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Sep 09 2021

Moonbat in Gorilla Mask Eggs Larry Elder

Meanwhile, as Democrats continue to club their opposition with the word “racist” and denounce challenger Larry Elder as “the black face of white supremacy,” one of their street enforcers threw eggs at him while wearing a monkey mask:

I’m guessing that if a conservative had done this to a black Democrat candidate, it would be on the front page of every major newspaper for the next 6 weeks. But we will never know for sure, because patriots do not behave like moonbats.

Considering that Democrats do control everything in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, replacing quintessential liberal elitist Gavin Newsom with Larry Elder would not cure the state of its severe self-inflicted problems. But it would be a great first step.

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Aug 30 2021

Average Californians and the Newsom Recall

Normally Mark Dice’s outdoor videos will make you gasp in horror at the moonbattery prevailing along the beach in San Diego. But even in California, enough is enough. Most of the people interviewed who don’t want Gavin Newsom recalled are so ignorant, they can’t even name their own governor:

Go Larry Elder go. Who knows? Maybe he will get a chance to appoint a replacement for the 88-year-old atrocity Dianne Feinstein, thereby returning the Senate to Republican hands and potentially saving the nation from bankruptcy.

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Aug 03 2021

California May Mandate Menstrual Products for Men

If not even medical school professors will acknowledge that there is an objective difference between men and women, what can you expect from the maniacal moonbats running California? Here’s what: public schools may be required to provide free menstrual products — to men.

“California recognizes that access to menstrual products is a basic human right and is vital for ensuring the health, dignity, and full participation of all Californians in public life,” the text of AB-367 states.

Liberals want to cancel our basic human rights of free expression and self-defense. In exchange, we get a basic human right to free menstrual products.

The bill continues, “California has an interest in promoting gender equity, not only for women and girls, but also for transgender men, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people who may also menstruate and experience inequities resulting from lack of access to menstrual products.”

The bill was introduced by Assemblymoonbat Cristina Garcia, and is expected to cost the Cal State system $750,00–$800,000. That’s a small price to pay for leftist virtue signaling in obeisance to LGBT militants, provided someone else picks up the tab — and someone else always does when Big Government mandates the expenditure.

Progressives are wrong not only on political issues, but on everything, including fundamental aspects of reality. Their psychotic doctrine dictates that men can menstruate. They are as far off course on economics as they are on biology.

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Jul 31 2021

California Moonbats Come After Bacon

If it is worth having, liberals will take it away from us. This includes even bacon. To see the future under moonbat rule, look to California:

At the beginning of next year, California will begin enforcing an animal welfare proposition approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2018 that requires more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves. National veal and egg producers are optimistic they can meet the new standards, but only 4% of hog operations now comply with the new rules. Unless the courts intervene or the state temporarily allows non-compliant meat to be sold in the state, California will lose almost all of its pork supply, much of which comes from Iowa, and pork producers will face higher costs to regain a key market.

This could mean many restaurants that somehow survived the tyrannical Covid lockdowns will be put out of business by restrictions on what food is considered politically correct. Who wants to go to a diner for bacon and eggs when bacon has been forbidden?

Due to its massive population, California is often able to boss the rest of the country around. This time, other states will find it hard to comply:

With little time left to build new facilities, inseminate sows and process the offspring by January, it’s hard to see how the pork industry can adequately supply California, which consumes roughly 15% of all pork produced in the country.

In the end, the country may bow to California’s will:

Eventually, California’s new rules could become a national standard because processors can’t afford to ignore the market in such a large state.

Food prices in general are going up due to the inflation caused by Democrats’ irresponsible spending. If bacon goes up even faster, thank the erstwhile Golden State.

In Iowa, which raises about one-third of the nation’s hogs, farmer Dwight Mogler estimates the changes would cost him $3 million and allow room for 250 pigs in a space that now holds 300.

Some farmers will go out of business; others will be forced to charge more for the food they supply. All so that California moonbats can sanctimoniously lord it over the rest of us.

Too much regulation is never enough to suit progressives. If they can inflict this, they will inflict worse:

“The question to us is, if we do these changes, what is the next change going to be in the rules two years, three years, five years ahead?” Mogler asked.

Will we wait until Democrats ban bacon before we start pushing back? What will they ban next after that?

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Jul 23 2021

Shopping in California Under Moonbat Rule

The progressive viewpoint entails siding with criminals against civilization. For the same reason liberals reward riots by Black Lives Matter sociopaths, they have decriminalized shoplifting for thefts under $950 in California. Consequently, looting is the new normal in the erstwhile Golden State. Already, major chains are starting to shut down their stores. Organized crime has capitalized, turning shoplifting into big business. No worries; liberal authorities are always on hand to apply Band-Aids to the gaping wounds they inflict:

California Gov. Newsom announced new efforts to crack down on a surge of retail thefts and other crimes Wednesday following a series of violent incidents involving shoplifters in recent months.

Since the extravagantly expensive government refuses to stop shoplifting, storeowners are forced to confront thieves themselves. This sometimes gets them killed.

Appearing with law enforcement officials and mayors from throughout the state at a small business in Long Beach, the Democratic governor signed a bill to create crime task forces around the California Highway Patrol and local agencies to address organized theft rings.

The point as usual is for Democrats to make believe they are doing something about the crisis they created, a pose Newsom has been forced to adopt because he faces a recall election. Meanwhile, pro-crime maniacs George Gascon and Chesa Boudin are still the district attorneys of Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, guaranteeing that criminals will continue to enjoy open season on businesses. As the cancer metastasizes, the likeminded Alvin Bragg will soon become Manhattan’s DA.

“The overall problem is a challenge — the brazenness of some of these crimes,” San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said Wednesday. “When they see these things go viral, the perception of lawlessness, the perception that anything goes — that has to be overcome, too.”

The only solution is to remove leftists from positions of power. But the current demographics of California make that impossible, thanks to the mass emigration that transformed the state that launched Ronald Reagan into a moonbat dystopia. The same is becoming true for the country as a whole, with millions crossing the deliberately undefended border.

Soon the whole country will shop the way it is done in California:

Hat tips: PJ Media, Maggie’s Farm.

Jul 06 2021

Shopping in San Francisco

The Future of the Democratic Party blames the explosion in shoplifting that we have seen since the Ascension of Saint George of Fentanyl on starving people who “either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.” There was no bread on display at Needless Markups, so they had to settle for pricey handbags:

Shoplifting can still lead to arrest even in California if you take more than $950 at a time. But as Democrats have proven by applying Broken Windows policy in reverse, if you allow some crime, you get a lot of crime.

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Jul 01 2021

Fined $18,000 for Clearing Trees to Build Home

As we have seen, shoplifting in California is effectively legal now, those in charge openly siding with criminals and against business owners. It sounds like anarchy, but the system of government imposed under single-party Democrat rule is better categorized as “anarchotyranny.” Yes, thieves and other sociopaths can do whatever they please, but it is a different story for property owners who clear trees to build something:

A couple who bulldozed and buried 36 Joshua trees to make way for a home were recently fined $18,000…

Imagine the havoc a Black Lives Matter rioter would have to wreak to get punished like that.

This is why the cost of housing keeps Californians poor. You can’t put up so much as a garden shed without violating forty-eleven regulations.

As in other forms of tyranny, not even Big Government can be everywhere, so informants play a crucial role:

An investigation into the destruction began Feb. 11, when a Morongo Basin resident saw his neighbors using a tractor to mow down dozens of the twisted, bristled trees and reported it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife through a tip line, wildlife officials said.

East Germany’s infamous Stasi had about 189,000 informers. Deutsche Welle reports that “political ideals served as the primary motivation for people to turn in their neighbors, friends and acquaintances to the secret police.” Similarly, sheer moonbattery is enough to motivate liberals to rat people out. The State doesn’t even need to pay them rewards.

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Jun 16 2021

Shopping in San Francisco

Walgreens has been closing stores in San Francisco, where shoplifting has been effectively legalized and the district attorney is the offspring of cop-killing Weather Underground terrorists who sides with criminals against law enforcement. For anyone who doesn’t understand why San Francisco may soon be store-free, this video might be instructive:

What liberals have done to San Francisco, they are doing to the rest of the country.

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Jun 13 2021

Looting Is New Normal in San Francisco Area

Liberalism is why we can’t have nice things — or at the very least why they can’t be displayed for sale in California, except in locked cases.

From KPIX:

Nearly a dozen thieves working together swarmed into a Louis Vuitton store in Palo Alto, stealing more than $100,000 in handbags in the second such theft at the Stanford Shopping Center in three weeks, police said Wednesday.

The culprits were what are usually described as “youths” or “teens.”

Witnesses were only able to describe the suspects as males and females, possibly in their late teens or early twenties, all wearing face coverings, police said.

They didn’t even need weapons, civilization having essentially collapsed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

No doubt they were only stealing the fancy handbags so as to feed their starving families, as AOC has asserted regarding the tsunami of crime that began after the ascension of violent career criminal George Floyd into the liberal pantheon.

The five vehicles used in the getaway were a gray Lexus sedan, a gray Infinity SUV, a white Audi sedan, a black four-door Hyundai sedan, and a red two-door Honda sedan.

Despite our extravagantly generous welfare state, economic hardship requires them to keep stealing. No self-respecting crusader for justice and equity wants to be seen in a Hyundai or Honda. A certain lifestyle must be sustained.

On May 19, a similar theft happened at a different store at the Stanford Shopping Center, where a group of at least ten suspects stole more than $150,000 in handbags from Neiman Marcus, although police said the vehicles used in that incident were different than the one at the Louis Vuitton store.

The day before,

On May 18 in San Francisco, a group of thieves ransacked a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Union Square, making off with $90,000 in merchandise.

An organizer for Black Lives Matter has informed us that such activities are to be regarded not as theft but as “reparations” owed to those who are oppressed according to liberal doctrine.

Walgreens has been closing stores because it is effectively legal to shoplift in Democrat-dominated California. Thieves are expected to limit themselves to swiping less than $950 worth of merchandise at a time. However, if you allow any crime, you get a lot.

This was the insight behind the Broken Windows approach to police work that allowed Rudy Giuliani to clean up New York City, which has since slipped back into dysfunction thanks to liberal rule. The current War on Police and ever more lenient treatment of criminals puts Broken Windows into reverse by encouraging crime.

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Jun 08 2021

Gavin Newsom Clings to Covid Emergency Powers

It couldn’t last forever. Largely thanks to the previous administration’s Operation Warp Speed, the ChiCom pandemic is winding down. But some Democrats can’t bear to let it go — like Gavin Newsom:

One year and three months have passed since Governor Gavin Newsom announced California’s COVID-19 state of emergency.

He still won’t lift it, despite the crisis being effectively over, even though the state is officially reopening on June 15, when he promised he would relinquish his emergency powers.

Newsom’s tyranny affects even those Americans fortunate enough not to live under his rule. The whole country gets to help pay the bills he runs up:

The state of emergency gives Newsom the broad authority to suspend and impose new rules in California, and also allows the federal government to cover the state’s COVID-19-related costs. …

During this emergency, Newsom has issued 58 executive orders to change or suspend hundreds of laws.

Other states have either dropped their state of emergency or at least plan to by the end of summer. But California is the leftist vanguard. Now that Democrats know how much people will put up with, a state of emergency will inevitably be established on a permanent basis. Next time it will be in the name of a crisis that doesn’t exist, so they won’t have to worry about it ending. Global warming and white supremacy are leading candidates.

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May 20 2021

Walgreens Forced to Close California Stores

Shoplifting is effectively legal in Democrat-dominated California. This offers the advantage that you can walk into a store and take what you like for free, so long as you don’t steal more than $950 worth of merchandise at a time. On the downside, soon there won’t be any stores:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Walgreens Pharmacy locations have shuttered their doors in San Francisco during the past five years. At least ten of the stores in the city have closed since 2019.

More stores may follow.

Walgreens is blaming Proposition 47, which lowered penalties for thefts under $950 and sparked dramatic increases in shoplifting across the metro area over the last several years. Prop. 47 is supported by criminal justice reformers and the liberal establishment, who have also managed to defund the local police.

Specifically, as Fox News reported, 2014’s Proposition 47 was “[s]upported by the state Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union.” The unfolding consequences were so easily predictable that they must have been intended. It’s all part of the ongoing fundamental transformation of America into a moonbat dystopia.

Behold the future of retail under liberal rule:

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May 11 2021

Gavin Newsom Attempts to Bribe Voters

Looks like Gavin Newsom is worried about the upcoming recall election. He is attempting to bribe Californians with their own money:

Californians don’t actually get their own money. For the most part, they get someone else’s money — even if they are in the country illegally and supposedly can’t vote:

Chief among the new proposals is a major expansion of the Golden State Stimulus, providing additional direct payments to middle-class families that make up to $75,000. Under the plan, two-thirds of Californians will benefit from $600 direct payments. Qualified families with dependents, including undocumented families, will also now be eligible for an additional $500.

The Golden State Stimulus comes on top of another spending spree, the California Comeback Plan, which will pay people’s rent and utility bills. Of the $100 billion to be spent on this, $26 billion will come from federal taxpayers. If Newsom manages to spread around enough money to survive the recall, every federal taxpayer will have helped him out, even if unwillingly.

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May 05 2021

Gavin Newsom’s Job Placement Specialist

Looks like the California recall election has Gavin Newsom running scared. He has already hired JP Sears to find him a new job:

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Apr 06 2021

Making America California

California was the Golden State. Then Democrats established single party rule. Now U-Haul struggles to find enough trailers for all the people moving out. America has been the Land of Opportunity. If they can institutionalize voter fraud by ramming through HR1, Democrats will establish single party rule nationwide. This means they will do to the whole country what they did to California, a concept that liberals openly embrace.

John Stossel explains why this is unacceptable:

Democrat rule in California has been a roaring success from the point of view of Democrats: stratospheric taxes, ubiquitous suffocating regulation, dying middle class — what’s not to like?

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