they had to do was pick her up. But she was not arrested, because as a rule property crimes are not punished in California anymore.

Publicly, the authorities claim that they can’t enforce the law because of scarce resources. COVID-19 tyranny exposes that lie.

[I]n the past six weeks, across the nation we’ve seen cops ordered by governors and mayors to arrest, fine, and threaten joggers, hikers, nature walkers, moms taking their kids to a park, and kids playing with other kids in private homes. We’ve seen cops form blockades around skate parks and drag swimmers and paddleboarders from the ocean. Cops have busted people for giving haircuts and manicures in their own home, for fishing, and for watching the sunset.

Yet they don’t have the resources to pick up a thief in an open and shut case.

In Oxnard, it took two mounted policemen to tell a married couple in their 90s that they couldn’t sit in chairs (the “no chairs” policy is unofficially known as “Carlito’s Way”). In L.A., a chorus line of cops formed a gauntlet to keep residents from walking on the beach. At a park right up the street from me, three units responded to reports of kids playing catch. And when my friend’s local AA chapter tried to hold a meeting in another park, with each member sitting the required six feet apart, the LAPD descended as if Dillinger were back from the dead.

We must crack down on kids playing catch in the park because supposedly it could cause death. Yet liberals can’t see the point of keeping career criminals off the street, despite criminals being vastly more likely to cause someone’s death.

Pro-lockdown leftists bray about how they’re “protecting the old and weak.” These are the same “old and weak” who are most at risk from the felons who rob and assault with impunity because they know they’ll only face catch-and-release.

Meanwhile — even as regular Americans are dragged off in handcuffs for exercising rights guaranteed by the Constitution, SWAT teams are dispatched for lockdown violations, and women are sentenced to jail for grooming each other’s hair — the authorities have been releasing convicted criminals from prison (see here, here, here, and here) lest they come down with the ChiCom virus.

Democrat rule means rule by malevolent lunatics.

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Mar 25 2020

LA Mayor to Shut Off Power and Water to “Nonessential” Businesses

A crisis is a time for tyranny to expand its range of opportunity. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is taking action against “nonessential” businesses that fail to close down during the Wuhan virus panic:

He said the Department of Water and Power will shut off services for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.

While some behave like baby birds during a crisis, waiting for Momma Government to barf some regurgitated worm into their mouths, others are learning the danger of relying on government — and of allowing it too much power.

As of today, Los Angeles County (the most populous in the country) had a total of 11 coronavirus deaths, after confirming its first case 2 months ago. This passes for enough of a crisis for the government to selectively shut off the water and turn out the lights.

For perspective, an average of 2,055 people die in LA County each year of influenza/pneumonia; 1,473 die of chronic liver disease/cirrhosis.

When government officials wield this kind of power, the potential for abuse is obvious.

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Mar 22 2020

The Bill That Killed Freelance

If there is a silver lining to the Wuhan virus crisis, it is that it may stop California’s insane and astonishingly tyrannical law against working freelance from spreading nationwide, as many Democrats want it to.

Laws like this could throw literally tens of millions of people out of work, including yours truly. If they try banning freelancers on behalf of union thugs while countless people are already becoming unemployed thanks to the Wuhan virus, liberal tyrants may finally get appropriate pushback.

Mar 17 2020

Calling 911 on Coughing Neighbors in Coronavirus California

Under normal totalitarianism, your neighbors rat you out to the authorities for expressing politically incorrect opinions or for seeming to be the type who might. But in California under the regime of coronavirus hysteria, all you have to do is cough:

Six counties across the Bay Area issued a “shelter in place” order on Monday for all residents – requiring roughly 6.7 million people to stay in their homes – in an attempt to slow the coronavirus outbreak.

For the next three weeks, people living in San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties will be restricted from all “non-essential travel” by “foot, bicycle, scooter, automobile, or public transit” outside their homes.

Sounds like martial law. Even dog-walking is forbidden. Here’s what happens if someone hears you cough:

Coachella Valley police departments say they’ve started fielding 911 reports from concerned callers convinced a neighbor’s overly loud sneeze or hacking cough is proof the person has the virus.

Palm Springs and Cathedral City police have received numerous calls like this.

The authorities laugh them off and tell the callers to save 911 for emergencies, right? Not necessarily:

In many cases, the calls are forwarded to the fire department where paramedics are also dispatched to directly provide any needed medical attention before transporting the person to an area hospital.

Presumably, the ride to the hospital is still voluntary for now, even in hyperstatist California. Or maybe they are setting up quarantine camps.

So far there have been 486 confirmed cases of Wuhan virus in the entire state (population ~39,540,000), and six deaths. Containing the virus to the extent possible is great, but a little perspective is needed. More Californians are probably dying from slipping in the bathtub while taking extra showers because hoarders bought all the toilet paper.

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Mar 14 2020

Fleeing California

California is no longer the promised land. Moonbattery is reducing it to a dystopia, raising the poverty rate and cost of living through the ceiling and driving out the middle class. Compare California with Texas and you will see that life is better out from under the liberal ideology that prevails on the Left Coast.

The promised PragerU short video documenting the demise of California is now available for viewing:

They say that as goes California, so goes the country. We need to make sure this does not hold true.

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Feb 28 2020

Green Embezzlement by Executive Order

Any attempt of Big Government to increase its already wildly excessive revenues is to be fought tooth and nail. Statist officials will point to urgent needs, like crumbling infrastructure. They cause these needs themselves by failing to allocate revenue appropriately. Critical roads disintegrate while fortunes are wasted on green initiatives intended to signal ideological virtue rather than provide any tangible benefit. Extra revenue raised for the sake of important needs will be redirected to the nearest drain.

As noted earlier, California voted not to repeal confiscatory gas taxes, on the condition that the money go to relieving the desperate traffic situation by repairing roads and bridges. Then Gavin Newsom autocratically redirected the money to green tomfoolery.

OAN won’t let this pass:

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Feb 25 2020

California Sued for Not Teaching Children to Read

Having succumbed to moonbattery, California is a failed state. It cannot even teach children to read. Consequently, taxpayers are on the hook for a $50 million settlement.

Via CalMatters:

The state of California [last Thursday] agreed to settle a years-long, high-profile lawsuit that accused the state of depriving low-income students of color of their constitutional right to a basic education — by failing to teach them reading skills.

Under an agreement reached with plaintiffs in the complaint, Ella T. v. State of California, the state will provide $50 million specifically to improve literacy in the 75 California elementary schools with the highest concentration of third-graders scoring in the bottom tier of the state’s standardized reading exam.

Educrats will bathe in the money while children continue not to be taught anything except that Trump is Hitler and how to put on condoms. Next time the settlement will be for $100 million. California’s liberal rulers will shrug as they hand over the money, which isn’t theirs anyway.

Because this is California, the settlement includes extra moonbattery:

The agreement, part of which needs the Legislature’s approval, also requires the state to advise public schools how to reduce disparities in discipline of students of color, according to an outline of the agreement provided by Public Counsel, the pro-bono firm representing the suit’s plaintiffs.

Disparities in discipline are reflections of disparities in behavior — unless you are a liberal; then they are proof of racism, which must be abolished. So blacks are to be punished less (which will make their behavior problems even worse), and whites will be punished more, ostensibly so as to eradicate racism by imposing equality of outcome.

This is a sure way to create racism where it did not already exist. Unless social engineers are complete idiots, this is their objective. They need racism to validate their ideology and to generate grievances that they can hype out of proportion. Black kids will be allowed to run riot as white kids are punished for minor infractions in the hope that some of the whites resent it.

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Feb 22 2020

Gavin Newsom: Let Doctors Write Prescriptions for Free Housing

After liberals have attained socialism’s holy grail — government control of healthcare — everything will become healthcare, so as to justify government control. We will have to get used to statements like this one from Gavin Newsom, Governor of the Land of Fruits and Nuts:

“Health care and housing can no longer be divorced. After all, what’s more fundamental to a person’s well-being than a roof over their head?” Newsom said. “Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin and antibiotics. Why not?”

According to progressives, both healthcare and housing, provided at someone else’s expense, are human rights. It makes sense that when doctors have been conscripted as agents of the State, they should write prescriptions for everything that the State provides.

There is no need to stop at passing out free needles to facilitate drug addiction. Doctors can write scripts for taxpayer-financed heroin, a logical step following its decriminalization.

Are deplorables still clinging bitterly to their Second Amendment rights? A prescription to have their guns confiscated solves the problem.

Nothing is more fundamental to a sex criminal’s well-being than sexual gratification. This is why doctors should write them prescriptions for taxpayer-funded prostitutes. Germany is almost there already.

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