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Jun 13 2021

Looting Is New Normal in San Francisco Area

Liberalism is why we can’t have nice things — or at the very least why they can’t be displayed for sale in California, except in locked cases.

From KPIX:

Nearly a dozen thieves working together swarmed into a Louis Vuitton store in Palo Alto, stealing more than $100,000 in handbags in the second such theft at the Stanford Shopping Center in three weeks, police said Wednesday.

The culprits were what are usually described as “youths” or “teens.”

Witnesses were only able to describe the suspects as males and females, possibly in their late teens or early twenties, all wearing face coverings, police said.

They didn’t even need weapons, civilization having essentially collapsed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

No doubt they were only stealing the fancy handbags so as to feed their starving families, as AOC has asserted regarding the tsunami of crime that began after the ascension of violent career criminal George Floyd into the liberal pantheon.

The five vehicles used in the getaway were a gray Lexus sedan, a gray Infinity SUV, a white Audi sedan, a black four-door Hyundai sedan, and a red two-door Honda sedan.

Despite our extravagantly generous welfare state, economic hardship requires them to keep stealing. No self-respecting crusader for justice and equity wants to be seen in a Hyundai or Honda. A certain lifestyle must be sustained.

On May 19, a similar theft happened at a different store at the Stanford Shopping Center, where a group of at least ten suspects stole more than $150,000 in handbags from Neiman Marcus, although police said the vehicles used in that incident were different than the one at the Louis Vuitton store.

The day before,

On May 18 in San Francisco, a group of thieves ransacked a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Union Square, making off with $90,000 in merchandise.

An organizer for Black Lives Matter has informed us that such activities are to be regarded not as theft but as “reparations” owed to those who are oppressed according to liberal doctrine.

Walgreens has been closing stores because it is effectively legal to shoplift in Democrat-dominated California. Thieves are expected to limit themselves to swiping less than $950 worth of merchandise at a time. However, if you allow any crime, you get a lot.

This was the insight behind the Broken Windows approach to police work that allowed Rudy Giuliani to clean up New York City, which has since slipped back into dysfunction thanks to liberal rule. The current War on Police and ever more lenient treatment of criminals puts Broken Windows into reverse by encouraging crime.

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Jun 08 2021

Gavin Newsom Clings to Covid Emergency Powers

It couldn’t last forever. Largely thanks to the previous administration’s Operation Warp Speed, the ChiCom pandemic is winding down. But some Democrats can’t bear to let it go — like Gavin Newsom:

One year and three months have passed since Governor Gavin Newsom announced California’s COVID-19 state of emergency.

He still won’t lift it, despite the crisis being effectively over, even though the state is officially reopening on June 15, when he promised he would relinquish his emergency powers.

Newsom’s tyranny affects even those Americans fortunate enough not to live under his rule. The whole country gets to help pay the bills he runs up:

The state of emergency gives Newsom the broad authority to suspend and impose new rules in California, and also allows the federal government to cover the state’s COVID-19-related costs. …

During this emergency, Newsom has issued 58 executive orders to change or suspend hundreds of laws.

Other states have either dropped their state of emergency or at least plan to by the end of summer. But California is the leftist vanguard. Now that Democrats know how much people will put up with, a state of emergency will inevitably be established on a permanent basis. Next time it will be in the name of a crisis that doesn’t exist, so they won’t have to worry about it ending. Global warming and white supremacy are leading candidates.

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May 20 2021

Walgreens Forced to Close California Stores

Shoplifting is effectively legal in Democrat-dominated California. This offers the advantage that you can walk into a store and take what you like for free, so long as you don’t steal more than $950 worth of merchandise at a time. On the downside, soon there won’t be any stores:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Walgreens Pharmacy locations have shuttered their doors in San Francisco during the past five years. At least ten of the stores in the city have closed since 2019.

More stores may follow.

Walgreens is blaming Proposition 47, which lowered penalties for thefts under $950 and sparked dramatic increases in shoplifting across the metro area over the last several years. Prop. 47 is supported by criminal justice reformers and the liberal establishment, who have also managed to defund the local police.

Specifically, as Fox News reported, 2014’s Proposition 47 was “[s]upported by the state Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union.” The unfolding consequences were so easily predictable that they must have been intended. It’s all part of the ongoing fundamental transformation of America into a moonbat dystopia.

Behold the future of retail under liberal rule:

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 11 2021

Gavin Newsom Attempts to Bribe Voters

Looks like Gavin Newsom is worried about the upcoming recall election. He is attempting to bribe Californians with their own money:

Californians don’t actually get their own money. For the most part, they get someone else’s money — even if they are in the country illegally and supposedly can’t vote:

Chief among the new proposals is a major expansion of the Golden State Stimulus, providing additional direct payments to middle-class families that make up to $75,000. Under the plan, two-thirds of Californians will benefit from $600 direct payments. Qualified families with dependents, including undocumented families, will also now be eligible for an additional $500.

The Golden State Stimulus comes on top of another spending spree, the California Comeback Plan, which will pay people’s rent and utility bills. Of the $100 billion to be spent on this, $26 billion will come from federal taxpayers. If Newsom manages to spread around enough money to survive the recall, every federal taxpayer will have helped him out, even if unwillingly.

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May 05 2021

Gavin Newsom’s Job Placement Specialist

Looks like the California recall election has Gavin Newsom running scared. He has already hired JP Sears to find him a new job:

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Apr 06 2021

Making America California

California was the Golden State. Then Democrats established single party rule. Now U-Haul struggles to find enough trailers for all the people moving out. America has been the Land of Opportunity. If they can institutionalize voter fraud by ramming through HR1, Democrats will establish single party rule nationwide. This means they will do to the whole country what they did to California, a concept that liberals openly embrace.

John Stossel explains why this is unacceptable:

Democrat rule in California has been a roaring success from the point of view of Democrats: stratospheric taxes, ubiquitous suffocating regulation, dying middle class — what’s not to like?

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 22 2021

California Bill Dictates Gender Neutral Retail Departments

Now that the concept of limited government has been abandoned in favor of political correctness imposed from on high, there is no limit to the degree of micromanagement that may be inflicted by social engineers. An example from California:

On February 18, Assembly members Evan Low and Cristina Garcia introduced Assembly Bill 1084 to require gender neutral retail departments.

Eradicating acknowledgment that there is a difference between boys and girls is a priority item on the liberal agenda. That’s why Biden abolished women’s sports by executive decree.

The bill would specify that a retail department store that offers childcare items for sale is required to maintain one undivided area of its sales floor where the majority of the childcare items being offered shall be displayed, regardless of whether a particular childcare item has been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.

The same principle is applied to children’s toys.

[N]o signage is allowed to be used within any undivided area where either childcare items, children’s clothing, or toys are offered for sale indicating the items are for either girls or for boys.

Because distinguishing between girls and boys is thoughtcrime in the bizarre dystopia we find ourselves living in.

The bill even applies to the websites of retail department stores located in California. When moonbats finish consolidating power in DC, it will no longer be necessary to impose this lunacy on a state-by-state basis.

Failure to comply will result in a $1,000 fine.

If Assemblymoonbat Cristina Garcia’s name sounds familiar, you could be thinking of this 2018 story:

California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia — whose high-profile advocacy of the #MeToo movement earned her national media notice — is herself the subject of a state legislative investigation in the wake of a report that she sexually harassed and groped a former legislative staffer.

She allegedly groped Daniel Fierro, a 25-year-old staffer to Assemblyman Ian Calderon, while intoxicated. She is said to have pulled something similar on a Sacramento lobbyist who remained anonymous for fear of reprisals. Ironically, Garcia appeared in Time magazine as a heroic #MeToo warrior against unwelcome sexual advances.

Like Joe Biden, who shrugged off a credible allegation of sexual assault, Garcia was able to put this behind her and get back to running our lives for us.

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Feb 16 2021

COVID Tyrant Does Happy Dance After Shutting Down Brewery

Perhaps the saddest aspect of the lockdowns necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic is the terrible remorse bureaucrats experience after being forced by duty to sacrifice people to the collective good by shutting down their businesses, often ruining their lives.

Just kidding. If anything has necessitated the lockdowns, it is lust for power, mainly on the part of the Party of Government. As to how broken up our rulers are about the eggs that get smashed to make their authoritarian omelet, readers are referred to the Los Angeles County health inspector who burst into a happy dance after shutting down a brewery just before the Super Bowl:

Bart Avery, one of the owners of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, Calif., said the inspector visited the brewery at about 11 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. She told one of his employees that the brewery was in violation of county guidelines because there was no food truck, and it had to close, he said.

As is often the case, the petty tyrant was wrong.

Avery said the inspector turned out to be incorrect and the establishment had every right to be open. The brewery was only pouring draft beer to go, so– despite her claim– they did not need a food truck to operate.

Later, he viewed security footage and saw the apparatchik’s happy dance.

She had just informed the worker that he could be out of a job, he said. Considering all the pain that these lockdowns inflicted on small business owners, the dance was jarring, he said.

Whatever compelled her to break into a dance, as Avery notes, “the perception really sucks.” So does COVID-19 tyranny in general.

The prominently displayed Old Glory and the sign honoring the late lamented countermoonbat R. Lee Ermey may have affected the inspector’s attitude.

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Dec 23 2020

Eric Garcetti: Money Taken From Police Must Go to Moonbattery

When urban progressives defund the police despite soaring crime rates, at least taxpayers get some of their money back, right? Just kidding of course. Not only do characters like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti keep the money, they insist that it be put toward a destructive purpose:

Garcetti vetoed a plan backed by black and Latino members of the City Council to redistribute money cut from the police Tuesday because he said it was too focused on everyday needs and not on the “call of history.”

The “call of history” means pernicious moonbattery.

The plan, which was originally passed 13-2, included funding to trim trees, improve parks, and repair sidewalks in poor neighborhoods.

No dice; too constructive. If Garcetti wanted to help minority neighborhoods, he would see to it that they are policed sufficiently.

A little background:

In June, as the city was under curfew and the National Guard was on the streets, Garcetti acceded to a demand by Black Lives Matter activists to defund the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by $150 million, more than 10% of the budget.

The terrorists did not have to twist his arm very hard.

The funding was to be redistributed to “communities of color.”

This is known as “racial justice” or more accurately as “racial spoils.”

The move led to a collapse in morale within the police department, and coincided with a surge in homicides in Los Angeles.

You can’t make a leftist omelet without breaking eggs. If you want a pretext for a gun grab, breaking eggs may be the objective.

How to waste the money in a way that would suit Garcetti? A giant golden statue of fentanyl casualty George Floyd? No good; not local enough. Better to make it a statue of Floyd’s fellow career criminal Deonte Murray, who was arrested for seriously wounding two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies in an attempted assassination on September 12, presumably as part of the mostly peaceful protesting that had led to the police being defunded.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

Dec 22 2020

Drugs Kill Nearly 4× More Than COVID-19 in San Francisco

Lacking from the ChiCom virus response in jurisdictions run by Democrats is a sense of perspective. They could get some from liberalism’s capital city:

A record 621 people died of drug overdoses in San Francisco so far this year, a staggering number that far outpaces the 173 deaths from COVID-19 the city has seen thus far.

That makes recreational drugs almost four times as deadly as coronavirus. Yet while authorities drive countless businesses into bankruptcy in the name of the virus, they also pass out free needles, encouraging drug use.

Many people overdosed in low-income apartment buildings and in city-funded hotel rooms for the homeless. Others died on sidewalks, in alleyways and parks around the city.

Democrats care about the poor. That is, they care about making them more abundant, and then harvesting their votes. Enabling the junky lifestyle supports the agenda, but alleviating the exploitable plight of the miserable is the last thing they want to do.

Elsewhere in California,

Other areas of the state have seen a spike in drug use and overdoses amid lockdowns, including in Los Angeles County. In 2013 in the county, fentanyl accounted for 3% of drug-related deaths. At the start of 2020, 42% of drug deaths were fentanyl-related in the area, and that number jumped to 51% when lockdowns were enacted in March.

Like COVID-19 and much of the money in the bloated bank accounts of the Biden family, a large percentage of fentanyl comes from communist China. It is smuggled in across the underdefended Mexican border.

Nationwide, the lockdowns are driving up drug use and suicide among teenagers. It’s almost as if the point of the lockdowns is not to save lives after all.

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Dec 18 2020

California: Rigid Restrictions, Skyrocketing COVID-19

It’s true that business owners have suffered terribly under the lockdowns inflicted on California by bureaucrats who arrogantly disregard the restrictions they impose on others, but at least the spread of COVID-19 has been kept under control, saving lives among the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. Or maybe not:

The Southern California region reached 0% ICU capacity amid a record-breaking surge of COVID-19 cases across the state. …

On both Tuesday and Wednesday, California recorded more than 50,000 new cases of the coronavirus, according to the state’s website. For perspective, Brazil, which is experiencing one of the world’s worst COVID-19 outbreaks, recorded just over 70,500 cases on Wednesday, according to the New York Times. If California were a country, it would be among the world’s top outbreaks.

It may also be among the world’s most repressive regimes when it comes to arbitrary coronavirus restrictions. Nonetheless:

California has activated its “mass fatality” program as novel coronavirus cases and deaths continue to soar, NPR reported. …

The California Office of Emergency Services said the mass-fatality program was implemented when there were more deaths in a given time period than the local coroner or medical emergency personnel could handle.

The four most populous states include two run by authoritarian liberals and two run by pro-liberty conservatives. Let’s compare the CDC data regarding average daily coronavirus cases per 100,000 population over the past 7 days:

California: 98.6

Texas: 37.4

Florida: 48.7

New York: 60.5

Looks like you are safer in the states with lighter restrictions. The lockdowns that have destroyed so many people’s lives serve no constructive purpose.

On a tip from Varla. Hat tip: KKNT.

Dec 16 2020

California Restaurant Owner Sounds Off

Given their smugness, the liberal elite probably believe that the backlash against what they are doing to this country began with the Tea Party and ended with Monday’s vote in the Electoral College. Actually, the backlash against their depravity and arrogant authoritarianism is only beginning to get serious. You can see it gathering steam in places that progressives think have already been conquered. New York, for example. For another example, California:

The owner of a restaurant in Ventura, California, exploded in anger at a couple of health department workers who issued him a citation Monday over his refusal to close…

A news outlet’s video camera was already at Nick the Greek for an interview with owner Anton Van Happen — and it picked up the highlights of him reading the riot act to the officials enforcing far-left Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new COVID-19 order requiring restaurants to serve only takeout and delivery.

That would be the same Gavin Newsom who dines luxuriantly amid large maskless gatherings inside opulent restaurants while his subjects are ground into poverty by his senseless and arbitrary decrees.

Too bad Van Happen’s passion is earning a living, employing others, and serving the public by running a business. If he were into looting, vandalism, and tearing down statues of the Founding Fathers in the name of leftist politics, the authorities would leave him alone.

Here’s a guy who has had enough:

There are more like him every day.

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Dec 16 2020

Orange County Sheriff Resists Releasing Criminals

The war that liberals have been waging against the police is specifically a war on local police. You won’t hear demands from the Democrats to defund the politicized FBI. Progressives hate local police because they tend to be responsible, patriotic Americans, loyal to the communities they serve, rather than to centralized Big Government or leftist ideology. Orange County, California Sheriff Don Barnes, for example.

Via Fox News:

Barnes pushed back against an “absurd” order from a local Superior Court judge ordering the release of 1,800 inmates, including some who are locked up for murder and child molestation, due to the coronavirus.

“I have no intention of doing that, of releasing those individuals back into the community. I think they pose a serious threat,” Barnes told “Fox & Friends.”

As noted yesterday, Judge Peter Wilson ordered half the population of the Orange County’s jail unleashed upon the public, because COVID-19. This comes after a 45% reduction last spring.

“We’ve released 1,400 inmates to date since March for low-level offenders. The only inmates remaining now are serious offenders,” [Barnes] explained. “Of the medically vulnerable, 90 of them are in custody for murder or attempted murder, 94 for child molestation.”

Just wait until the full effects of electing George Gascon District Attorney of neighboring Los Angeles County kick in. The only people in jail will be law-abiding citizens who seek shelter there to escape the violent chaos to which liberals have reduced the streets. In the meantime, patriots like Barnes will defend the dying embers of civilization from leftist zealots like Wilson.

On a tip from Chris Neilson.

Dec 16 2020

What Pro-Criminal DA George Gascon May Set Loose

Let’s give some more thought to what it means that Los Angeles voters elected the Soros-backed openly pro-criminal George Gascon to be County District Attorney. Via KABC:

[A]ttorney Samuel Dordulian … is representing several families of crime victims.

In one case, a baby sitter is accused of beating a 6-month-old girl with a blunt object, shattering the baby’s skull and causing severe brain damage. The girl, now 3-years-old, is blind and forced to eat through a feeding tube.

Dordulian says under Gascon’s new directives, the baby sitter can no longer be charged with a great bodily injury enhancement which could have sent the woman to prison for up to 10 years.

That means she will almost certainly get out on probation, putting her in a position to inflict further horrors on the defenseless.

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs,” Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times propagandist Walter Duranty wrote as he shrugged off Stalin’s atrocities. If he were around today, he might write, “You can’t construct liberal utopia without cracking a few babies’ skulls.”

In another case, a misunderstood victim of mass incarceration shot his 20-year-old girlfriend in the face eight times. The deputy DA handling the case worries that Gascon’s directives will result in him getting out on parole as well.

Then there’s Rhett Nelson, believed to have murdered Los Angeles County Deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano. Via Fox News:

Nelson, 31, of Utah, was accused of walking up to Deputy Solano at a Jack in the Box fast-food outlet in Alhambra in June 2019 and shooting him in the back of the head. The 50-year-old Solano died two days later.

Earlier that same day, prosecutors said Nelson also fatally shot Dmitry Koltsov, a professional skateboarder from Russia.

Nelson’s alleged crimes include aggravating special circumstances like shooting out of a vehicle and using a handgun to commit a crime. Such special circumstances allow authorities to keep truly heinous criminals locked away so that the public will be safe from them.

But not with Gascon in charge. He plans to drop the special circumstances allegations.

As charged, Nelson faces a maximum prison sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole, Fox 11 reported.

Without the special circumstance allegations, Nelson faces a sentence of at least 40 years and be eligible for parole, according to the station.

Gascon’s representative confirms that the plan is to make Nelson eligible for parole. After all, he might become rehabilitated and promise not to do it again.

If you think maniacs should be set loose to resume their violent behavior in the name of a deranged ideology that views criminals as put-upon victims, vote Democrat, so that leftists like Gascon call the tune. Then hope that what goes around doesn’t come around to you.

On a tip from R F. Hat tip: Frontpage Mag.

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