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Dec 09 2023

Newspeak Dictionary Updates From Airstrip One

Do not subject yourself to cancelation by inadvertently committing thoughtcrime. Stay abreast of the incessant updates to the Newspeak Dictionary. From Airstrip One:

The new Staffordshire Police inclusive language guide discourages using the word “policeman”. “In general,” it urges, “we word our content to avoid masculine and feminine pronouns (“he” or “she”)”. Gender-neutral language is always preferable, even when talking about a police officer who is a man.

The gender-neutral push is in compliance with the LGBT agenda.

Other terms stricken from the Newspeak Dictionary by the Staffordshire Police tellingly include “mentally ill.”

Moonbats demand not merely euphemisms but euphemisms for euphemisms. For example, we are no longer to refer to people as “disadvantaged,” but rather as “under-resourced,” regardless of the unexploited resources going to waste due to their dysfunction. “Migration challenge” has been canceled in favor of “migration as a complex phenomenon.”

According to Cathy Hastie, an HR expert and lecturer at the University of Derby, the documents are an acknowledgement by organisations that striving for diversity among its workforce isn’t enough; more important is the culture within it.

It does no good for employees to represent preferred identity groups unless they comply with the assigned ideology. Marginalizing and eventually eradicating whites are long-term objectives to be achieved through immigration and welfare policy. The immediate goal is to fundamentally transform the culture into something unrecognizable.

English language and linguistics lecturer Laura Bailey of University of Kent confirms:

“By changing our language, we can try to change the culture.”

As George Orwell explained, the main purpose of progressively reducing our vocabulary is to “narrow the range of thought.” But as with all things left-wing, sheer malice plays a roll. Moonbats don’t like the English language:

The Oxfam Inclusive Language Guide, published in March this year … apologis[es] in its introduction for being written in and about the English language, “the language of a colonising nation”. It goes on: “We acknowledge the Anglo-supremacy of the sector as part of its coloniality,” adding: “We recognise that the dominance of English is one of the key issues that must be addressed in order to decolonise our ways of working and shift power.”

In utopia, no one will speak English — or any other language. The descendants of the human race will grunt like hogs as Big Government fills their troughs with free slop.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: Tim Worstall.


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