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Dec 09 2023

California Mandates Gender-Neutral Toy Departments

Under total domination by moonbats, California has achieved previously unimagined extremes of totalitarianism. No corner of existence is trivial enough to leave to individual choice; every aspect of society must be dictated by the leftist bullies comprising Big Government.

The transsexualization of children is Democrat policy. This social engineering objective is advanced so ubiquitously that stores cannot even arrange toy sections without kowtowing to the agenda:

Stores in California will be required to have a gender-neutral section for children “regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys”.

Despite its cities devolving into chaos and decay, California evidently has no greater problems than stores that defy liberal ideology by displaying toys according to whether they mainly appeal to boys or girls.

It comes after California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation in 2021, with it coming into place on January 1, 2024.

The repellently slick Newsom will likely soon be in a position to do to the whole country what he has been doing to the erstwhile Golden State.

Stores that do not comply will be fined $250 for a first violation. Repeat offenders will face a civil penalty of $500.

It is doubtful the money confiscated will be sufficient to plug the $68 million budget shortfall resulting from lower tax revenues, resulting in turn from excessive taxation and regulation driving businesses out of business or out of the state.

Californian Democratic Congressman Evan Low said: “We need to stop stigmatising what’s acceptable for certain genders and just let kids be kids.”

Democrats like Low “let kids be kids” by using them as political pawns to impose LGBT ideology.

Squeaks the aptly named Low:

“My hope is this bill encourages more businesses across California and the US to avoid reinforcing harmful and outdated stereotypes.”

Acknowledging that boys and girls have different tastes, interests, and proclivities is thoughtcrime. Punishment will escalate so long as anyone can be found committing it.


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