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Mar 07 2022

Capitol Police Declare State of Emergency

As Black Lives Matter goons rioted repeatedly in DC, setting fire to a historic church a block from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and physically menacing a sitting Senator, local authorities established “Black Lives Matter Plaza” and painted “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in bright giant letters stretching for two blocks of Sixteenth Street leading to the White House. In stark contrast, the authorities have reacted to truckers who oppose never-ending Covid tyranny driving around on I-495 outside of town by declaring a state of emergency:

The Capitol Police Board on Sunday issued an emergency declaration as truck drivers protesting COVID-19 policies gather in the D.C. area, according to reports.

As predicted, the response of our leftist rulers to the People’s Convoy is the same as gelatinous tyrant Justin Trudeau’s response to the Freedom Convoy. The public expression of views contrary to those of the liberal establishment is now regarded as an emergency.

This allows for a military response from the National Guard, which is how protests are addressed in banana republic dictatorships.

In February, temporary fencing was put up around the Capitol in response to reports of disruptive truck convoys potentially arriving in Washington to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

At least DC authorities appear to have dropped the strategy of allowing civil disorder to get out of hand, so that they can tearfully exploit it afterward during political theatrical productions.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.


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