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Jun 03 2023

Pushback Against Corruption of Children Is Still Possible

A teacher at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California demonstrates what kids are learning in public schools nowadays by promoting the perverted pleasures of gay sex and telling the children where to buy sex toys (at Target, naturally):

I was going to post the YouTube version of this video, but it turns out to be age restricted, appropriately enough.

Note that the kids aren’t snickering or gasping in astonishment like they would have at any point in history up until the past couple of years. They seem bored, as if they have heard it all many times before, probably starting in kindergarten.

However, because this video happened to go viral, this time there was pushback:

A teacher at a California high school was placed on administrative leave following a video surfacing of her instructing students about where to find sex toys.

“The individual involved has been placed on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation,” Alyssa Griffiths, the director of communications for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District…

She will be back on the job as soon as attention moves on. There are thousands of other teachers giving the same lesson. But at least the educrats who put them up to it still have to pretend to disapprove. Once the pushback stops, the rising tide of depravity and degeneracy will submerse us completely.

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May 30 2023

State Farm Gives Up on California

Depravity is not merely a characteristic of moonbattery but its fundamental principle. This produces bizarre paradoxes. For example, Big Business is belligerently woke, as companies like Anheuser-Busch and Target poke us in the eye to remind us. Yet to the extent wokeness prevails, it is not possible to do business.

Moonbattery-addled California is a case in point. Retailers like Walgreens and Nordstrom have been withdrawing because they cannot maintain stores where looting is effectively legal in accordance with liberal ideology. Nor can insurers do business:

State Farm, the nation’s largest property insurer by volume, is pulling out of California. They will not be selling property insurance in the state anymore for a lot of obvious reasons including rising costs that are outpacing inflation, rampant crime, surging homelessness, the illegal alien invasion, and overall horrible policies from the Democrat-run government.

As we have come to expect, the liberal establishment media blames climate change:

One of the largest insurance agencies in the country will no longer accept applications for home and business insurance in California due to wildfire risks and the cost of rebuilding. …

A decadeslong megadrought and climate change have been exacerbating wildfire risk in California in recent years. Severe drought during the winter is leading to matchbox conditions in the dry season, allowing intense wildfires to ignite with the slightest spark.

California has always been prone to droughts and wildfires. It has not always been rendered dysfunctional by liberal rule, a conspicuous feature of which is the property damage that characterizes anarchotyranny. But the more plausible explanation for State Farm’s inability to operate there does not support its narrative, so the media leaves us to figure things out for ourselves.

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May 10 2023

California Stasi Hotline

Like East Germany, except nauseatingly liberal — that’s California under the rule of leftists like Gavin Newsom, who proudly announces a Stasi hotline for turning in thought criminals:

Last Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and the California Civil Rights Department announced the launch of CA vs Hate. Through the hotline, Californians will be able to snitch on their neighbors for committing “hate acts,” which the service explicitly states do not always include violence.

Violent crime is disproportionately committed by an identity group designated as “oppressed.” How could an oppressed person commit a hate crime? From the moonbat viewpoint, it would not compute.

“A hate incident is a hostile expression or action that may be motivated by bias against another person’s actual or perceived identity,” the website states.

The list of protected identities goes on long enough to lull you to sleep. Authorities wake up with a start when the alleged victims are blacks, sexual deviants, or illegal aliens.

Acts of hate include “derogatory name calling.” Not even the Stasi would terrorize people over that.

The new hotline, Newsom explained, is “an unequivocal message that hate will not be tolerated” in California.

Define “hate” as “defiance of moonbattery” and these could be the first true words Newsom has spoken in public.

Reports made to the hotline “will not be shared with law enforcement,” unless the person making a report requests it. The hotline, however, will share information with law enforcement “if needed.”

Meanwhile, actual crime is so rampant in California that it is becoming impossible to do business there. Even child rapists are released after minimal jail time.

The term for the California system of government is “anarchotyranny.”

As with the global warming hoax, Democrats are snuffing out liberty to fix a problem that does not exist in any significant sense. As Michael Shellenberger notes,

“California’s total number of hate crime complaints is trivial. There were just 285 hate crime complaints in California, a state with 39 million people, in 2021. There was an order of magnitude more homicides in California, 2,361, in 2021.”

They say one in 100 East Germans was an informant for the communist secret police. California could top that by paying a bounty on thought criminals. But the kooks in charge appear likely to spend themselves into insolvency paying people to be black instead.

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Apr 24 2023

Compare School Reading Lists of California and Florida

As liberals become ever more radicalized, America is splitting apart into two separate societies — one of which has no culture because it is at war with our heritage and has nothing to replace it with but moonbattery. Compare and contrast education in the California of Gavin Newsom and the Florida of Ron DeSantis:

Review the California Department of Education Recommended Literature List to confirm that liberals are indoctrinating kids with left-wing garbage rather than educating them. Then compare it to the classics of world literature listed at Florida’s B.E.S.T.* Standards English Language Arts.

*Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking.

Florida has kids reading Shakespeare in the 7th grade. Blue state liberals have children investigating the world of sexual perversion from kindergarten.

In light of the comparison, no sane parent would rather have their child educated in California than Florida.

If Western Civilization survives despite the woke generation, it will be because of the sort of people who run Florida, and despite the sort of people running California.

Which way will America go? That’s up to voters — Republican primary voters in particular.

On a tip from Angel.

Apr 18 2023

California Applies Marxism to Power Bills

Leftists’ insane commitment to inefficient means of generating energy will inevitably raise the price of electricity above people’s capacity to pay. No worries; they have a solution. Coincidentally, it is the same solution liberals have for all the problems they create — namely, socialism.

From California, which despite its abundance of natural resources has the highest electricity rates in the country thanks to moonbat rule:

Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric filed a proposal on Thursday that would install a fixed-rate electric bill system for those under the three largest power companies in the state…

Currently, utility bills are based on electricity and gas consumption. The utility companies are now proposing income-based utility billing so that higher-income earners pay for more than they use, subsidizing the rates for lower income customers.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Marxism went so well under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and the Castros, no doubt even Gavin Newsom can make it work.

Like most evil idiocy, the idea comes out of academia:

A 2021 report from the University of California at Berkeley recommends that the state link California’s highest-in-the-nation electricity bills to customer incomes – ie. your ability to pay.

Moonbattery hatched in California unfortunately does not stay in California.

Imagine the kooks at Berserkeley taking charge of whether the lights come on when you flip the switch. Then consider that anti-energy climate zealot Jennifer Granholm used to be a Berkeley professor. Now she is Secretary of Energy.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 10 2023

Missing Persons Alert for Black Women and Children Only

As on Orwell’s animal farm, everyone is equal under moonbat rule, but some are more equal than others. Blacks are so equal that a California bill proposes an Ebony Alert system to report missing black women and children so they can be given priority over less favored identity groups:

In a release on the race-based crime bill, state senator Steven Bradford said that the bill would “address the often ignored or lack of attention given to Black children and young Black women that are missing in California.”

You know, like the White House needed to promote a Transgender Day of Visibility 4 days after the Covenant School Massacre because of the lack of visibility given to transsexuals.

The media will be encouraged to prioritize Ebony Alerts, missing women and children of other racial groups being less newsworthy.

Despite all the favoritism, blacks are systematically oppressed, according to the same people who tell us that men can be women. That is the justification for California preparing to give blacks $800 BILLION of other people’s money.

It pays to be extra equal, or as liberals put it, oppressed.

Bradford distributes privilege to his fellow oppressed persons.

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Mar 31 2023

California Reparations Estimated to Cost $800 Billion

California has remained at the cutting edge of moonbattery by proclaiming that blacks should be handed massive cash payouts in honor of their position of privilege high in the cultural Marxist caste system. Estimated bill: $800 billion.

The $800 billion is more than 2.5 times California’s $300 billion annual budget and does not include a recommended $1 million per older Black resident for health disparities that have shortened their average life span. Nor does the figure count compensating people for property unjustly taken by the government or devaluing Black businesses, two other harms the task force says the state perpetuated.

To judge by liberal rhetoric, the main harm is slavery. But slavery was never legal in California. Nor was it legal anywhere in the USA during the lifetime of anyone alive today.

Handing out massive quantities of other people’s money is not the full extent of the nuttiness California kooks have planned in the name of racial preference:

Other proposals include paying incarcerated inmates market value for their labor, establishing free wellness centers and planting more trees in Black communities, banning cash bail, and adopting a K-12 Black studies curriculum.

Note that liberals conflate blacks with criminals.

The $800 billion estimate in California includes $246 billion to compensate eligible Black Californians whose neighborhoods were subjected to aggressive policing and prosecution in the “war on drugs” from 1970 to 2020.

Blacks are to be showered with money to compensate them for having been provided police protection.

To be a liberal is never to ask, “But how are we going to pay for this?” Someone else always pays.

California doesn’t have the cash to finance this looting spree. But lunacy hatched in California is eventually imposed at the federal level. The federal government doesn’t have the cash either. But it can print it.

If you think inflation is bad now, wait until Democrats have won another round of elections. We will be burning piles of hundred-dollar bills to keep warm.

On a tip from Chuck A.

Mar 05 2023

Snowless California

In an attempt to gin up global warming hysteria, liberals have been shrieking for years that soon there will be no snow in California because carbon emissions. Meanwhile, snowpack in California has been setting all-time record highs.

Ellen DeGenerate has tried to spin all the precipitation in California as proof that primitive weather gods are angry with us for not kneeling at the altar of the global warming hoax. Leftist propaganda outlets like CNN and the US Government don’t even try to spin it; they just pretend it isn’t happening. There is still a drought in California, buried along with people’s houses beneath the white drifts.

Tony Heller dumps a shovel load of snow atop the dead credibility of the liberal establishment:

As soon as the snow melts California will be back in a drought emergency, thanks to moonbat rule, which in the name of minnows prevents the state from constructing sufficient reservoirs to store the water before it trickles wasted out into the ocean. We will be told that the endless drought is caused by our failure to drive electric cars.

On a tip from Lyle.

Feb 22 2023

San Francisco Backs Down From Ban on Unwoke States

The maxim “Get woke, go broke” applies beyond corporations that put politically correct posturing ahead of the bottom line. It can apply to whole cities, like the moonbat Mecca, San Francisco, which may have to repeal its ban on doing business with states that do not sufficiently comply with leftist ideology:

The ordinance was passed in 2016. Chapter 12X was voted into existence in the wake of the Obergefell v. Hodges decision and it took aim at states that passed so-called anti-LGBTQ legislation. The boycott was amended twice in 2019 and 2021 to add additional states which passed restrictive abortion and voting rights legislation.

Allegedly restrictive voting rights legislation refers to attempts to prevent the election fraud Democrats rely on to win close elections.

Instead of forcing the rest of the country to become San Francisco, the ordinance blew up in moonbat bureaucrats’ slack-jawed faces.

City Administrator Carmen Chu’s office issued a report on February 10 that contended the law was costly and ineffective. …

“Since 12X became operative, the number of banned states has grown from 8 states in 2017 to 30 in 2022. This increase suggests that the city’s threat of boycott may not serve as a compelling deterrent to states considering restrictive policies,” the report stated.

Sometimes reality penetrates the insulation of solipsistic arrogance that allows left-wing kooks to believe the rest of the world will comply with their demands.

The report also found that the ban has caused San Francisco’s contracting costs to jump by approximately 10-20%.

The ban accomplishes nothing except to showcase the intolerant bullying that characterizes liberals and to drive up costs for taxpayers.

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman also told the San Francisco Chronicle that he will introduce legislation to repeal the ordinance entirely.

Maybe California won’t be able to impose itself on the rest of the country after all.

On tips from Franco, Georgi A, and Bluto.

Feb 17 2023

Los Angeles Replaces Law Enforcement With Yoga

The future of law enforcement under liberal rule unfolds in Los Angeles:

[C]ity officials announced a new public safety initiative which implements yoga, meditation and healing circles to communities as an alternative form of unarmed policing. The initiative’s launch cost the city of Los Angeles $2.2 million in city funding.

No worries, taxpayers. In the end there will be a net savings, because in liberal utopia you won’t have to pay for police or prisons.

At a briefing on Monday, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who chairs the City Council’s public safety committee, announced the Project TURN initiative-which stands for Therapeutic Unarmed Response for Neighborhoods.

The only response to watching the Land of Fruits and Nuts plunge off a cliff into an abyss of self-parody is to move at top speed in the opposite direction.

Project TURN hopes that therapy, yoga, meditation, and healing circle will reduce the need for officers to engage in neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

If California takes over the federal government via Gavin Newsom or Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris, we will learn how well these techniques work at staving off the communist Chinese.

In other news from La-La Land,

Throughout 2022, the Los Angeles Police Department reported 229,584 crimes, an 11.6% increase over the previous year.

Los Angeles could get that number down to zero. All it has to do is cut to the chase and move beyond defunding the police. Disband the department altogether, as the city council promised to do in Minneapolis at the height of Black Lives Matter violence, and it won’t report any crime at all.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and KirklesWorth.

Jan 18 2023

Proposed Black Reparations Reach $5 Million Apiece in SF

Inflation is worse that I realized, to judge by how much they are planning to pay people to be black in San Francisco, where slavery was never legal:

Several weeks ago, in early December, the number was around $200,000 per resident.

Two weeks ago, the number jumped to $1 million each.

Now it’s $5 million.

That’s right. $5 million per black:

San Francisco’s reparations committee will propose paying $5million to each longtime black resident of the city in a reparations plan this spring. …

It is unclear exactly how many people would qualify should the proposal pass, but if just 10,000 people qualified it would cost at least $50billion.

The $5 million handout won’t be the only benefit of being “oppressed” according to liberal ideology:

The proposal also offers a number of other requirements to be handed out to qualifiers, including the creation of a ‘comprehensive debt forgiveness program’ which would eliminate credit card and other debts, along with student and housing loans.

As for 6 months from now, when the $5 million apiece has gone up in smoke:

The proposal also says qualifying low-income households should have their income supplemented to match the city’s median income – $97,000 in 2022 – for the next 250 years.

This is so that “Black people can better afford housing and achieve a better quality of life.”

California is drowning in debt. No matter. One question looters never ask is, “Can this be sustained?” They just grab all they can.

That is the mentality of our ruling party, from Black Lives Matter scumbags pillaging the corner grocery in the name of racial justice all the way up to Joe Biden signing grotesquely extravagant spending bills knowing future generations will be stuck with the bill.

However many $millions San Francisco ends up handing out to blacks, Gavin Newsom will top it at the state level. Then Democrats will top California at the national level, as soon as they have the political leverage.

The looting will continue until there is nothing left to steal, or until Democrats are decisively removed from power, whichever comes first.

On tips from Wiggins, Ed McAninch, and Varla.

Dec 23 2022

Pedophilia Is What’s Next

Normalizing homosexuality is so 2015. That hill has been taken. Progressives need to keep progressing:

A “non-binary queer” artist has been arrested after attempting to meet a 9-year-old child for sex. Efrem Zelony-Mindell, 35, was arrested in Manhattan, New York on December 16.

Call the thought police. Someone forgot to use Zelony-Mindell’s preferred pronouns (they/them):

According to the Department of Justice, Zelony-Mindell had begun communicating with an undercover FBI agent earlier this year after meeting him on Scruff, a hook-up application for homosexual men. During these conversations, Zelony-Mindell slowly eased into asking the agent if he was “into taboo,” and expressed an interest in “yng incest dad son.” He then repeatedly and graphically stated his desire to sexually abuse children, and sent the undercover agent child sexual abuse material.

This material was graphic in the extreme, depicting sexual crimes committed against small children for which any punishment short of execution would be a travesty of justice. The morbidly curious can click through for details.

[T]he undercover agent offered to introduce Zelony-Mindell to another agent posing as a father of a 9-year-old boy willing to allow him to rape his son. The predator immediately jumped at the opportunity, and advised the second agent of his desire to sexually abuse the 9-year-old.

The accused monster has been a member in good standing of the liberal cultural establishment:

Zelony-Mindell has a history of painting and curating several “queer” art shows as well as being a former writing contributor to VICE.

In 2016, VICE published a piece by Zelony-Mindell in which he gushed about photographer Mary Ellen Mark and her “iconic” photos of a 13-year-old sexually trafficked child named Erin Charles. …

On his website, Zelony-Mindell lists over one dozen shows he has curated…

Zelony-Mindell’s book Witness was praised in Vogue in an article which appears to have been hastily deleted following the announcement of his charges. The Vogue profile praised Witness as “a resource” on the “intricacies of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists.”

Although not a BIPOC, Zelony-Mindell puts the plus in LGBTQIA+, and has served as a voice of liberal righteousness:

“After the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor there was this collective specter hanging over the United States and the human species, really. A huge part of that violent weight was what role did photography and video play on us as individuals and communities. How do we collectively speak up and speak out?” Zelony-Mindell was quoted as saying. “How do we need to learn to listen and re-educate? How has silence and supremacy laid a pathway for complacency and white solidarity to racism, bigotry, and death?”

To get an idea where complacency regarding the mainstreaming of sexual perversion and its increasing focus on children are taking us, look to the tip of the liberal spear, California:

An analysis of a government database of California sex offenders reveals that almost 2,000 convicted pedophiles are living together in groups of three or more at 442 locations across the state.

Some of the ‘pedophile dens’ are a little more than a block away from schools. …

‘It’s terrifying. Your numbers truly, truly frighten me,’ said former Deputy District Attorney Sam Dordulian, who prosecuted sex crimes in the LA DA’s office.

Unfortunately, that office is now run by aggressively pro-criminal Soros-installed DA George Gascon, who is unlikely to share his concern.

‘If they’re all congregating with each other, it’s just creating the environment for more of these crimes to occur.

‘Even if they’re trying to stay clean, they’re in an environment where they’re around other pedophiles. They’re gonna be talking about children, having child porn available. And it’s just creating a situation where you’re almost sure there’s going to be another offense.’

Dordulian had better watch his language. Before long, referring to sexual abuse of children as “offenses” will be regarded as offensive to the oppressed MAP community.

Speaking of California databases,

Analysis of a California database of sex offenders shows thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.

Current and former sex crime prosecutors said the figures are ‘terrifying’ and ‘shameful’.

More than 7,000 sex offenders were convicted of ‘lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age’ but were let out of prison the same year they were incarcerated, data from the California Megan’s Law database says.

A society that condones crime, denigrates decency, and extolls degeneracy and deviancy will not end well.

On tips from Ed McAninch and R F.

Dec 14 2022

Dead Guy Elected Chula Vista City Attorney

Ever since the dead helped JFK get elected in 1960, they have been known as the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency. At last they are getting the representation they deserve. From California:

The late Simon Silva, who passed away from cancer unexpectedly in September, beat out his opponent Dan Smith in the race for Chula Vista [pop. 281,801] city attorney.

You have to hand it to Democrats; they never give up on their candidates:

In September after Silva died, Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas and other Democratic party members came under fire for backing Silva’s run, after his death.

If the cognitively incapacitated Joe Biden and John Fetterman could be elected, why not a corpse?

Silva can’t be seated, since he would just fall out of the chair, so they are declaring the seat vacant, to Smith’s chagrin.

The city said the special election could cost up to $2 million and would be held in either April, May or November 2024.

By then, Democrats should be able to find a livelier candidate.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Dec 02 2022

No Murder Charge for Murder During Holdup

If you take up armed robbery as a profession, do it in California. That way, if a clerk gives you trouble and you have to kill him, you won’t be charged with murder.

Gas station clerk James Williams, age 36, was shot and killed in a holdup in Antioch in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

[A] man with a gun confronted Williams, who then pulled out a weapon of his own.

Authorities say the suspect ran out of the store – dropping stolen cigar packages – and was a good distance away when Williams shot and wounded the suspect.

That suspect, Ronald Jackson Jr., 20, fell to the ground. Williams continued shooting and that’s when Jackson allegedly returned fire, killing Williams.

Jackson is not being charged with murder because under the law, the killing could be considered self-defense.

Only in a world run by moonbats can you plead self-defense after pulling a gun to commit a robbery.

In contrast, if you pull a gun because a burglar is trying to kill you by bashing your head against the sidewalk, liberals will screech that you are not entitled to defend yourself because you are a racist white Hispanic. George Zimmerman can provide details.

Jackson should have robbed an Apple store instead. He wouldn’t have needed a gun. Elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, a few hours earlier,

Employees at an Apple store in Palo Alto, California stood and watched while two masked thieves casually ransacked the outlet, stealing $35,000 in iPhones, iPads, and laptops on Black Friday while shoving startled customers out of the way.

The employees moved customers aside and told them not to interfere. Apple employees are a woker breed than clerks at the Extra Mile mini-mart in Antioch.

Will we get enough of this and stand up like James Williams? Or will we stand by like Apple employees as we watch looters (especially the elected kind) strip civilization bare?

On a tip from Wiggins.


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